Mother Fucker

I still could not believe I had fucked my own mother. I had fucked her last night. My father had been found fucking his secretary in mom’s bed when mom came back from her school an hour before her school time. My mother Rupali is a school taecher and my dad is a lawyer. As soon as I entered the house mom was screaming,” Ramesh mere ghar se dafa ho jayo. Jayo uss randi ke pass jisski chut tujhe mujh se achhi lagati hai.

Mere samne ussko behan kehte thay, apni behan ko chodte sharam nahin aaayi? Ab apni behan ko hi chodo, chale jayo mere ghar se!!!(Ramesh get out of my house. Go to that whore whose pussy you like more tham mine. You called her your sister before me. Dont you feel shame for fucking your sister? Get out. Fuck your sister!!!)” Dad thought it wise to leave. May be tomorrow mom will cool down.

But at night mom took a bottle of whiskey and drank some of it. She began to mutter “Rahul, tera baap behnchod hai (Raj your dad is a sister fucker!!)” I was dying of shame but I had to put mom into bed. When she could not stand, I carried her in my arms to her bed. I must tell you that I had a big erection carrying her. Mom is damn sexy, with long legs, nice meduim boobs and a lovely ass. As I put her down,

She had her arms around my neck while my hand rested on her stomach. I dont know what came over her and she kissed me on the mouth, “Ramesh, you bastard, make love to me forget that whore I am your wife give your cock to your wife, your wife has a right on your cock Ramesh sale chod mujhe (fuck me) Mom thought that I was her husband and she was begging me to fuck her.

When mother orders, who was I to disobey? I switched off the light so that she may not stop me from fucking her if she recognised me. By the time I was back in bed, she had pulled off her gown and was naked. In the dim light of the street bulb, I could see her white naked body, her boobs heaving up and down; I took off my clothes in record time. My cock was like a pole. I am 20 year old man with a solid 7 inches cock

I know how to use it to the best advantage see my cock Rup, it is dying to enter you! Do you want it? I imitated my dad as he often calls mom “Rup. Mom screamed,’ Han haramzade, Ramesh, tera ye lund ab mera hai. Apna lund jaldi se meri chut mein ghsed dal, please!(Yes you bastard, Ramesh, this cock of yours is mine. Put this cock into me, please!) I obliged and put it where mom wanted it. We fucked like animals, loving, scratching each other, moaning and groaning as I went on pounding mom’s

Pussy and she went on screaming. I did not last long as I was too excited. The thought that I was fucking my own mother made me cum too fast. I came and lay on top of mom and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke at 6 in the morning but then mom was not in bed. I played with my cock and got a big erection at the thought of new possibilities today. I had my own mother as my new lover. I had fucked her once, she can not say no now.

I just then I heard mom in the kitchen. Naked I went there. She stood with her sexy ass towards me. She wore the same transparent gown that she had worn last night. I hugged her from behind, the head of my throbbing dick pressing into the crack of her lovely ass ooooohhh what is this Rahul! What are you doing? Behave yourself! She said angrily. Come on mom, you know what we did last night and you loved me in bed. You needed me Mom and I love you.

It was awesome I have never felt as excited as I was in your arms mom I love you I will always love you come on mom, lets fuck, feel my cock how hard it is for you? I pushed my cock harder into her ass. Without thinking, mom moaned as I cupped her boobs but she murmured, No, you motherfucker what we did was wrong, I was drunk and I was jealous of your bastard father the fucking bastard is nothing to me!

I brought my hand down to mom’s pussy. My mom had not tried to remove my hands from her body. I think mom’s body was responding positively to my physical contact. Mom, yes I am a mother fucker! I am a motherfucker because my mom is so hot, I love fucking you mom, look at my cock it wants you, mom! Mom seemed to be aroused by my hand on her pussy for I could feel wetness over her gown.

She moaned as she said ooooohhhh Rahul, take me to bed make love to me now so that I can see my son make love, show your father you can do what he failed to do fuck me son, my motherfucking son, fuck me! I carried her to her bed and removed her gown. My mother lay naked before me like a slut, dying for a cock. I touched her pussy and rubbed her cunt lips. Your pussy is flowing like a river, mom!

Mom groaned loudly, don’t tease son. Rahul, please put it inside me, she begged. Put what inside, mom? I asked her, your penis. Please, son! Don’t make me beg for your cock, she pleaded my penis? I teased her, both verbally and physically you were calling it my lund last night.Tell me what you want and where you want it, I placed my hands under mom’s soft ass and lifted her cunt upwards.

Ohhhh you motherfucker, put your lund in my choot. Is it what you want to hear, you bastard? Yess put your lund in mom’s choot. Haan maderchod meri choot mein mein apna lund pel (yes motherfucker put your cock in mom’s cunt) I gripped her ass tightly and pushed my cock into her went pussy. I entered in one smooth thrust. I felt her vaginal lips clutch around my thick shaft.

Put it all in, son, put your fat cock in mom’s cunt, Rahul, she moaned in a trembling voice, fuck me, son. My cock was coated thickly with her cream by now. My mother loved cock. She loved fucking, to be fucked. If she weren’t my mother, I’d think she was a whore. Mom, you are wet but tight ohhh mom, I love you, I love your pussy my cock is in my mom’s choot all the way

I moaned as the swollen crown of my cock dived into her gaping pussy. I’m fucking you Rupali, I told her. Her lovely breasts heaved up and down. Mom’s cunt was gripping my cock hard and squeezed it oooooo, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker! She was chanting ooohhhh! I was plunging my hard cock deeper and deeper with every stroke. Then my finger brushed against her asshole.

Ooooooh, nooo!!!! The ring of mom’s anus was puckering convulsively. For a moment, I watched her body stiffen as I pumped steadily in and out of her. The thought of last night, came back to my mind and Iwanted to possess her completely. Breathing harder, Ifucked her like a whore you motherfucker! Oh you fuck! Rupali screamed, convulsing strongly in orgasm around my cock.

Her voice was loud and her breathing ragged. She was certainly enjoying it now”Oh, shit, I am cumming, son give all your cock to moma, my son, fickl your whore harder, deeper! Mother said, muscles of her cunt felt like a soft wall around my thick shaft as I fucked her. Ohhh she moaned “Your fucking cock is fucking me. It is fucking killing me! Feeling aroused and horny, I fucked my mother with my taboo cock. She began to cum wildly bucking her ass up. I fucked her like an animal.

Then her baody slumpted slowly but my cock was stll hard in my mother’s cunt. I was still moving in her cunt. Bas beta aur nahin main jhar gayi bas Rahul (stop it, son, no, Ihave cum!) then I thought what I wanted to do. I pulled out of her cunt and placed my wet cock head in front of her mouth. I wanted her to suck me to climax. Rupali looked up and saw the pink shiny head of my cock aiming at her face. She stared at me questioningly

Suck my cock and make me cum I want to see you play with your clit, mom, I said. With my swollen cockhead in her face, she was eager to obey. Suck my cock, mother and play with your pussy. I want you to cum with me again, mother! I caught her by the hair and pulled her mouth on my cock. She took my cock in her hungry mouth like whore. I felt like slapping her face. She swallowed my whole cock in her mouth and sucked on it.

Play with your cunt, mom. I want to se you cum again! She obeyed me. I saw her put two fingers deep into her cunt and finger it, and then a third finger entered it. Tell me, mom, how do you like my cock in your mouth? I asked slapping her face lightly. Mmmmm, aaarrrg, oohhhh, yes! She was making sounds; I’m going to cum all over your, Rupali! Oh, your cock is soooo sweet, you bastard! Oh motherfucking bastard, I love you.

I slapped her harder now as I began to cum. She sucked my cock and abused me. Her curses made me even more aroused as I began shooting thick wads of my semen splashing into her mouth and onto her face. She gagged and choked as some of my cum spread on her face. I pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum onto her naked body, her tits, stomach as I finished, I pulled her cloes to me. We were both breathing deeply.

You are divine, mother, I told her and it’s time for us to take a shower together. I hope your son was not a bad fuck. She smiled at me, pressing her damp, cum covered face into my wide chest. I held her tightly, feeling my satisfied mother gently shiver and comforted after our rough animal fuck. You, are a motherfucker, but you are a darling, Rahul, she murmured, you have a wonderful cock.

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