My Sister Fucked Me Hard

By : Sundar

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Hi this is Sundar from TamilNadu. I m only boy to my family. My age is 22 and finished my BE. I read ISS for more than 2 years. This time I wanna share my experience with you all. If any mistakes I apologize. My first experience is with my cousin sister. Her name is Chandra. She is white. She had a beautiful structure with huge boobs. Her ass also look so good. It would move up and down while she walks. That made her sexy. Initially I had no bad intention on her.

While I was studying 9th std I had my heavenly fuck with my sister. I started masturbating while I was studying 8th. I used took at all girls boobs and teachers boobs. They made me erect. I first masturbated thinking of my sexy class teacher Malathi. I would see Malathi boobs form side view in saree.

It made mad many times. Daily at home I masturbate thinking about Malathi and my class girls. My class girls had big and young boobs. Let me come to the incident. It was friday my school announced that saturday sunday holidays. I was happy and left home thinking of my girls boobs. I used to go by cycle to home since it s located in my garden.

Its an lonely home and had acres of land around it with mango and coconut tress. When I reached home I was surprised to see my chandra akka in home. She is studying in college somewhere long distance from our town. Her parents shifted from our place to another near the college for her studies. She would visit our in her holidays. I just asked about her health and studies. Then I went to my room to change my uniform.

While I removed everything and went bathroom to piss my little boy got erect. I just masturbated as fucking my Malathi teacher. I just cleaned my dick and dressed up went to my sister and had long chat with her. She used to sleep in my bed room when she comes here. I used to sleep in hall. My parents had the separate room for them. Next day morning after having our breakfast Chandra akka asked me to take her to the garden. We went by walk looking at the beautiful tree around. It was mango season,tree was filled with mangos. She notised a mango fruit on the top she asked me to get that.

I refused first since I was only in lungi I didnt wear inner. Finally she made me to climb the tree. I was shy that she might look at my balls and dick. I climbed up and got that fruit. She was standing below and smiling. She saw everything. Suddenly I missed my balance and fell on her. She so feel on the ground along with me. My face is on her big boobs I could feel her smell.

Her nipples was inside my eyes, I was in heaven. She was wearing Salwar kameez. My dick raised and penetrated through here thighs. She felt that raisng. Suddenly we got up returned home. She was keep smiling while walking. I was in out of control thinking only her boobs. My dick was still erect. We reached home its was afternoon. Mom prepared food for us. We both had the lunch. She was smiling wildly on me. I could know her intention. she asked me take her again to garden. I understood her mind she wanted something hot. We reached the mango garden.

There would be no one in our garden except my family. Since I was there to guard now my parent were in home. Chandra akka came back of me. Suddenly she hugged me from back. I could feel her boobs. Heart beat and dick raised for me. She hugged me for more ten minutes. I was silent feeling her, I did nothing. She asked “Thambi can we fuck(Okalama) now” . I said”yes akka”. She said that”I m only gonna fuck you and keep silent”. I told “k ka” . We went to motor room near by. She removed my dress, I was full nude with dick saluting her and she asked me remove her dress.

I removed her dress both was now nude. we looked the motor room. she asked me lie on floor. I did what she sked me to do. She just poured some mango juice on my dick. She was jerking nicely. She started tasting my dick. It was growing long and strong. She tasted my dick as lolipop. I said akka”I m gonna cum(vinthu)”. She just nodded her and kept sucking. I cummed my load in her mouth she drunk like mango juice. She said “thambi its ur turn to suck”. She just came up and placed her pussy(pundai) on my mouth. It was so wet and watery. I licked it she sounded”ssssshhhhhaaaaaa thambi nallaa sappu da(lick well)” .

She was moaning loudly”hhhhhhhhaaaaaaa”. I fucked her with my toungh. I was breathing and said “akka un pundai super”. She took away her pussy placed her boobs on my mouth. I just licked it bite it with horney. She kissed me with lip to lip. My first love kiss.. I enjoyed licking her lips. She said “Thambi lets fuck(okalam) da”. I was still down she wanted me to be fucked by her. She is also virgin. She sat above slowly inserted my dick in her pussy. She started in slow jerking. Intially it was tight but she inserted slowly. I was in heaven. She was making sound”ssssshhhhhaaaaa”. She started jerking so fast.

I was in my final stage cummed into her pussy. She fell on me slept for sometime keeping my dick still inside her pussy. She kissed me passionately. Then we decided to take bath in the small watertank near the motor room. Only water level is upto hip. We went inside the tank and started playing like catching her boobs she would play with my dick. We just discussed about fucking in water. Again we got horny, she fucked me hardly this time also. I was so happy. It become evening we dressed up and went home. Often she used to visit my home. We had sex in many places in our garden. She is now married but we used to fuck if we get chance.. If u like this incident send comments to [email protected] Bye see u in next story..

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