My Brother’s Bride

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I had kept myself away from my incestuous love with my own brother Karthik, younger to by three years. Actually our first encounter had been a chance encounter. It had been my birthday and we drank just for fun. Slowly I grew tipsy and aroused sexually. My brother was fascinated by my large boobs and firm ass. To crown the evening, our Cable operator showed a blue film by chance. We could not stop ourselves from the inevitable fuck that followed. It was marvelous.

Let me tell you I am Anisha, 25 years old woman, head of a computer company, reasonably rich, with a virgin pussy till that fateful day. That incestuous fuck made me horny for my brother’s cock. Now I had to go for a conference for three days and on return, I was imagining what my lover was going to do to me tonght. Tonight was special. It was Karthik’s birthday. My loving brother was waiting for his sister who will be his bride tonight. From sisterhood to becoming his bride was my gift to my brother Karthik. I arrived home and prepared my brother’s bride for him.

He was waitning for his bride, his sister Anisha, my brother was dying without my sisterly love.

I bathed, perfumed and dressed in a lemon transparent gown. My pussy tingled as I walked into the dimly lit room where my brother had set Vodka, my favourite drink and birthday cake. He wore loose cotton shorts and nothing else, his cock bulged from his shorts which was enough to water both my lips, on my face and between my thighs.

“Karthik, my birthday brother, kiss your sister, my love.” I whispered into his ears as my lips kissed his ears. I love to kiss his earlobes.

I felt a burning desire as my brother put his strong arms round my waist as he hugged me, my tits crushing against his chest. I felt my pussy drenched with love juices and impatiently prepared for his mighty cock’s beastly assault on my cunt for the whole of night.

He sucked on my tongue as I tried to cling to him in an incestuous embrace.

As I am his sister, it makes me even more horny, the lust for the forbidden becomes a passion for my cunt. It must be filled by the taboo cock. There is a strong urgency today for both of us.

” Karthik, my brother, take me as your bride today, make me your wife, the owner of your lovely cock. Fuck me as your bride today. I need your body, your cock. This is what I want, what I need. Nothing else; ,” I murmered. Slowly, he kissed me back, cupping my asscheeks, drawing me closer to his naked body and making me hotter every minute. ‘Oh God, my darling sister, I wish to make love to a sister who is dying to become my wife. But let me look at my bride in all nakedness. You are my Goddess, my love!’

He almost ate my lips as he kissed me passionatley. His hand moved between my legs where my pussy had been gushing juices. His fingers touched my swollen cunt lips and I pushed my cunt up to get his fingers more deep into my burning flesh,” Ahhhhh…….aaaaaaa…Karthikkkkkkk…….ohhhhh my lord, love me….love your bride”

The wait was becoming a torment for me. I wanted nothing less than my brother’s cock in my cunt. I wanted him to own me, to ram that cock into his sister’s cunt and make her beg for more. I cupped his heavy balls while my other hand fisted his beautiful cock. The growing lust made me bolder and more brazen.

“Fuck me brother, fuck your sister as she will become your wife soon. Give me your beautiful cock, dont torment me more by brother,” I whispered into his ear and bit his eralobe, causing him to groan with a sweet pain.

My invitation was open and complete. But he was my man, he must be dominating to his bride. “Anisha, my wife, my sister, you must kiss and suck my cock with your lust mouth, before I enter your divine cunt. Suck me, sister, lick my balls, make your husband happy darling.” I obliged. My brother was not demanding type like this, but may be a change was coming over him as he was getting into the role of a possessive husband. I bent between his legs to face his hairy crotch and put his rod into my wet mouth. Karthik began to push forward as his cockhead began to touch my throat. Soon he pulled me by the hair and I looked up.”Lets get into a 69 sister, I want ot taste your pussy, too.”

I nodded as he carried me in his arms and took me to my queen size bed. Juices were flowing down my thighs as he came over me with his feel towards my face as he lowered his mouth on my cunt and sucked my lower lips.”ooooooo….” but my groan was cut off as his cock entered my mouth and I sucked on that beautiful rod. Karthik gripped my buttocks firmly and we sucked on each other’s bodies. I played with his balls as he facefucked me. We were in heaven.

I wanted nothing else, from God. My brother was my ultimate desire. He was on top of me with his tongue in my cunt. My mouth was happy to suck my brother’s cock. And then my brother stuck his index finger into my asshole, causing me pain, but I could not stop him, I was going to be his bride, not a mere whore. I was his sister, soon to be bride. My young lover was loving every moment of cunt lapping as my thighs tightened around his ears.

She loved my brother more than anything now. I was eager to do anything for him. I wanted him to fuck me with an intensity most suited to my cunt needs.

“Your sister’s pussy needs to be eaten, brother. But my cunt needs to be fucked too. Fill your sister’s cunt with your cock and make her your bride, NOW” I wanted to show him the coarseness and perversity of our new relationship. He was going to be my lover, my husband and my love toy.

“Come, come to sister brother, cum for sister, fuck her tight cunt while you suck her big tits. Leave my pussy alone for your cock, ride your sister, you sisterfucker. Be my husband, I am your birthday present, take me, brother, FUCK ME” .

My cunt was sopping wet with my juices flowing all over my brother’s face. Poking his nose across my slit, he deeply breathed in my cunt scent, his hands caressing myperfect asses. I could not wait any more.

“Now, now, Karthik, make me your wife, your sister can not wait. Fuck me. Your sister is dying for your love.”

“Lie still and let your hubby fuck your cunt, I need you as my wife on her wedding night. Pretend I am taking your cherry, sister.”

He stood there with his spirited cock in his left hand, its cockhead pointing towards my cunt. He bends for a kiss. This time it is she who is going to eat out his proud tongue, flavored with her favorite mint.

on my lips as his throbbing cock penetrated meI receive my brotherly cock without moving my hips, without moving my tits, which are crushed against his powerful chest, my nipples were buried in my new lover’s hairy chest. My clitoris was being squashed by his huge cock.

“Brother fuck me like the bride you want to fuck.”

He moved slowly at first.inking his beast deeper with every stroke and soon his cock was deeply rooted into my cunt. Our groins were sealed together, our pubic hairs became one.

Karthik began shoving his solid meat into his siter’s wet cunt. My clit hardened on the base of his cock.

“You beautiful fucker. You fuck your sister so well….I love you brother…your cock fills me so well….fuck me brother” was all I could say.

Karthik’s hungry cock fucked me merilessly now. The more he fed my hungry cunt with his meat, the more it my cunt wanted.

“Enjoy it brother, Fuck your wife….give me all your cock…make me happy with your cock…I feel like a queen, fuck your queen…ohhh my king fuck me….Oh your cock is hitting my womb and your sister is loving every moment of it….bury your cock deeper….fuck me harder…you have turned me into an incestuous whore…..Ohhhh God fuck me” I said as his cock grew bigger in my cunt and he fucked me hard, his cock moving like a piston.

My pussy released fresh juices on my stud’s cock. I holds his asscheek tight. I pressed his cock deep inside my cunt, feeling the opening of my womb.

“How is it brother? How do you like fucking your bride sister? Does my hubby love his bride’s first fuck? My god you fuck real hard brother” my voice was really slutty. My womb was receiving his hot cockhead and drinking its dripping pre-cum.

His eyes were glued to my sweat covered body moving in fucking rythm as he rammed his cock into his sister’s cunt.

“You are my Goddess, sister, my fucking Goddess” I muttered loudly and went on fucking me

” Dont talk Brother. I am your slut, fuck me. Shut your mouth, you perverted bastard. My sisterly cunt is thirsty for your cum. My horny cunt wants your cock to rain its juice into my pussy. Oh you bastard, sow your seed into your sister’s cunt….Let your cock do the talking, not your mouth,” I knews what I wanted. Grabbing Karthik’s face, on my own, I sealed his mouth with my hungry lips. Saliva ran from his mouth into mine and our salivas mixed with each other. My brother,s prick had become devilish in my cunt, churning my pussy and making my juices run.

“Karthik my brother, my little bastard, now start fucking your sister harder, your bitch sister cant hold longer now.” I increased his sexuality by uttering the “Sister” again and again as it triggered a fire in my brother. Incestuous words also incited my sexuality. I was possessed now, possessed by the God of incestuous sexuality, which shook my entire body, starting a volcano of cum deep within my cunt.

“My bastard brother, my sisterfucking brother, your bitch sister is cumming, fuck me like a bitch, you bastard,” I cried as my cunt began shooting cunt-juices.The dirty heat of this sexy dialogue was turning him on as he ravaged my cunt with his hungry cock

He fucked like a maniac, his cock was going to shoot its load soon. His body stiffened as he sank his cock to the hilkt in my cunt. His cock exploded into my seething cunt.

“Sister are supposed to fuck their brothers if the brothers are such bastards as you Karthik,” I teased him coquettishly. “Good loving brothers fuck their sisters like their brides. Will you be a good brother Karthik? and fuck your sister always, and make her cum with your rod everyday?”

My brother was listening to my erotic talk with my boiling cunt around his cock. He began stabbing into my wet cunt with a fury. My cunt squeezed his invading cock.

He began to fuck me mercilessly, rooting his prick inside my womb with every thrust.

A supreme orgasm was building in both of us again. Karthik knew it was coming. It was coming from inside his balls. It is also coming from inside my cunt depth. My cunt was squeezing his invading cock with one desire, to explode when he explodes. “Oooooooooo……aaaaaaaa…..sister…..I am cummmmming…..your brother is cummming in his bride cunt….take my seed in your bitch cunt sister….your dirty bastad Karthik is cumming.”

We came together. We slept in each other’s arms like two innocent children after our incestuous fuck.

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