My mom , my sister with me

I’m shankar from chennai, im 16 im doing my 11 th std , my mom is 38 and she is a housewife her name is “vani”, my sister is 14 she is doing her 9th std in same school her name is “rama devi”,, my dad passed away when i was in 6th std.

This started nearly 16 months before ,, our life was smooth even after my dad death,, we are blessed with wealth and we managed to live a happy life,, that was the time when i was in my 9th std i really got in to xxx movies ,, and more of sex,, i started to feel and imaging my mom as my sex angel, i will always enjoy her boobs when she bend, she wears saree mostly, she sometimes wear nighty at night very rare, my mom,sis and me use to sleep in same room in a king size bed as time pass , my sexual feelings to my mom increased ,, i always use to hug her and sleep, at that time i use to feel her body and my fav boobs of my mom, my mom use to hug me more than my sister ,,

I’m despired to have sex with my mom, i moved a step forward by removing some buttons in my mom’s browse and keeping my lips close to my mom boobs, this continues for some weeks then i also pulled my mom’s bra a bit down and sucked my mom’s nipples for few seconds, i did that for 2 or 3 days like that ,, when im doing this mom was in deep sleep when she move a bit i use to act as if im sleeping, i think she sense something was going wrong for some days she use to turn other side and sleep, then again it all comes to normal, i become bolder and use to again start my usual things.

On aug 25th 2007 the magic happened,, i removed more of my mom’s browse and also pulled her bra more down and her left boobs was fully out i touch those and kissed and sucked her nipples and also put my bare legs on my mom’s bare leg,, i pulled her saree up revealing her legs,, i was really severing,, and was in sky,,im enjoying the magic, i felt some movement in my mom so i suddenly act as if im sleepy,, my mom got up and murmured something and adjusted her boobs but did not button her blowse and she lay down again facing up, i was so tensed after 10 mins i put my leg on her upper legs and scratched a bit,, my mom reacted by turning toward me, i then huged her and she suddenly pulled my head and put it in-between her boobs wahoooo im sure i got my mom,, i moved my head right and left and also adjusted and pushed her body towards me, she then touched my cock and hold that,, it was rock hard this started all i started to press her boobs and i removed all button of browse and also removed hook of bra and i sucked her nipples she was enjoying same as me,, she told wait and she removed her browse and bra took her saree off too,, and lay down again,

She was in her panty only i was in my shorts and bannian, i removed my bannian then we again started i sucked her boobs she pushed me to her pussy i pulled her panyu down and i kissed her pussy, she pushed my head hard ,, then i lay on top of my mom and mom kissed my lips and it was all hot,then mom removed my shorts a bit and i removed it fully,, now we are fully nude,, my sister was sleeping beside us,,

Mom hold my cock and crushed it hard,, and she got to that and kissed it and kicked it i was in heaven, then she got down from bed and pulled me to other room i followed to other bed room,, we lay on other bed and mom kissed me laying on me ,, she kissed allover my body, then i pressed her boobs and kissed her lips and sucked her lips,,mom took my cock and tryed to put on her pussy lips then i fucked my mom after some time i cun so much,, i cum like as if im peeing mom also cum after sometime , this all countinued up to 4.30 am,,

Mom huged me and she told my name “shankar” i kissed her boobs again,, and i told her that i love you ma,, she also told she like me so much and she is live only for me ,, we switch on a/c and slept nude with covering a sild bed sheet .

Morning when i wake up mom was not there i got up from bed and searched my mom she was in kitchen cooking i went and hugged her from back, she felt a bit hesitant me too but i just hugged her and then pressed her boobs she blushed and told that it is really paining,, she asked me to press it soft, i was so happy to hear this,, i feel like im the happy man of the world,,,

Life went like this we enjoyed life so much when ever we are alone,, mom and me share all,, we don’t shy to each other we talk all, and do all,, as mom is operated there is no afraid ,, we enjoy life fullest,,

On this october i was laying down and watching tv and my sister was sleeping in same bed, mom was taking bath i was watch a nice sexy song,, to say about my sister she is in her 9 th std,, she has developed some boobs i just put my legs on her boobs and pressed it,, to my surprise she wake up and i too wake up,, she hugged me and ran her fingers to my back like a heroin hugging a hero,, i was so amazed ,, i thought my sis as a small kid ,, i was so amazed ,, i also hugged her and kissed her and we just had a intro of exploring our body,, i just cut it saying we will do this at night when mom sleep,, after 2 mins mom came out from bath,, and we had lunch and mom sleeped after sometime in afternoon ,, i have this computer in other room me and my sis came to this room saying that we are going to play computer games,, we came to this room and i removed my sis cloths and kissed her allover ,, i saw feeling in her face she was really enjoying it fully,, i kissed her boobs and asked her to take my cock in her hand she do all as i said ,, i cum also in her hand ,, i also finger her,, her juice was so toxifying,,, we just explored more and then this continue for some days ,,

I didnot say this to my mom and also my sis also donot know about me and my mom, on nov 12 th night at 8 pm, me and my sister went to my computer room,, and we started our game,, we forgot to cock the window,,, to my sock my mom saw us ,, but she didnot say anything,, i saw that and told my sis that “you wait i will come soon” and i put my cloths and came out mom was not there she went to her room , i went there she scolded me , she was angry at me ,, she told it is her fault ,, i could not say her anything,, she was crying,, she scold me ” why you are spoiling your sis” ,, i managed to convince her,, i told her that i will not fuck her ,, i told her that my sis was the one who started it,, and i promised that i will never fuck her , i told her that i will try maximum to minimis my relation with my sis,, when we are talking my sis came,, to that room,, she asked what we are doing,, mom scolded her saying that why she is not studying and always playing game,, she asked her to study,, that night i convinced my mom and sucessfully fuck my mom,,,

Now i’m happy i do my mom and also have sex with my sister ,, as promised i donot fuck my sis,, just she will jack me off i will finger her pussy,, that too i do only weekly once.

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