Motherfucked by curiosity

I was always a shy kid. So having girlfriends was out of question. I was so shy that when I heard my classmates joke about hand practice I would fucking blush. Without knowing what it meant.

One day a friend said just grab hold of your dick and rub it from top to bottom. It will harden. After some time you will feel funny. And something will come out. Fuck that was never so. I nearly hurt my dick by rubbing it for an hour. And God only knows if anything came out.

Such was the level of my sexual patheticness.

Meanwhile, once I went to get some water in the other room. And saw the whitest, creamiest pair of legs in my entire life. Or do I say because it was my first time. I forgot all about water. But I was so psyched I came out of the room. But after collecting courage, when I went back to have a real good look at them, they were covered. That was my mother lying there. And my adolescent curiosity for sex had been stoked like crazy.

The next night I got to sleep next to her. Naturally all I thought of was to touch ker naked body. Somehow. So seeing little light coming from the window, I inched closer to her. She was wearing a nightie and it had slipped till her knees. I took a deep breath and tried to pull it down a little. Once I did it, I felt bloody happy and repeated my act till the bloody thing came down to half of her deliciously creamy thighs.

My mother has beautiful flawless white cream skin. After hours of effort, I had got the gown that down. Then with all my courage, I touched her thigh trembling. It felt hotter than a furnace. Contact was made. My heart skipped many beats. And even in dark, I must have gone loody red with sexual excitement. But my ecstasy was short lived. She coughed and slid the damn thing back. I had no option but to sleep off. But I had thought of doing better the next night.

Next night came. Same position on bed. Same faint light. That night again after hours of effort all I could do was to put my leg between her two legs. But because they were covered with gown, I couldn’t feel any heat. But I did try to touch her breasts. That was fucking crazy. Because I had imagined them to be round, pulpy and fleshy. But what i got to touch was nearly flat. Couldn’t understand. Will explain later.

After that started my seeing her sex on toast tits which I must have sucked silly as a child as she would lean to pick vegetables from the fridge. Or her white creamy calves as she sat down to wash clothes. I would always focus on her body. Stealing every inch of her naked white body whenever possible. Then one night I got up and saw a sight I could not make any sense of. Her gown had slid back to her stomach. Light was coming full on that area. And her cunt was covered with a clean pair of brown cheap undies. I froze. But went back to sleep.

Next night I became more adventurous. I started groping her breasts. This time I got tonnes of flesh. But part hard part soft. Then my stupid young mind could understand. That the hard bit was because of the bra she was wearing. Otherwise with age her boobs had become too soft. But it was double delight. Both feelings. I massaged them slowly. As I increased the intensity, she again woke with a start and stopped me. I thought she wanted to enjoy but not fully.

This kept happening. Now cut to the chase. My other better exploits are as follows. I started always slding her gown really down. Now she wouldn’t stop me. I started nicely rubbing her white thighs. They used to be hot as hell. then I used to masturbate. I started rubbing her breasts really hard. Some days she would take off the bra in front of me as I lay asleep with eyes half open and come to bed. then I owuld massage her tits tight. Rub her nipples tighter. Then I moved on to cupping her ass. The crack. I used to eat both cheeks with my hands…

(to be continued)

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