My Hot Father-In-Law

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After taking my son and brother I was searching for another incestual love which was too difficult. But one day my hubby told me that his father will come to stay with us for one month, I was thrilled but my excitement died down when I thought of my father-in-law (fil). He is a very religious and strict man, who cannot compromise on his principle. So I have to be extra cautious in dealing with him because if my plan goes wrong, my married life will be in trouble.

After a week he arrived, my hubby went to pick him from railway station. I was also eager to meet my next possible prey. When he arrived I bent down to touch his feet making sure that my hubby is behind me. I showed him the maximum I can while bending and dropping my dupatta from my shoulder. Then I straightened up covering my melons with my dupatta. He had a full view of my boobs. Then I looked in to his eyes, it seemed he wasn’t bothered. He has a good physics, well built but he wears dhoti. It was 11p.m. He went for bath, and then came to the dinning table wearing a kurta and lungi. We all had dinner together. By mid-night my hubby and son went to their rooms since they have to leave early for office and college respectively. After giving water to him I was cleaning dinning table.

My fil took out a box from his pocket and took out some leaves and started rubbing with his thumb. I knew what he was preparing but innocently asked him what it is. He said it’s Khaini (tobacco). I said you never used to have this, he said I had left gutkha and I use this instead. While cleaning the table I kept my dupatta away. I was giving him full view of my boobs. Then while he was sitting on the chair I went near his chair to clean the floor, giving him a close view of my assets. This way I showed him what I wanted to show without letting him think more in it.

Next morning my hubby and son went by 9. I was all alone with him. I went to his room to enquire whether he will like to have tea, he was sleeping, and while wakening him I was showing him my best part. He said ok and so I went to kitchen to prepare tea and soon brought him the tea. While he was having tea I was in the kitchen. Then I heard him shouting my name. I went to enquire, he said take this cup and from kurta’s pocket give my khaini box I went to kitchen kept the cup went to his room and from his pocket I took out khaini box and gave it to him.

He started taking out some leaves, I gather all courage and asked him how it taste and how he feels having it. He was giving answers but I was least bothered to hear him and I interrupted him by asking “Can I taste, if u don’t mind”, he was looking at me. I was a bit worried, I said “just want to taste, since you are taking it, it must be something good and exciting”, he lowered his gaze and said “Wait, let me prepare”, I was waiting there till he completed. He called me and gave it on my hand and told me to keep it in between my lips and teeth. He showed me also. So I kept it, then I went out of his room. Since it was my first time, I was felling tipsy after some time and so went to his room. He enquired how I am feeling. I said “I am feeling good”. Then I had my kitchen work. I prepared lunch, and then went for bath at around 12.30p.m, and then we had lunch. Again I was cleaning the dinning table, he was preparing khaini. He asked me whether I like to have khaini. I said Ok.

Then I had all my work done and so went to my room to take a nap because my son comes back from college at 2pm. This way the day ended. At night after our dinner everybody was watching TV and I was cleaning the kitchen. My fil came to kitchen on pretext of drinking water; he gave me khaini in my hand and whispered in my ears to keep it properly so that others won’t know about this. I had my water and kept khaini. After kitchen work I went to my room to see that everything was ok to go with khaini in the drawing room. It was Ok, nobody will come to know even if I talks. This way the night went. And I was happy that I am moving in right direction and I liked khaini too. I am a person who loves to do what men do. So it brings me a deep sense of satisfaction.

This way a week passed and he was offering me khaini all the times, and I was giving my best in my boobs show. One day, I asked him that who will give me khaini after he goes for which he said I will teach you how to prepare it. I was folding cloth while talking to him. I got hold of his underwear, which was short pant type, and I asked him why he wears this type of lungi and why not V shaped. He said he use to wear this type for many years. I said try V type and also added “Can I bring V-type for you?” He said ok. That day, I went to the market alone and brought 2 pieces of good ug for him. I didn’t give it to him then, instead waited till night. After dinner when he came to give me khaini I told him that I had kept new ug under his bed. He smiled at me and went away.

I was just watching where he is going, he went straight to his room and then came back to me and said they are good. He liked it and said he will try them tomorrow.

Next day when everybody went out, I went to his room to give him tea. He made khaini and he took out ug from under his bed. He said it’s very nice, asked me its price. I said “leave that, had u tried it? Is it ok?” he said “No, I haven’t tried it yet”. Then I said “Try it now, then” he stood up to wear it. I said “Show me..” He was holding his lungi in his hand, I said “Take out your lungi and wear properly”, and he took his lungi out. He was now wearing only vest and brief. I went up to him, got hold of his brief’s elastic and asked him “Is it ok or tight?” he said Ok.

I moved my hand towards his bulge, ran my hand over it. He was standing in front of the mirror and I was standing beside him. I said “Take out your vest”, he took his vest out, he and I looking at the reflection in the mirror. I moved a bit near to him while looking in the mirror. I put my hand on his bulge and said “See, how sexy it looks..” I felt slight movement in my hand, I drew my hand away, and then I told him to try another one. I took another one from bed and gave it to him. He was about to search for his lungi, but before he could react; I pushed his ug down, with one of my hand. It moved little down but needed to be pushed from other side too. I reached for the other side, he too moved. Now we were standing face to face, our sides in front of mirror, with both hands I moved his ug down to his knees. Till now I had not seen his manhood, then I moved away two steps, he took his ug. He was standing nude in front of me; he took another one and wore it, all these happening very fastly.

I saw his cock, which was very hairy and not fully erect. Since I showed him the way I sat on the edge of the bed and was looking at him, he was looking at himself in the mirror, I thought he might look for his lungi so I pulled his lungi and sat on it. To my surprise he took out his ug, and then asked me where his lungi is. I said, I don’t know, you must have kept somewhere. He turned to look for his lungi. Now I can see his cock hanging. While sitting, I also pretended to be looking for his lungi. Then he noticed that I was sitting on it. He came to me and said “Kavita you are sitting on my lungi”, his cock just inches away from my face. I moved a bit, pulled his lungi and gave it to him. He was also taking his time with lungi in his hand. I thought why waste time and quickly got hold of his cock. I asked why is it not fully erect, he said that it will be soon fully erect since it has got hands to pamper it, while I was playing with it. It got fully erect; it is of my hubby’s size but a lot thicker. Then I stood up and told him its 10 let me go and prepare lunch. But he was holding me and not letting me go.

He started fondling my boobs, I said let me go, and then we will have. I went to kitchen, he followed me. While I was preparing food he sat on the side of the platform naked playing with his cock and talking all bad things. Generally we call it bad talks but I know everybody, especially women liked it. He told me that he never thought having sex with me but from day one he liked watching my tits, and he never thought that I was showing him. He also liked me having khaini from there on and he was also thinking how to have me.

After lunch at 12.30, I was free by 1p.m. I went to his room, he was wearing only lungi. He gave me khaini and I untied his lungi, his lungi fall down. I sat on the floor had good suck of his cock, and then I stood up and took off my nightie. Since I was not wearing anything inside, I was nude in front of him. He bounced on me, took me to bed and we had good fucking session. My dream came true. After this incident he stayed at our place for one month. We had very good times, especially after dinner when he comes to give me khaini I used to lift his lungi and hold his cock for few seconds, my hubby and son sitting a few yard away, unaware of the happenings in the kitchen. Then in the morning when I used to go to give him his bed tea, I used to lock his room, lift his lungi and suck his cock to wake him up. I shaved his pubic hair, made him look younger than his age

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