My Brother Fucked Me

HI everybody I am praveen i live with my parents i have one younger brother he is doing his 12 std he is tall 5.10 guy and have very good gym physic. His name is raja let me describe about me 5.5 inch height and 58 KGS i am very slim and at the time i was doing my college final year. Me and my brother use to sleep in a single a room When we go to bed he remove his lungi and come to bed only with loose underwear. I also wear the same type of shorts and go to bed. While sleeping he also put his hand and legs on me . His leg will be more heavy like a wooden log Since raja use to go for gym very regularly and he devloped good musule in his body. He us to have very heavy diet ..My friends use to tease me saying that he looks bigger than u.. He aslo not dominated until now. Sine he is stonger than me i also maintain distance from him. One day my parents went out for a marriage function so i slept in my parents room he took that as an advantage and he used my PC . In the night i heard some noice comming from raja’s so i went and peeped it thro window , My brother raja was watching a se movie . I Never bother to reduce the sound My cock stand in 90 degree. My cock size is 6 inch and it make tent in my night pant . I slowly moved and closed my room door. That make little noise after 10 min he came to my room and knocked it , He asked me to sleep in his room I accepted it and went to his room there i was shocked still the moving is runnning in the comp i dont know what to do then he came and closed the door and sat on the bed . He aslo asked me sit on the bed to enjoy the movie i obeyed his words it was more embrassing for me to do . So i was more shy. My brother strated to stare my lips that makes me more shy

I was a fair looking guy with good looks. I had good cheeks and rossy lips. This created me a problem as many of my friends used to kiss on my lips in public. Many love my lips and commeted it look like a girl They also loved to squeze my butt which I never liked. To ease me raja came to me and asked me to sit on his lap but i did speak a single word but he pulled me towards him and he lifted my buttocks and placed me in his cock i can feel the eroction of his cock i felt very bad then he commented me u have a sexy butt i love it by saying this he put his hand on my lips and slowly he move forwards his lips towords my lips . I dont know what to do but hold my both hands and locked my legs with his legs and started to t kiss on my cheeks and then he kissed on my lips like a girl i try to push him away from me since he is stronger i surrender me to him then he started to removed my all dress and started to kiss my all body then he kissed on my lips and my hold my cock very firmly.then he removed his dresss i am shocked to see his big cock the he asked me to kneel down and asked me to suck his cock but i denined he force me do that i felt very disgusting but he came on top of and crushed my cock this made me to open the mouth and he inserted his 9 inch cock .I was really struggle to take my younger brother cock fully after 10 min he took his cock from his mouth and he took my cocck and sucked like loly pop i reached the peak soon and he hold my cock and release the cum in his had .he took my cum and applied in my ass hole for lubrication and inserted his cock in my ass i cried in the but he lifted me in his hand and rested me in the wall and fucked me like a crazy. Initally i really very hard to take my little brother so he understood my pain and inserted inch by inch once its fully inserted he ket his cock for a while and started to fuck me. Then i really enjoyed my stronger little brother after an hour he cummed me. Then i hugged him & then i slep on top him like his wife. Next day i was not able to face his but he came to and lissed me boldy after some time i went to college

In the second hour he came to my college class and called me i asked excuse and went out then he took me to college toilet room and put his pennis between my thighs.By the time, I also reciprocated with him as it was a case of mutual help of boys. He used to catch my pennis in the toilet and used to make me happy. Then he pulled my pant until my knee and asked me to bend . Then he inserted his cock and fucked me very hardly for 20 min and made me cummed . Then he asked me suck his cock and clean after that he went out . I helped my selft to clean his dripping cum.I too used to put my cock in between his thighs. I used to have my masturbation almost daily. My brother used me to have some sex in toilets like what was explained.He treat me like his wife…Aftert that when ever he needs he will take me the near privite room and fucks me like his wife.After an year i have completed my college and got an nice job in chennai and he also got his college admission in chennai , so we both took a flat and stayed alone.Due to his exam and my interview we are not able to have sex further once we back and stayed alone now he became very bold and started to talk me about his sex desire.He came to me and told me i love you dear i just put down my head like a girl and then he kissed me on my lips and carried me to bed room. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.. Then he removed all my dress and told me not to wear any dress since it weekend we have not plan to go out. He also told me that he needs for whole day i was more nervous due to his behaviour . Then he told me that i want to behave me like his wife . By saying this he kissed me and moved to other room.

Then he came back to my room only with his short shorts then he hugged me from the behind and kissed my neck and my back . Then he told we are going to live in this house as a husband and wife . So here after u need to take care of ur husbands needs , u shuould wash ur husband cloths and u should prepare the food for me and u should satisfy me in sex too.i was shocked but i cant deny it .. The he hold my pennis in his hand sucked it very hardly …i was not speaking a single word and i am totally dieing in shame when he was sucking some one knock the door . He left me nude and went to open the door it was his friend i soon gater my dress wear it/Then he came back after 10 min he wa totally annoyed to see me in dress he came to slapped me very hardly and squeesed my cock, Then he i told u remain nude fullly what the hell is this.Hey u dont have rights to do that if u do i will complain to our dad ,, then he once agin annoyed he came towards me but i pushed and ran towords the door but it was closed i ran to the kithchen to escape from but he came and grabbed my hip. Removed all my dress and made me sit in the dogyy position.Then he hold my hair and inserted his cock in my ass without any lubrication due to more friction i cried then he asked will u obey me i told yes i will pls leave it pains more pls i begged his to leave but he never listend it he fucked my ass and cummed me i cried in pain i was not ablt walk properly . Then he carried me o bed and laid there ..

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