My Plump Aunt Neha

Hi everyone this is Shahid Saxena again back with a new story for those who are reading my story for the first time let me introduce myself I am a 20 year old Punjabi guy 6 feet 1 inch tall fair and having lean body living in Mumbai. This is my second story in ISS my first story was My Cousin Sis Riddhi Moaning and friends please do read it.

This is a story of how I fucked my aunt. My aunt is a 29 year old lady having whitish complexion with a figure of 40 34 42 which I asked later. She is married to my uncle from last 4 years. She gained some weight after marriage but I always had an eye on my aunt, my cock always craved for her. I used to watch her ass swinging when she walks and it is one of my best fantasies. This incident happened on 30th May 2012.

My uncle works in a foreign company so he has to go foreign very often and as he is going for office work he goes alone. During this period I am asked to stay with my aunty which is just 3-4 kms from my house. I am very happy staying at my aunt’s place as she is a sex bomb every guy will give her a second look because of her assets.

I moved to my aunt’s place on 29th May my uncle was also present at that time in the house we had dinner together and then uncle left the house as he was having his early morning 2 o clock flight after my uncle left my aunty was doing some work in the kitchen cleaning plates, wiping it etc after around half an hour she came in the drawing room where I was watching TV even she came besides me on the couch.

I started watching TV and she started with some general conversation and the topic changed to my girlfriend and relationships in the past after a conversation of 15-20 minutes she said even she was having a boyfriend in the college time and all. It was a dream come true for me as I knew where this kind of conversation can lead us but that day nothing happened and we slept in different rooms after half an hour.

Next morning when I got up and I saw my aunt cleaning the floor and her deep cleavage was visible to me as she was wearing a low neck t shirt this gave me an instant hard on and my junior bro was rising at its peak. I was so much engaged in watching the cleavage that I didn’t noticed that my aunt was aware of what I was staring at. She said me good morning and covered her cleavage with her hands.

It felt very disguising to me and she did not say anything to me and went outside. We did not talk till afternoon after having lunch we were still on the dining table and I gathered some courage and said sorry to her to which she responded it’s ok, it happens with everyone in this age and I felt much relaxed then she asked me do you like me? And she said she has been noticing me staring at her from a long time.

I was shocked to hear that from her. I just nodded my head in shame as I did not knew what were her feelings for me in slow voice I asked her do u feel the same for me, she did not replied anything and was just looking at my eyes in a lustful manner and I understood that it is a green signal for me to proceed. I just got up from my chair and she too and she hugged me tightly for around 2 minutes and then we parted.

I kissed her on her lips and in no time we were smooching each other, while smooching her hands went inside my pant and she got hold of my penis aahhh what a feeling it was my fantasy having the hold of my penis and shaking it meanwhile I was fondling her tits from above the t-shirt then we stopped smooching friends believe me it was the best smooch I ever had in my life and she was biting my ears.


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