Nailed Chitra Aunty

Hi I’m Rahul contact me on [email protected] in this part and I nailed another beautiful homely Aunty named Chitra Aunty. She was around 42 yrs old and lived with her husband who was a clerk in my father’s office. She used to come to my house to chat with my mother and also used to talk with me sometimes. She was a very religious woman.

I liked her behaviour very much and thought why not make her my next woman. One day while I was going through the pictures taken in a function organized at our house and I found a picture in which some Aunties from our colony were present in a group. Chitra Aunty was also there an idea stuck my mind.

I got the picture scanned and using adobe photo shop copy pasted the face of Aunty on the woman was getting fucked by a man in doggy style. The picture was from the internet and the woman’s body matched Chitra Aunty the man’s face was not visible. I was delighted when the work was done got a print and waited for the right time.

The next day Chitra Aunty came to our house and informed my mother that since her mother-in-law is not feeling well her husband will go to his native place for a week. I heard this and became sad because I thought she will go too but she said that since her son’s exam were going she will stay back and go after 5 days.

I heart pumped with joy and I thought tomorrow morning would be a perfect time to taste the body of Chitra Aunty and I will have the whole day till 4 pm when her son comes back from school. Next day I took the pictures and informed my mother that I am going to my friend’s house for study and went straight to Chitra Aunty’s house and pressed the door bell.

Aunty opened the door and was happy to see me and said-Hello Rahul how come you are here? Did Madam my mother) send you here? I said no Aunty I had something I wanted to share with you so I thought its best time as you will be free. I came here and she said-Come in. I am very much free. I went inside and we both sat at the drawing room and she said-Tell me Rahul what you wanted to share.

I gave her packet containing the picture and said-See for you. She opened the packet and when she saw the picture, her face turned pale. She looked at it for some time and when she looked at me, she said-Rahul, what is the this? Ooh my this can’t be true. How did this happen? I said-Isn’t that you and Uncle? She said-Yes, I mean No, I mean how this is possible? Where did you get this?

I said from the internet and she said who posted this picture? I said-I don’t know as far as I remember, you and Uncle went on for holidays, some 3 months back and must have stayed in the hotel there. You must have seen these kind of stories on TV where they take the picture and videos of Honeymoon couple and post them on the internet or blackmail them and they must have taken this when you are Uncle were enjoying honeymoon.

She said-No Rahul I mean we were just having pleasure and I don’t think there is wrong in this and I am so afraid if someone known to us finds out about this and leaks this in public what will happen to our family reputation. Your Uncle doesn’t know about this and I said-Don’t worry Aunty. I moved near to her and sat very near to her and my body was touching hers.

She was trembling and her voice was shaking. I said-I will take care of this Aunty I will delete this picture from the internet and no one will know or if knows, won’t have any evidence what so ever. She looked happy and said-Will you do it Rahul? Thanks so much you also please promise that you won’t tell anyone about it. I said-I won’t but I need something in return.


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