Party with sister

Typical Catholic family, father, mother, then older sister and I. My father has got import/export business of fishes and my mother is helping him in the business. When my parents got married within a year my sister, Tina, born. After around ten years I was born. Mother was helping my father in the business so most of the time she used to stay out of home. My sister who was 10 year older

Than me took care of me all my childhood. We were very close. She was more like

Mother figure to me than sister. Always hugging me, kissing me. My sister, Tina

Really was good looking; nobody could deny that, not even me, her own brother.

In fact I had become my sister’s number one fan. I had been around about 12 when

I became conscious of my sister’s stunning appearance. She was typical catholic

Girl, taller, creating some very long legs. Her breasts were much more

Proportioned; she wasn’t fare but her skin was smoother and

She had a very attractive face. I hadn’t noticed the true beauty of my sister

All by myself. However, My friends were also commenting about her and she was

The subject of many erotic fantasies of them. Some kept quiet about their lust

For her, while others were very open about it in that typical teenage-boy manner

(as you must have known Catholic people are very frank and open about life).

“**** your sister’s hot Tony. Don’t you just want to dive into her?” and “Oh

Man! If I was you, I’d be ****ing that ass all day and night long.” were only a

Sample of some of the things they had whispered into my ear every Time my sister

Bent over in front of me and my friend. I didn’t mind that all much. At first I

Had been surprised by the compliments, and then proud. Anyway, I was pretty

Dirty myself. Whatever it was, I finally started listening and agreeing with my

Friends. Not out loud of course, I kept the growing arousal for my sister to

Myself. Sure she was my sister, but in the end this

Only added to my excitement. Even just to think about her, and I got off

Immediately. I masturbated regularly. I was horny enough as it was, but having

My sexy sister around all the Time didn’t make it any easier. She usually wore

Tight clinging clothes, like small T-shirt that just managed to stretch over her

Tits and jeans or short skirt that clasped the shapes of her full, well-rounded

Ass. Watching her move around the house was enough to get me all revved up for a

Toss. I was sure she had noticed the discomfort it caused me, but nevertheless

She continued to do so. She was a most popular girl in my area. So many guys

Were after her. She was always nice with them. Even though I was hot for her I

Never did anything to get her. How can I? After all she was my sister! 4 years

Before my sister got married when she was 26 and went to her husband’s house

That was living in the next town. She used to visit our house every other week

Especially if my parents were gone out of town for

Long period. Even though she was married and gone with her husband she was

Always there, helping us, taking care of house and other things. Even After

Marriage she was as hot as before. She was still popular in our area and guys

Still admire her beauty. My cousin Max (my mother’s elder brother’s son) was one

Who was hot for my sister (who’s happen to be her cousin brother also). Even

Though he was much older than me we were best buddies. He is living near to our

House and used to come home regularly. He taught me how to enjoy the life.

Hanging around with him i’ve had some wild experiences with a lot of girls. Max

And I were very frank to each other and used to talk about girls and women

Including my sister, Tina. One particular comment of his played back in my mind

Over and over again: “Shit Tony, even if she is our sister I wouldn’t let that

Get in the way.” I thought about this for hours on end. I did have one hell of a

Sister, how could I not take advantage of that? I thought

About that but realized there is no way that I would able to **** my sister.

Absolutely no way! But I was wrong. It’s happened last month. Whenever my parent

Goes out of town we used to make party in my house. My friends never miss party

In my house, especially if Tina, my sister is there then. She was volunteered to

Prepare food and everything for the party, serving to them. She used to enjoy in

The party drinking and Dancing with everybody. She was always cheerful and

Center of attraction in my house party. We all would drink, Dance and play whole

Night. After when party would finish and all guys left me, my sister and my

Cousin used to clean house and other things. Last month also my parents went out

Of town for two week and I threw party in my house with my friends. Tina, my

Sister was there in the house. That day as usual party was going on in his full

Speed up to the midnight. We drank all the bottles of drinks and all guys left

The house. After that my cousin, Max and I was

Sitting in the hall while sister was around cleaning things. Max and I was

Whispering about some girls and then he commented about my sister, Tina how she

Looked beautiful even after her marriage and other things. And he is horny

Looking her around. I didn’t say anything just laughed. He kept commenting about

Her and I just nodded him. I thought might be he is drunk so he is loosing his

Mouth. That wasn’t new for me, in the past so many time we talked about her in

Like that condition. Suddenly he asked me whether I’d object him if he try to

Seduce her? I said no as I know he was just kidding, he can’t be a serious. He

Got up and headed out side telling me to wait for him.After around 15/20 minutes

He returned back with bottle of French wine. We sat there in the hall started

Drinking. He invited my sister to join us. She hesitated first as she already

Had enough drink but my cousin convince her to have few more drink with us. She

Agreed and sat with us in the chair opposite sofa. We

Talked about party and other things. We were joking, giggling and shouting. I

Saw my cousin was sneaking a look at her big tits when she laughs. The way he

Was talking with her sure he was horny for her. She was also responding him. I

Don’t blame my cousin for wanting to **** her, I understand. I took a good look

At sister, and I have to admit, I liked what I saw. She was wearing a fairly

Short skirt and high heels, showing her full legs. She was also wearing a tight

Blouse that emphasized her breasts and believes me; my sister’s breasts don’t

Need to be emphasized. The way those tight boobs of hers jiggle and bounce would

Draw attention of any one. My cousin, Max was talking very sweet with my sister,

Tina and I surprised when he asked her to sit between us on the small sofa and

She did. She sat between us keeping her legs on the center table. We kept

Talking and drinking for some times. She was already a bit gone and this would

Really do her in. My sister was always silly and

Flirty with my handsome cousin, but I never once thought a thing about it. Even

When she giggled and rubbed against him I still didn’t see it. I mean, who’d

Ever figure his own sister to be turned on by one of her cousin? Especially when

Your sister is married with strong guy. I mean really! I was thinking about

Them. Does my cousin really think my sister would be a piece of ass? Is he

Really going to try to **** her? And was he going to try it in front of me? And

She’d really allow him to **** her? As we sat there and talked and drank, I

Thought my sister was becoming a little careless with her skirt. As she was

Keeping her legs on the center table, her skirt was rod up her thighs. She was

Definitely showing a lot more of her full thighs than she should have. I noticed

My cousin eyeing her legs and brushing his hand up against her knees every Time

He had the chance. But, nice leg-show or not, it was sister’s breasts that

Really had his attention. He watched them jiggle and bounce

Whenever she moved, and he could barely take his eyes off them-even though he

Obviously liked her legs too. It was really crazy. Tina was getting giggly, and

My cousin was telling her how beautiful and sexy she was. Meanwhile, I was

Nervous as hell, just trying to figure out what was happening here. Then my

Cousin leaned over and planted a kiss right on my sister’s lips! At first she

Gasped and gurgled and half-yelped, and I thought I was going to have to pull my

Cousin away from her and smack him or something. But then she suddenly quit

Complaining and began kissing him back. Her arms slid around his neck as she

Did, and I didn’t know what the hell to do. I didn’t want to watch what was

Happening, but yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away. As he kissed her, I could see

That my cousin’s hand was inching closer and closer to my sister’s awesome

Breasts. Then he put his full hand one of them and squeezed and fondled it,

Before she finally jerked away from him and planted herself firmly in

My arms in the intensely quick process. “Looks like it’s your turn,” my cousin

Said to me with a laugh. “Or are you afraid to kiss your own sister that way?”

I didn’t know what to do, but I figured my sister was safer kissing me than a guy

That was doing his best to **** her, so I put my mouth on hers. She made a

Pleasant little sound of surprise, and then kissed me back the same way she’d

Been kissing my cousin. Her mouth opened and mine opened, and I was thinking

What an incredible thing it was to be doing this with her. Then I noticed that

My cousin was boldly unbuttoning her blouse as I kissed her, and I just let him.

He got back getting her blouse wide open all the way down to her waist before

She even seemed to notice what he was doing, and at that point she pulled her

Mouth away from mine. She looked really sexy then, even though she was my

Sister, with her brassiere-clad breasts exposed and her waist showing in her

Opened blouse. She got really angry then, and told him she

Must stop his actions, which wasn’t decent with her. But I noticed that she

Didn’t do a thing about buttoning her blouse back, even while she was raising

Her voice. And all the Time she was talking, I was seeing so much of her

Cleavage that I was having trouble keeping my cock from bursting my pants. She

Might be my sister but my cock didn’t care a bit. Seeing the way her breasts

Overflowed her brassiere was one hell of an erotic sight! My cousin just laughed

At her and offered her another glass and told her she was fun to tease. The next

Thing I knew he’d not only sweet- talked with sister out of being upset, but she

Was giggling and letting him kiss her again and her blouse was still wide open.

Then, as they giggled and smooched, my cousin slid his hands behind her, caught

Her brassiere hook, and undid them. Sister squealed again and jerked away from

Him and wound up in my arms again in the process, but it was me that stopped her

Complaints with planting my mouth on hers and I

Have to admit I was excited and nervous. She whimpered a little and complained

To me about what he’d done to her, but she soon stopped complaining and snuggled

In for still more smooching. The scene was way beyond my wildest dreams. This

Was my own sister I was her lips, and not only did she forget about her

Unsnapped brassiere, but she began darting her tongue in and out of my mouth as

I kissed her. Then I saw my cousin was fondling her legs as my sister and I

Kissed, and that he was easing her skirt higher up her full, voluptuous thighs.

As we kissed, one of sister’s arms moved from my neck, and then came back again.

Then she repeated the process with her other arm, and I wondered what she was

Doing. Then I saw my cousin’s hands on her bare shoulders and knew he’d been the

One who’d moved her arms and he’d taken her blouse all the way off of her. When

I saw her blouse on the floor I almost choked. What her husband would do if he

Saw what was happening? Here was my prudish sister

— her skirt was almost all the way up to her big, delectable ass. Her blouse

Was completely off her, and, judging from the look on my cousin’s face as he

Looked at her tits, she was about to lose her brassiere too. My cock got harder

At the thought of those sweet melons being exposed. I told myself I couldn’t

Think those kinds of thoughts about my own sister, but I still thought them

Anyway. Then my cousin made a smooth move with his hands and Mother gasped, and

I knew it had happened. I looked down, and sure as hell, my sister’s brassiere

Was on the floor of the hall, too. Her firm breasts were completely exposed. As

I stared at my sister’s breasts, with erect nipples. She looked like a young

Girl rather than a 30-year-old! I should have tried to stop things. After all,

This was my sister that my cousin was undressing. I even thought about that —

As I reached for her gorgeous breasts, unable to resist copping a feel of those

Lovely melons. Then I touched the stiffness of her

Erect nipples and she moaned in response to my fingers, and I totally forgot

About stopping things. Tina, my sister moaned something about stopping this as I

Gleefully fondled her tits, but there wasn’t any conviction in her tone at all,

And I knew she didn’t mean a word of it. Then I saw my cousin’s hands moving on

Her legs. I kept up my movement on her breasts and heard her moan softly. She

Arched her back to move them tighter into my hands. She didn’t seem to notice

Max’s hands as they slowly moved under her skirt. From her lack of resistance as

He slid his hands over her hips, I knew that I’d soon be seeing more than her

Thighs and tits, and I was all for it. I saw the skirt move up her thighs until

Her panties were exposed and Max’s hand was moving to cover her pubic

Area.Suddenly her hips jumped and she pleaded, “Please, please stop now, I, I,

You can’t do this” and she tried to get up. As Tina’s legs moved apart Max’s

Hand slid between her thighs and began to move on her

Cunt. I once again began to fondle her breasts and pull on her nipples. Her

Face was tense and although she still was trying to get up I could feel her

Resistance weaken. Finally with a deep sigh she relaxed back into the seat.

Max’s hands were now free to roam all over her thighs and one moved into her

Panties. I was shaking with excitement and disbelief. My cock was so hard I

Could hardly stand it. I thought I was going to cum right then. Sure as hell my

Cousin was soon pulling my sister’s panties down around her ankles, and both of

Us were ignoring her moaning protests.”Wow, look at that pussy,” my cousin, Max

Said, as he eased my sister onto her back on the sofa. “She doesn’t have a hair

On it! That’s the sweetest pussy I ever saw in my life!” I captured a nipple in

My mouth and looked down at my sister’s cunt as I did it, and I saw that he was

Right. My sister’s thick lips were as smooth as a young girl’s. Her excitement

Showed as they glistened in the reflected light from the

Slick moisture covering them. Sister groaned as we admired her snatch, but she

Didn’t once make a move to cover herself. As I mouthed her big nipple, her moans

Of lusty pleasure drove me wild.”Oh, don’t suck on my breast, dear,” she

Whimpered, “Oh… Don’t touch that, Oh myyyy!” “See,” my cousin said, as he slid

Two fingers into Sister’s snatch, “I told you she’s hot ****.” “Oh, don’t talk

Like that about your sister” Tina groaned. “We have to stop doing this. This has

Gone way too far.” I interrupted my sister pinching her nipples as my cousin

Slide his jeans down pulling out his hard dick and moved between her thighs

“ooohhh,” she wailed. “Ohhhhhhh…he’s putting it in me. Oh, he’s ****ing

Meeeeee, his cousin! Oh Tony, you won’t tell any one, will you? Please don’t

Tell our parents. Ooohhh, this naughty brother is doooooing it to meeee! Ohhh

Yes, it feels good, I like it. Ooohhh yessssss!” It was wild to watch my Sister

Get ****ed. She was sprawled on that sofa with her legs

Spread, and bouncing and wiggling her ass. I almost went crazy at the sight. I

Got so turned on watching my sister being humped that I had my own cock in my

Hand and was whacking away at it before I even realized what I was doing. My

Cousin moved into her and then backs. I could see his hard cock move slowly in

And out. She now had her arms tight around my head keeping me at her breasts as

He rammed his cock in and out of her.She moaned into my ear “Oh Tony, this is so

Naughty. I can’t stop you, But please be nice and don’t tell mother/father and I

Will let you keep on doing this to me. It feels sooo good and I will be nice to

You both, just don’t stop.” Max was now moving faster and with a surge into her

He gave a yell and blew his nuts in her pussy.

Sister hadn’t started her own

Climax yet. He pulled his shrinking, dripping dick out of my Sister’s pussy and

Sort of flopped over onto his back, and then I did something I never thought I

Would do in reality. I looked at my sister,

Tina lying there with her eyes closed and her thighs open, and I looked at her

Slippery cunt and those bare beautiful breasts, and I just couldn’t help myself.

I rolled between her legs and slid my cock into her cunt before she even knew

What was going on. My Sister gasped as I slide it in her, and her eyes popped

Open. And she really squealed when she realized her little brother had turned on

Looking her and beginning to **** her in the process. “oooooh God,” she said,

“you shouldn’t be doing this with me…. Your sister. Please just hold me. You

Can feel me if you want but don’t do this, its toooo wrong.” I was way too horny

To pay attention to my sister’s pleading, and as I moved in her, her pussy

Responded and her attitude improved tremendously. It only took me a few hard

Strokes to get my Sister frantically wiggling her ass and French-kissing me and

Blubbering about how great it was. And the more I pounded her the wilder she

Became. It was so great, sliding my cock in and out

Of my sister’s slick cunt. The lack of hair made it so much smoother and I

Could watch as my cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. The fat lips would

Pull out as I moved back, then pull together and I once again moved into that

Warm, slick cunt. I was using her breasts as hand holds for balance. She had now

Put her hands over mine and encouraged me on, saying ” Oh please Tony, keep

Doing that, Oh harder, yes.. Yes, that’s so good, I love what you are doing to

Me and how you are making me feel. You are

Such a loving brother.” Her hips were now moving up to meet mine on every stroke

And I could hardly control myself.”Go on, little brother! **** me…. **** your

Sister. Ohh yesss… Do it to meee. I am so close” I ****ed my sister harder and

Faster, my cock slamming into her juicy pussy, filling it, pushing into her

Cervix at the end of every stroke. The tight clasping lips and the pressure of

Her cervix finally overcame my ability to hold back. At the very end, I swear we

Even had the sofa rocking. I felt the cum starting to rush in my cock and when I

Jerk off, I had a tit in each hand, and my sister was going off with a scream at

The same Time. It was a mind-blowing experience. Knowing I’d just ****ed my

Supposedly prudish sister to a frenzied climax was a real trip in itself.As I

Got up and got dressed, I noticed my sister had passed out from all the

Excitement and drinks, which she was totally unused to. My cousin and I put her

To bed after first cleaning her up and then even put

Her nightgown on.In the morning my cousin and I were having breakfast when my

Sister came out from her bedroom. As she came into the kitchen we got quiet.

But, she didn’t seem to be any different to us than normal. She said, “morning!

I must have had too much drink last night. I don’t even remember when we finish

Our party and when I got into bed. Don’t tell our parents about my heavy

Drinking, they doesn’t like it. OK?” I just said “Sure” and breathed a deep sigh

Of relief. Wow! We did that with her last night and she didn’t remember. In the

Bright light of day and without the alcohol affecting my thinking, I decided to

Forget what had happened last night, although the memory made my cock a little

Harder. My cousin though got a curious look in his eye that made me uneasy.

Later that day in the afternoon my Sister said, ” Hey, why don’t we all watch a

Movie together” Max was quick with an affirmative reply, and stated we would

Even go to the video store to pick up some movies, which

We did. We chose especially an erotic English movie like ‘Basic Instinct’ etc.

As we headed back to the house we picked up French-wine too, as my cousin said

With a smile, “loosen up your sister’s lips.” I couldn’t believe he really would

Try something again. My mind was racing with images from the night before. I was

Already getting a hard-on and while I thought I couldn’t let him do this to my

Sister again but I couldn’t stop him from thinking of last night and what

Tonight might bring. When we got home my sister was finishing up on lunch and

Max showed her the wine.She said, “Great, it’s just like a little party,

Company, wine, and a movie. Which one did you get?” When Max said “Basic

Instinct,” Sister got a bit red in the face and said she hadn’t seen it, but had

Heard it was a bit risqué and wasn’t sure this was a good movie to be watching

With us.”We’re all adults, Tina”, said Max, “and it’s supposed to be a real

Thriller.” “Oh, well then I guess its ok, but you guys had

Better behave yourselves.” As we were having lunch, Max kept Tina’s glass full

Of wine and had her laughing with his jokes. After about 3 glasses of wine my

Sister was starting to feel no pain and started telling off color jokes of her

Own. I was laughing almost the whole Time, part from the jokes, but part from

Seeing my sister so loose and enjoying herself so much. After lunch was over,

Sister went her room telling Max and I to get the movie ready while she got into

Something comfortable. I set up the movie while Max closed all the curtain of

Living room and put some deem lights to set a pleasant mood. When Sister came

Back, she was really relaxed and had put on a short, sheer gown. When she bent

Down to move center table I observed her ass and was amazed when I realized she

Wasn’t wearing panties.

You could see that clearly because I couldn’t see any

Outline of her panties above her gown.”When this is over” she said, ” I’m going

Right to bed. This wine is already making me

Sleepy. So, where’s the movie?” She sat down in the middle of the sofa. Max and

I sat on either side of her.As the movie started and it got to the erotic parts,

We all began to get turned on, Even my Sister, Tina also as I could tell by the

Way she kept moving her thighs back and forth. Max placed one arm behind my

Sister and every Time he spoke to her about any scene he put his hand on her

Knee. She didn’t seem to mind and finally he just left it there and stroked her

Knee and the top of the thigh just above it. We had been sipping more wine and

Sister was really enjoying herself. She started to lean into Max, which he took

As an encouraging move and leaned over her and kissed her. Sister kind of looked

Puzzled for a moment and then kissed him back in a kind of peck and smiled at

Him as she said, “You better watch movie, I might think you are getting hot for

Your old sister.” Max said, “You may be my cousin sister, but you are definitely

Not old and you look as sexy as any 20 year

Old. I could go for a lady as sexy and sharp as you” “Oh, youuuu!” she said,

And leaned over and gave him another kiss. This Time Max put his arms around her

And didn’t let her pull away. She kind of struggled to get away but he planted a

Kiss on her lips and with a look of ‘you naughty boys’ she began to kiss him

Back. As soon as he started to put his tongue into her mouth she pushed him

Away, stating “You are really making me hot, but I don’t think this is proper,

So you just sit over there and behave yourself,” With that she moved over next

To me and said, “Brother, you had better protect me, I think our cousin likes

Older women.”

So, I played the protective brother and put my arm around her shoulder and

Pulled her tight into my side. By this Time the first movie had finished and Max

Quickly put the other movie in. Giggling Sister wanted to know what was coming

Up next, and Max said it was a movie about fantasies. This seemed to strike

Sister as a good subject for a movie but what kind of fantasies, she asked? Max

Said he wasn’t sure but that it was put together by a woman and directed by a

Woman. At which my sister laughed and said she might really like this, as women

Make more sensitive movies but that we might get bored since as men, we didn’t

Really appreciate the emotional aspects of women. Max chuckled, and said “You

Might be right sister, but we might be more sensitive and understanding than you

Think. I think we will all find this an interesting movie.” As the movie began

It started slowly and when a man appeared on screen and began to strip, Sister

Was really began paying attention. When he took off

His last piece of clothing and was standing there in the nude, my sister just

Looked glassy eyed at the TV screen and kind of went “uuhh” and sunk into my

Side even more. As the actor started to undress the woman, my Sister really

Started to make little moaning sounds as the movie really was affecting her now,

And the wine had completely lowered her defenses. Max looked at my sister and

Said he was tired and could he lie down on the sofa and put his head in her lap.

I think Sister was a little relieved, thinking that Max would fall asleep and

She could enjoy the movie without him observing her reactions. By now Sister was

Completely involved in the movie so she just nodded ok. As Max put his head in

Tina’s lap I could see his face. At first he put his head down facing the TV

Screen, but as Sister squirmed and moved around as a result of watching the

Movie, Max turned his head toward her lap and snuggled into her. My Sister was

So involved that she didn’t notice this clever move, but

She was by now holding me very close and I was totally aroused by now. I put my

Right hand on the side of her neck and just stroked it lightly. She reacted by

Moving her head over against my shoulder and just kind of moved it back and

Forth slowly against it. The movie had now progressed to the couple beginning

Graphic foreplay. When the couple began to perform oral sex on each other my

Sister seemed to shake and quiver a bit and said “we mustn’t watch this movie,

It’s blue film. Only sick people watch that!” I asked my sister boldly if she

Had ever tried it, something I never before would have asked her about. To my

Surprise she answered a strong ” Of course yes!” Well I had thought her a bit of

A prude but not that much. With her feelings about oral sex she was becoming

Very aroused. As she was tight against me, her erect nipples were rubbing

Against my side. I turned into her neck and began to nuzzle her ear, which

Further aroused her. However she never turned away from the

Television screen. I noticed Max was now moving one hand up and down the top of

Her thighs, which caused Tina’s legs to open and close with excitement. I moved

My hand, which was on her shoulder, to her breast and started to fondle it, to

Which Sister really let out a loud moan. But then she suddenly became aware of

Me and placing her hand on mine, she moved it down off her breast and to her

Side, saying “please Tony, don’t act naughty” and turned her attention back to

The movie where the couple were just beginning ****ing. As the man in the movie

Put his cock at the entrance to the woman’s vagina and slowly pushed in, my

Sister gripped me firmly. I again moved my hand to her breast and ran it lightly

Its surface. This Time she simply moaned and said, “Ooooohhh ok Tony, but

Nothing else, it’s just while we enjoy the movie then you have to stop this. I

Can’t believe my brother doing this to me and I am letting him. This movie is

Just affecting me so much I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Max had been observing my actions and now began to move his hand between my

Sister’s thighs and slowly move them apart. His face now pressed into her groin

Area and he was blowing warm air across her crotch. As She wasn’t fully aware of

This, he grasped her gown and pulled it to her waist. This had the effect of

Exposing her bare cunt and he just kind of nuzzled up to it very slowly so not

To draw her attention. Well, it may not have drawn her attention, which was

Still fully captured by the scene on the movie, but her body certainly knew all

About it. Her legs were spreading open even further but all on their own without

Any help other than Max’s blowing and the light touch of his fingers on the

Outer lips of her pussy.I now wanted more and moved my hand to the buttons down

The middle of the nightgown and gently undid them to her waist. I then

Separated the two halves and gazed upon my sister’s firm breasts. I put my hand

On a breast and fondled and massaged it while Sister was

Almost totally in the control of these varied feelings, the movie, my fondling

And Max’s actions in her lap. Max now moved her cunt lips apart with his fingers

And slid his tongue down her grove. When he moved to her clitoris that she

Jumped so much she almost threw us both off. She slapped lightly at his head,

Saying ” Max! What are you doing? Ohh, you really are a nasty boy. You just go

Back to sleep.”

My Sister was now in denial and just trying to make the proper responses, but

The responses she really was getting were from her body and she could no longer

Control them. She then put her head against the back of the sofa while my head

Began to move down her breast and at reaching her erect nipples I began to

Suckle, all the while keeping my hand moving strongly now on her other breast.

Max, after a momentary pause, once more was licking and sipping at Tina’s

Excited cunt. She then just kind of sagged back into the sofa and gave up

Completely any resistance while making little noises “Ooohhh, oooohh, oh god,

Ooohhhh, yes, ooohh!” Max motioned for me to pull my sister’s shoulders down to

The seat of the sofa to lay her, which I did. This afforded us more room and

After a false move to stop us Sister just closed her eyes. Max put one of her

Legs up on the back of the sofa. This had the effect of opening her cunt and Max

Took every advantage as he dived back upon it and proceeded to

Lick and suck it. I could hardly stand I was so excited by all this and took

Out my cock which I started to stroke. Tina’s eyes then opened and seeing my

Cock, reached out her hand and just said “let me” Oh the feeling was tremendous

As she began to stroke it for me. After only an minute or so she got a strange

Look in her eye and kind of pleading said “please let me try this” at which she

Pulled my cock to her month and began to suck lightly. I could only take a

Couple of minutes of this pleasure when feeling my climax approaching, I said ”

Ohh Sister, please, I’m going cum ” My sister looked at me but just kept going

On even stronger and I explode in her mouth. She just swallows everything. “i’m

Sorry Sister, but I couldn’t stop.” She just looked at me tenderly and said, “I

Never knew it could be so erotic to do this with own brothers.” She then looked

Down at Max and putting her hands on his head just kind of guided him as he

Continued to suck at her cunt. She started to rock her

Hips and wave her thighs in Time with his actions. Soon I heard her gasping and

Moaning loudly as her orgasm overtook her and she put her legs around Max’s neck

To lock him to her. She came in his mouth and finally she started to relax and

Her legs fell apart on the sofa and she just lay there still moaning softly. Max

Rose and after taking off his clothes, while I did the same, instructed me to

**** Tina, saying he wanted to try something, which he had in mind since long

Time. I didn’t know what he meant but I was more than willing to screw my Sister

Again. He told me to get her on top of me. I moved to a position between her

Legs and began to caress her pussy. I loved the feeling of her bare skin and she

Apparently liked what I was doing too as she was starting to react to my

Ministrations. “Please don’t feel bad about your sister, but I love what you’re

Doing to me,” she said. I leaned over and putting her nipple in my mouth, I

Began to suckle her breast again, while keeping up

The motions with my hand on her pussy. This had gone so far that I could hardly

Keep my breath. She was approaching her orgasm again but now I held off. I

Continued again after a moment and repeated this over and over until she finally

Pleaded with me to “keep going, don’t stop, I’m so close.” I said, ” I want to

**** you, sister.” “Oh no, Tony. We can’t do that. You’re my brother, just keep

Doing what we have been doing. Its wrong for us to have intercourse.” “Sister,

We already did it last night. But it went so fast that I wanted to do it again

But make it last.” That caused her to think and she lay quiet for a few moments,

While I began my activities again. She again started to get aroused and then she

Said, “well, brother. If we already did it once then I guess it doesn’t really

Matter, so I guess its not any worse.” With that I moved my body up on Tina’s. I

Hung poised for a moment, my cock hard and throbbing, as I lined it up in her

Slit. I found the opening to her vagina and

Slowly pushed forward. This Time I was aware of every movement and sensation as

My cock moved deep into my sister’s body. The heat was like an oven and she was

So slick, my body just glided in. I couldn’t believe how tight she still was. As

I had started to push my cock in her pussy, She just came unstuck and wrapped

Herself around me. Her legs came up as I hit bottom and they went around my butt

And locked me in.She said, “just lay there, let me do it, brother.” I asked her

If she would like to get on top of me, as I had heard of it but never got to try

It. We rolled over, still stuck together. This position let her move easily and

I was enjoying it all as she rose and fell on my cock. Then I saw my cousin come

Up behind my Sister and motion for me to pull her down on me. When I did, he got

On the sofa behind her putting his hands on her ass and starting to massage her

Round globes. This turned her on even more. Max was moving her cheek side to

Side and opening and closing them. He

Then reached down and getting some cream on his finger he spread her cheeks

Apart and pressed his finger against her bottom hole. He kept up the pressure

Until his finger slipped in. Tina’s eyes opened wide with shock and she

Stiffened with Max’s touch on her asshole. As he tried to enter her bottom with

His finger she tried to move forward onto me to avoid Max’s finger, but being

Impaled on me she could not escape. She whimpered with surprise and shame at

Being touched this way and putting her head next to mine she asked me to tell

Max to stop. I now knew what Max had in mind, but I acted dumb and asked her

What she meant. My sister was too embarrassed to say anything, all the while Max

Was moving his finger in and out of her bottom. I could feel Max’s finger moving

Back there while I was sliding in and out of her cunt. Finally, I felt Max

Remove his finger and when Tina’s face kind of tightened up and froze I knew Max

Was entering her asshole with his cock. The two of us were

****ing our sister together.Sister said, “Max’s doing something to me that is

Disgusting and it is hurting me. Please make him stop. He has his dick in my

Anus “I told her it would be all right soon and that Max didn’t want to stop.

She should just relax and it would stop hurting soon. I told Max not move for a

Few minutes while Sister got used to his presence back there and I started a

Gentle in and out motion to try and take her mind off the temporary pain. After

A couple of minutes of this I noticed her breathing start to deepen again and

She began to move between us.In something like amazement my sister told me, “I

Can’t believe this, Tony. I never thought I would be doing this, much less with

My brother and cousin. Its actually starting to feel good…oh yes, keep going

Slow but keep going.” By now Max was also moving his member in and out of her

Backside and the feeling was so tight on my cock because of the pressure from

Max. I had never felt anything so tight on my cock. I

Couldn’t really move any faster as there wasn’t any room with my Sister was top

On me and Max back there in her. My Sister was really starting to get into this

Now and she was doing most of the moving. She started saying things like, “Oh,

Oh, Oh Tony, Oh Max, Oh God, this is too much, It feels sooooooo goooood. Oh,

How can this feel so good. I’ve never felt this turned on before and its great.

I want more! I love you both for showing me what I have been missing.” Sister

Was on her hands with her arms locked and asked me to hold her breasts some

More, “Please, Tony”, she said, “Please hold them and squeeze them hard. Well I

Couldn’t refuse and she began moving forwards and back, up and down, suddenly

She dropped her chest down in my face and told me to suck on her nipples, and

Hard, “bite them, Tony, bite them gentle”….As I did she reached her orgasm. I

Felt her pussy convulse with her orgasm and I exploded too……. It was so

Intense that I almost passed out. Max was bucking hard

Now into Tina’s backside and he was having a difficult Time holding off, but as

He kept it up Sister was still cumming, over and over. Max grunted loudly with

His climax and pounded into her one last Time. When we regain our sense Max was

Already out from my sister’s back and exhausted on sofa chair. Tina rose from me

And went to her bedroom. We were sleeping whole afternoon like that until up to

Evening. At around 8:00 PM doorbell rang. I got dressed, opened the door and saw

Some of my friends who were asking about tonight’s party. I told them that i’m

Not feeling well that we’ll celebrate tomorrow night. They agreed and left

Promising me about tomorrow’s party. After that I went to my sister’s bedroom

And wake her up by ****ing her. We ****ed there for some time until I explode

Again in her. After she got up and went to bathroom for clean up. That night my

Sister my cousin and me had dinner together and whole night we were fondling,

Sucking and ****ing my sister. We kept continue

Next day also. Max, our cousin left in the evening saying he has to go to out

Of town for one week. That night I was arranging for party, Off course without

My cousin, Max. My sister, Tina was as usual preparing snacks and everything for

Party in the kitchen wearing a white silk blouse and short denim miniskirt.

The boys arrived around 9:30 and began drinking and Dancing. My sister was in the

Kitchen and all hardly came out front of them. Not before so long, I noticed all

Of the boys looking my sister over, and a few of them almost drooling in the

Kitchen. Tonight my sister wasn’t participating our fun like drinking and

Dancing. Around 11:00, all boys got a little loud and my sister came out to

Quiet them before they ripped the house apart. As soon as she walked into the

Room, she realized why they were getting so loud — there were empty beer

Bottles all over the place! Instead of sodas, they had hit the beers in the

Whisky! After getting a few whistles and a couple surprised my

Sister caught my eyes and I walked over to her.”Tony! What the hell is going on

Here?” “It’s OK, Sister. Cool down. We’re just blowing off a little steam. We

Won’t hurt anything.” “Tony, how you’re going to take these boys home drunk?”

“Don’t worry, Sister. Their parents aren’t waiting for them.” Then I rested my

Left arm on her shoulder and grinned at her. “Besides, we’re almost finished all

Beers, and I’m glad. I’m ready for them to leave, because I’m horny!””Shhh!

Tony, don’t say things like that front of them!” my sister then walked into the

Room and turned the stereo down, “Okay, guys, as of this moment, party has

Finished and I’m giving rides all of you at home. Okay?” There were a few

Whistles and a smattering of approval, and even a few “Boo’s” but they were good

Guys and stopped drinking their beers. My sister knew I’m not in condition to go

With them so she had safely delivered all of them home and came back home. I was

Drunk and asked her, “Did you **** any of my

Friends?” “Tony, stop talking like that.” “Well, did you, sister?” “Of course

Not, Tony. That’s disgusting. I don’t **** every male in the world. I’m not a

Slut.” “No? You ****ed who knows how many guys in high school and you ****ed so

Many guys in our area and you **** max, our cousin. You even **** your own

Brother! You’re a slut.” “Tony! Please stop! Why are you being like this? Why

Are you hurting me so? How much did you drink tonight?” “Come here, sister and

Let me feel if you ****ed any of my friends.” I stepped around the bed and stood

Next to my sister. My hand shot up her skirt, pushed her panties aside, and

Pushed two fingers into her cunt. She responded to my touch, immediately,

Feeling her cunt grow wet and slippery around my invading fingers. “See, Tony,

Nobody’s been there but only you, today.” My sister undressed and got into bed.

My cock was hard and standing straight up. I mounted her hips and placed my pink

Cock head at the opening to her pussy. With one powerful

Thrust of my hips, I buried my cock up inside my sister to the hilt. The

Pleasure for me was real and strong and washed over me in waves. We found our

Rhythm and began ****ing, slapping our hips against one another. I pounded my

Cock into her with almost painful intensity. “Ohhh, Tony! Ohhh, Tony, i’m

Coming, brother! Oh, I love you so much!” I pounded away into my sister, until I

Tensed and opened my eyes. As I began to come inside her, I whispered to her

Between my clenched teeth, “I love you, too, Sister!” Next day I was out in the

Town whole day while Tina, my sister was at home taking rest. On the evening I

Got back home and said her, “sister, I told my friend that the party will be

Continue today. You have to prepare everything as usual.”I had told my friends

That my sister was “cool” about partying at our house, and that’s what we did.

That day, into the night, and the next 2 days there was an almost-constant party

Going on at our house. The house was full of TV’s and stereo

Noise, and my sister was supplying the beers and food. She wasn’t drinking or

Dancing this time. By the third night, my sister was exhausted and needed a

Drink, herself. She didn’t have to worry about sending anybody home because my

Friends were spending the night there. Dressed in the outfit of low-cut top and

Red mini skirt and stockings, my sister, Tina, Soon was Dancing with them to rap

And Dance tunes. I knew her giggling breast with lacy bra and bare thighs were

Making a few appearances as she gyrated to the beat. But I wasn’t stopping her

As she was enjoying being the center of attention for these young, good-looking

Boys. She was flirting outrageously with them, and for the moment. Someone

Changed the cassette and the music turned slow. My sister took turns Dancing

Close with each of them, including me. I knew what she was doing to them. I

Could see their erections pressing into her thigh and hip. I could feel they

Squeeze her tight and press their chests hard against my

Sister. She rested her head on their shoulders and breathed on their necks.

After a little more Dancing, someone suggested an Antakshari game. We all sat

Around the floor on the carpet and I could see that all of their eyes lock on to

My sister’s crotch as she bent and sat Indian-style, like they were. That

Position pulled her short, tight skirt almost up to her waist and she didn’t

Have too many secrets left! We played that game for some times. The party soon

Got bored with the game and we all sprawled around, talking about school and

Girls and music. My sister had kicked her high heels off a while ago and she

Reached up under her skirt and rolled down her stockings. As she pulled the

Second stocking off her foot, I realized that no one was talking and I looked up

To see all six boys staring at my sister and her legs. “Sorry,” she giggled, “I

Just wanted to get more comfortable.” My best friend, Saagar smiled and said,

“That’s ok, Tina. You can even get MORE comfortable, if you

Want. We won’t mind.” My sister pointed her finger at them, “I think you are

All having naughty thoughts. Now, behave. I’m old enough to be your sister.” And

We all began laughing uproariously. When finally she got her breath back, she

Stood up saying she’s bit tipsy with last drink so better get back to her

Bedroom. She said Goodnight to all boys and I took her hand and helped her up

The bedroom. When we went inside I placed my hand on her ass she whispered, “I

Think with your friends in the house, you better go back to them, Dear. I’m a

Little too tipsy and a lot too tired to do anything tonight.” “I still want to,

Sister. Just bend over and i’ll get a quickie.” My sister kissed me on the

Cheek. “Not tonight, brother. You’ll live without it for one night. Your friends

Will all leave tomorrow, and it will be just the two of us, again, and we’ll

Have had some sleep.” I was disappointed and turned away. I knew she was just

Too tired to care. She closed and locked the door of bedroom. When I awoke, I

Knew I had a hangover. I cracked my eyes open enough to see that the room was

Bright, (TOO BRIGHT!) And quickly snapped them shut again. Forcing myself, I got

Out of bed and made my way into the bathroom.

After having bath I headed to my

Sister’s room only wrapping towel around my waist. I went inside the room,

Locked the door and peeled off my towel. I saw my sister was in the bathroom. I

Knocked at door. When she asked who’s this I answered its

Me. She asked me to wait and after finished everything she opened the door and

Stepped out full naked. She saw me standing in the doorway, naked and sporting

My big morning erection. From the look on my face, she knew what was going to

Happen next Can’t wait any longer, brother? Come on, let’s make it fast!”My

Sister walked to the bed and lay on the edge leaving her legs hanging on floor.

I stood between her legs and spread her pussy lips open with my cock. “You

Wanted to **** my friends, last night, didn’t you, Sister?” “No, brother, I was

Flirting. I know I shouldn’t have, but flirting is basically harmless. I won’t

Do it anymore.” “No, it’s okay, sister. I’m glad you did. It was fun to see

Their reactions. I know they all wanted to **** you.” My sister moaned softly as

I worked my cock inside her. “Oh, Tony, you’re just saying that. I’m an old girl

To them. Not someone they want to ****.” I was all the way in my sister and

Began pumping in and out. “No, they wanted to **** you,

Sister. Last night I went back living room and pretended to fall asleep. They

Were talking about how hot looking you are and how hot you made them. Saagar and

Aakash even talked about coming upstairs last night and ****ing you!” Without

Build-up or warning both of us began to come! When we came back down to earth my

Sister asked me what I thought about my friends talking about my sister like

That. “I liked it, Sister. It was sexy and made me so excited, I came right in

My pants last night, just listening to them!” “You are so naughty you know,

Tony! You let your cousin **** your sister and now you like your friends talking

Dirty about your sister. You’re sick brother,” saying that she laughed and said,

“Come on, brother. Let’s get dressed and get back before they wake up and figure

Out what they missed!” Later that day, as I was cleaning the family room, I

Found my sister’s two stockings from the previous night under the sofa. They

Were crumbled messes, with dried white goo in both

Of them, I recognize dried cum. One or two of the boys had obviously used my

Sister’s stockings to jerk-off. Thinking about it, that turned me on so much, I

Had to sit down until my legs stopped trembling. My sister and I spent a quiet

Day together, but my friends were back that night, supposedly to watch the

Movie. We all drank the beers pretty hard, and most of them walked home around

Eleven leaving Saagar and Aakash behind. I knew the purposely stayed behind,

Probably thinking to get a chance to **** my sister. That excited me so much and

I was going to give them chance. With the movie over, we put on the stereo and

While we were sitting, drinking and talking, I curled up on the sofas and

Pretended to fall asleep. I put my hand on my eyes so that they won’t see I am

Watching them. After some time Saagar turned the stereo down low, put on some

Slow music, and asked my sister to Dance. He held her tight and she squeezed

Against him, feeling his cock grow in his pants. Aakash wanted

His turn and my sister Danced close with him, too. Soon, the three of them were

Sitting on the floor, their backs against the other sofa, talking. Saagar had

His arm around my sister’s shoulder and Aakash was leaning against her other

Side. Suddenly, they weren’t talking, anymore, and Saagar leaned his face

Towards my sister and kissed her. My sister, Tina didn’t hesitate for an

Instant. She opened her mouth for his tongue and moved her hand up under his

Shorts and grasped his hot erection. They shifted a little and Aakash was now

Behind my sister and as he put his hand on zipper of her dress she stooped him,

“Not here, front of my brother. Lets go to my room, boys.” Saying that she stood

Up and went toward her room. Saagar and Aakash followed her checking on me

Whether I am still asleep or not. They went in and closed the door. They were so

Engrossed in excitement that they didn’t lock the door. After around ten minutes

I went to the door and open slit to watch inside. They were

Dancing in the bedroom. I could see my sister dancing with Saagar. Just at that

Moment, she changed partners. She was dancing, tottering on her high heels,

Knees bent either side of Aakash’s legs, openly rubbing herself against him.

Then Saagar moved back in stroking my sisters back, then I realised he was

Undoing the zip down the back of her dress and dress was sliding down her body

Like a silk scarf drifting to the ground. She didn’t have a bra on. At first, I

Thought that luckily she had a pair of panties on. I hoped they were steel

Reinforced. But no it was a suspender belt. My sister was in stockings. The

Panties were tiny, stretched thin across her hips, sheer. I could plainly see

The tiny bit of her ass they were valiantly trying to cover. She was back, `sort

Of’ dancing with Aakash. The loss of her dress not seems to change a thing,

Rubbing her up against him. His hands went down on to her ass, squeezing the

Cheeks and pulling her even tighter to him. Saagar’s hand joined

His friend’s on my sister’s bum, stroking, pushing right down between her legs.

Turning, she put an arm around each boy’s shoulder.”I see i’ve got two very

Naughty boys here”. I had frontal view of my sister. They were nice. My eyes

Strayed downwards. The tiny panties were as incapable of hiding anything at the

Front as they were at the back. I could see my sister’s pussy lips! It was

Pushed tight and tangled, by the thin material, but I could see it! As I stood

Transfixed, I saw my sister’s hands come from around their necks and move down

To their bulges. My sister was grabbing their dicks. She must be pretty tipsy. I

Stood there in the shadow, watching my sister’s hands on the two cocks. They all

Moved towards the bed. They all got on it, my sister between them. I watched as

Her panties came down her legs. They pulled her legs apart. Their fingers push

Up into her glistening pussy, Both at the same time. My sister didn’t complain.

She moaned. She groaned. She writhed on the bed.

I could even see a small bead of perspiration on her top lip as they screwed

Their fingers around inside her. I knew exactly what was about to happen and I

Did absolutely nothing. Except watch.Saagar was first. He mounted my sister, her

Legs welcoming him between them. I couldn’t see so much then. I could see his

Buttocks moving up and down, my sister humping up to meet them. I heard her

Groans and moans. I heard his grunt as he ejaculated inside her pussy and rolled

Off. Aakash was next. She accommodated him as eagerly as she had Saagar. I was

Amazed. To see my own sister lying there takes them one after the other. No, not

Just lying there, perhaps that might have been better somehow. But bucking and

Heaving under them. Urging them on.Aakash was quieter than Saagar. But my sister

Wasn’t. Moaning, groaning, crying out. Her arms wrapped around Aakash, using him

As a lever to thrust herself up to him. He also ejaculated and rolled off,

Leaving my sister spreading her legs between

Them. I could see from her slit dribbles of their semen running down to the

Bed. I had a hard-on, A massive hard-on. I mean, it’s not every day you get to

See your sister behaving like this. But it was over now. Or, so I thought. My

Sister’s hands went down to their limp cocks. “Tina, I can’t do it again”. From

Saagar. “Oh, Saagar! I think you can, here let me help”. Sitting up, my sister,

Tina leaned forward, lifted his cock and put it in her mouth. I could hardly

Believe my eyes. My sister was giving head. My sister was sucking my friends

Cock! Evidently Saagar thought it was a pretty good idea as well. He disengaged

Just for moment to kneel up on the bed, then pulled my sister’s head back down

To his cock. It disappeared into her mouth. She sucked him hard. It wasn’t

Really necessary as he was hard again, but she went at it eagerly. Aakash was

Already kneeling up, half-hard again already as my sister turned to him. It was

Soon hard. He lay back on the bed. “Climb on him, Tina And

Do yourself on that”. My sister didn’t seem to need telling a second time, as

She climb on, kneeling over him and lowering herself down on to his cock. ‘Do

Herself’ she did. The next seemed as if it was obvious as I knew what Saagar was

Doing, So it seems did my sister. Kneeling behind her, Saagar pushed her

Forward. As he did so her hand went behind, grabbing his cock and guiding him.

She let out a little cry as he pushed into her asshole. This time I really could

Not believe what I was seeing. My sister was taking it up the ass! My sister!

Although I have seen my cousin, Max did that to her! My hard-on was threatening

To make it’s own way out of my shorts. Both Saagar and Aakash declared that

They’re closed to coming and my sister told them to come inside her. And they

Did. First Saagar explode in her ass then rolled off. Then after a few moments

Later Aakash drained in her. When Aakash spurted his cum into her, I pushed the

Door wide open, peeled down my shorts and said; “Now

It’s my turn!” My sister called me up. I ****ed her hard. We spent the next

Several hours in bed with my sister, eating our cum and being eaten. We ****ed,

Sucked and screwed her and she did her best to return the favor. With three

Boys, there was always a hard-on ready to be poked into my sister, somewhere.

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