Open Minded Aunt With His Nephew

It happens with every woman, especially in India. After reaching a certain age they suppress their urges and live life in the dark. Sometimes this happens because of the uninterested partner and sometimes they can’t do it because of the surrounding. Something of this happened with my aunt but being smart she found a way to appease her and as well, the one who wrote this one.

My aunt isn’t that hot, she was average but if you happen to see her naked, I could bet you will wish to sleep with her every night. Once I saw her, it was an accident though and then on wards I masturbated several times thinking about her figure which isn’t fading away from my head. They kept coming back and I kept stroking my cock. Was waiting for her to visit my home and make love to her.

One such occasion came and she was visiting Bangalore for few days. So I was to receive her on Friday and she will stay for week or so. I completed my work as fast as I can and went to the station. I was eager to see her and more than that my cock wanted to taste her cunt. It twitched thinking this going to happen soon. I stood at the station and very next second I got dejected seeing my uncle getting down from the railway compartment and my aunt followed by. I felt happy seeing her but my uncle made it difficult to enjoy it. I took bags and greeted them and lead them to my home. My aunt smile and she being just centimeters away from my reach made me jump in joy.

I showed them their room and that night I controlled masturbating and went to sleep in my room. Next, I woke up late and my aunt already made breakfast. I quickly came back after a fresh up and settled in the hall waiting for the coffee. I looked around and my uncle wasn’t there so when an aunt came to give me coffee I asked where he is and she said he went to buy some things and he will be back soon. I felt it’s my opportunity and put my coffee down and went to the kitchen. My aunt’s ass was inviting me and I couldn’t just hold it more.

I hugged her from behind and she knew this was coming, she moaned when fondled her boobs on the nightie and kissed her back of the neck. She was an open woman and we both had talked about this long time ago. I pressed my erect cock against her soft butts and was dry humping her. To my surprise, my naughty aunt was reciprocating back. It felt good and I lowered my shorts and let my cock touch her nightie and started to grind it against her butts. Omg, I never felt that happy and I was biting her neck in pleasure. Suddenly I heard the knock on the door and I quickly pulled up my shorts and went in the hall. It was my uncle and my aunt winked me when she went again to the kitchen and leading my uncle to the hall. He sat beside me and I covered my bulge with a pillow. My cock was limp already and I could feel bust of precum. I cursed him and uninterestingly I chatted with him till she served breakfast to both of us. My uncle had the unusual habit of going bathroom after breakfast. So I was happy again and could feel my cock getting hard in my shorts.

He went to the bathroom and as soon as I heard the sound of the latch I went to the kitchen and pulled down my shorts. My aunt did not wait this time; she went to her knees and started to suck my cock. I was moaning with pleasure and she shushed me to control those. She kept sucking it and going deep, being educated, she quickly learns new things. Her way of pleasing men is heaven and I felt I will explode in her mouth. In all this, I didn’t know how time passed and once again I heard the latch open. I cursed and pulled back my cock and left to the hall again. More precum and there was a big wet spot on the underwear. I was horny I thought of stroking my cock but I controlled and I wanted to cum in her cunt.

He did not allow me in noon as well in the night to be with her. Few times I kissed her and fondled her boobs. I was waiting for her wet cunt to squeeze around my dick and seem because of my uncle I couldn’t get any chance.

I slept in agony that night. Morning, I felt a hand on my cock and I woke up to see my aunt all in nude sitting beside my bed. Her left hand was stroking my cock, she was a pro there too. Her left thumb caressing the head when it was at the top and the grip was not so tight but you will feel her softness of her hand. I was lifting my ass up as she stroked slowly and increasing the pace. My left had started to fondle her breast, her brown nipples were erect and I squeezed them. I squeezed her boobs and I never thought my morning would be this good. After ten minutes I cummed on her hand and she signaled me to go to the bathroom and clean it. I quickly went there and peed and then cleaned my cock and came back to see the heaven.

My aunt was on her back and her legs spread wide, her bald pussy was shining in the morning light. She was wet and the sight was too lusty, I quickly jumped on to the bed and started to lick her pussy. I buried my face in between her legs and my tongue moved inside her pussy. I tongue fucked for several minutes and then she cummed twice in my mouth. I understood she was waiting for my touch and she was horny as hell.

My cock was already hard and stiff and I adjusted myself in between her legs and pushed my cock inside her pussy. Her cum made it easy and it went in and I started to fuck her. Being anxious about my uncle coming back I was fucking her hard and every stroke was powerful to touch her g spot. I gripped her waist and paced my movements. Her moans filled the room and after some minutes I cummed in her cunt. It was a most pleasurable day of my life and I knew it never ends here. I slept above her kissing her softly, her boobs crushed against my chest. My cock went limp still being inside her pussy. Without any words, we both lied like that.

Ps: it’s a fiction; I imagined this while I was not getting any sleep and masturbated on this. Men can go out and try but women don’t have that chance. Hopefully, women will find ways to quench their sex needs. You could comment on here or send me on my mail [email protected]


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