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Hi. I am sagar. I am 20. My mom is 45,dad is 48 and my big bro(vijay) is 21. My mom is ft with big ass and boobs. I always wanted to fuck her.once dad cught me peeping in bedroom when mom was changing,but he didnt say anything.this happened 3 months ago.

My mom is very short tempered woman. She always shouts on us. Even our dad is not spared. We were irritated by her shouting. One day mom came home from office already angry, as she had an argument in train. As soon as she came home, she started scolding us for not keeping the house clean,as our clothes,newspaper was lying on bed. The same day dads boss scolded him over some issue. Dad came home late as he had to complete some work boss gave started scolding him for coming late.he got frustrated and went in the bedroom and ws lying on bed. He ws very angry and wanted to get back on mom.he thought of shouting at her but he knew no one was better at shouting other than my mom.he thought for some time and then realised that she alwys refuses to have sex after we were about 6 and 7. So they just used to french kiss eachother and some boob suck. So he thought that he would fuck her very hard tonight. When mom went to bed he started kissing herand after some time started to remove her gown. She stopped him and started shouting at him.we could clearly hear her shouting in hall where we used to again tried to take off her gown but she again shouted at him. He told her “ok i will tell them to sleep as we want to have sex.or else i will ask them to join us.”sying so he came in halland sat on a chair and drank some water.i asked him what happened. He didnt said anything.after some time he said “arent u angry with ur mother shouting now and then.dont u want to shut her mouth up.i have a plan .i want that all 3 of us to fuck her.” we looked surprised.he said “dont look surprised. U both r grown up now and i know what u guys want.this will also keep her quiet and under our control.” we both wnted we both agreed with day when mom came from office we told her we didntgo to college and had gone to play football and we were very tired. She said if u dont have stamina then why do u guys play. We kept quiet. After dad came home he secretly gave us about a dozen condom packets. After dinner we acted of taking painkillers which would result in deep sleep.we acted that we were asleep. Whne mom and dad went to bed dad again started to kiss her and tried to remove her gown. Again she stopped him,but he told her that we both were sleeping due to medicines and wont wake up now. And again he started to remove it.soon she was naked, as she doesnt wer bra and panties at home. He started to french kiss hall we both were ready to go.we were already naked with our hardon bigger than ever.mine dick is 7and half inches,vijays 7 and dads 7. We both wore condoms and slowly went in bedroom.her eyes were closed in exitement. Dad was kissing her.i slowly kept my hands on her boobs and pressed them slowly.she didnt realise that dads hands were above her head. When vijay started to caress her thighs she realised that something was wrong and she opened her eyes.she was shocked to see her sons naked touching her body.she started to scream. As soon as she opened her mouth i put a cloth in her mouth and caught her hands and vijay caught her legs. Dad without wasting any time started to insert his dick in her pussy.she was trying to slapped her once and with a firm push his dick was in her pussy. We could see pain on her face as she was having sex after about 14 yrs.

Dad started pounding her very hard like a beast, same as we both were going to do. Dad fucked her hard for 10 mins. And then he came. He got of her and soon vijay jumped on her.vijay is also caught her legs.vijay didnt wanted to give mom a break and he quickly in one push had his dick in her pussy.she again cried out loud.his dick was bigger in circumference.he removed his dick out and again in one push it was fully in.he fucked her for about 13 mins and then he came.during his fuck she also came once.then he got off her and caught her hands. I went on top of her sucked her boobs ,bit them and then positioned my dick on her pussy.i also inserted it in one go.again i removed it and inserted it then again. Then i fucked herfor 10 mins.and i came. All of us were had nothing left in her. She couldnt even move. We all fell asleep there on the bed naked.

In the morning when we got up,it ws 8 and dad was ready to go to was still was friday but i decided not to go to college to keep an eye on mom. Soon mom got up. We said dad “we will fuck her now” dad said “no”. On hearing this moms face started to continued” more fuck for me. I am done with her, u can do whatever u want.”on hearing this mom started to get off bed.we both caught her and pushed her on gave us condom packets and went to office. We wore condoms and again fucked heralready sore pussy.she was unable to bear the pain and soon after the fuck again fell asleep. Then vijay went to college. At 12 mom got up.i had made fried eggs for lunch. She got up had shower and startedto take plates to eat lunch.we both had lunch .she was not talking with me.then in afternoon she took those painkillers and went to bed. Dad came home at around 8. Mom had just finished making dinner and was sitting in bedroom.we both were wtching tv. She didnt even talk to dad.she took dinner and after dinner she cleaned the table.w were still watching tv.she went in bedroom to sleep.we both asked dad that we want to fuck her.she heard it but didnt move. She was standing near the bed. Dad said that he already told us that we can do whatever we want. So we quickly went in bedroom.she was still standing.we went near her and started to remove her gown.she didnt stop us.she didnt even react.we got her naked and made her lie on the bed.vijay went near her and started kissing her on her lips.first she didnt react then she started to moan a bit.soon i started to suck her boobs and then her pussy.this was first time her pussy ws kissed.she jerked a bit.i started to lick her pussy and vijay was kissing her all over her face.then we both took turns to fuck her without catching her legs or hands.while he was fucking her i kept sucking her boobs.after the fuck we both slept on the either side of slept in the hall.

Next day was saturday.i and mom were home as we both have had told maid that it was holiday for her till sunday. Mom woke up at 8 and was very normal.she started talking with us.she waved bye to dad and vijay. Then she came to me and was talking normally.she gave me tea.we both had tea.i wanted her to give me blowjob.also i wanted her ass.i asked her how about sex now.she just smiled and nodded.i asked her did she liked it when i licked her pussy.she said she loved it.i told her to suck my dick.first she hesitated and then she took my dick in her mouth.she didnt knew what to do. I caught her hair and moved her head back and was amazing feeling.after 10 min i came in her mouth. I didnt let her head go.i told her to swallow it and she did swallow it .then i kissed her on her lips.for half an hour i kept playing with her boobs and then i started licking her pussy.i wanted her to cum in my mouth which she did.i told her to remain naked while at home.

Then after lunch i told her that i want to fuck her. I started to kiss her and took her to bed.she was lying on bed face upward.i told her to stand like a dog.she didnt realise what i wanted to do.i put some oil on her ass.she realised that i wnted to fuck her ass.she told not to fuck her ass.i said that she wont even know.first i put 2 fingers in her asshole and then positioned her as her ass was exactly visible.then i placed my dick near the hole and slowly started inserting it.i inserted till it wasnt hurting her and then pushed it inside hard.” hurts!it hurts!”she started shouting.then kept it still for some time and again started fucking her ass hard.i fucked her for 20 mins and she kept crying for 20 mins. Then i came in her ass.

That night we both fucked her twice once in her pussy and once in her ass.she gave blowjob to she has become our whore and is in total control of 3 of us.

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