Mom with son

I am a sportsmen, i play volleyball.. So like others i don like to describe about my mom that she is 36,28,36 and all. Bcoz i love my mom. This incident happened to me bcoz of the love i had towards my mom, i was very much attached to her emtionally. So my dad is a working men in a govt office, one day in the evening he came home suddenly and said that he had got a transfer order to mumbai. But i was in the mid of my 1st year sem, so i asked him how is it possible for me to discountinue my studies. Then he told me that me and ur mom is moving to mumbai and u’ve to stay in a hostal here and complete ur first year studies. By hearing this i was literally confused that how can i be far away from my parents, bcoz i’ve never stayed like that before. So all came to a final decession, and finally mom and dad decided to move. On the other hand, one fine day dad came to my college and spoke to my hod regarding my admission in the hostel, so even tht got fixed!!

One day wen i returned to my home mom was alone, it was two days for them to move leave to mumbai. As soon as i entered home, i throwed my books away nd went near mom nd said please don’t go.. Infact i started crying like a small child, but mom consoled me saying that it’s hardly 6 months son, then ur defnitely joining us back. So please don’t cry, then even i will start crying if u continue crying.. So i relaxed my self after some time and and i was recovering from the incident. Then finally the day came that my parents had to leave for mumbai, so they vacated the home and i took the necessary things for me.. I went till the railway station to give them a send-off and even there i started crying for my parents. So after the train moved, i came back to my hostel room and i was crying for the whole night.. Then days passed i started to get back to my usual activities, my dad used to call me regurlarly to my hostel number. But the warden was bit strict, so he did not allow me to converse to my parents for much time..

Then one day all of a sudden mom and dad visited to my college, i was really surprised to see my parents.. As soon as i saw them i went near them,i hugged my dad and my mom started shedding tears for me. I was heart broken for that moment, i could see that a real mother missing her son with true love and care. So after that i asked permission from my principal for half a days leave, then we had lunch together in a hotel.. At last the sun was setting down, the end of the day came, and dad to my surprise took a box from his suti case, and it was a mobile phone which he had bought for me. Then he came to my hostel warden took permission from him to allow this for me, so that i can be in regular touch with my parents.

And even the warden allowed and my parents were happy for that. And after that my parents left for mumbai, next day evening around 7pm i received a call from my mom. I was happy to listen to her, so the days passed like this. But i was receievg more calls from my mom rather than dad, so i started asking mom what happened to dad, now-a-days am not able to hear to his voice a lot. Then mom told me that he’s getting busy now-a-days and he’s about to get promotion, i was glad to hear that!!

Then one fine day, i did not recieve call from my mom. I was disturbed for that whole night and did not get proper sleep.. And till the next day evening i was the same, but suddenly i receieved call from my mom. I started shouting at her that y dint u call me yesterday?? She told me that she had some work, that’s y she was not able to call.. Then i told her that what happened to me last night, i told her that i did not sleep for the whole night, i told her that i was mentally disturbed bcoz of ur phone call. By hearing this mom started laughing loudly in the phone and said it happenes for all ppl not only u.. So atlast the end of the conversation came, but before the call gets cut i gave a kiss to my mom over the phone and in turn she gave a kiss.. Even bfore also i used to kiss her on her cheeks and her forhead when we stayed together. But this time i felt it somewhat differance, then daily i started kissing her over the phone and inturn even she started kiising me. But as days passed i started realising that i’ve grown love towards my mom, by realising this i was frustrurated. I was thinking that how can i do this, how can i love my own mom?? So for some days i stopped talking to my mom, even if i get her call i started rejecting the calls. Then one day i receieves an sms from her that “what happened to you, are you alright??”. Then immediately i called my mom, then she picked the call, and she asked me y din u recieve the call from past 3 4 days.. Then i revealed the truth to my mom that i love her, she asked me wt?? I said mom am not able to control my feelings for u, i have fallen in love with!! She said ur doing a mistake raj, ur not supposed to talk to me like this. And i told her that mom because of this problem only i did not recieve ur call, i was mentally disturbed when i realised that i had feelings towards u. So am trying to get out of this mom, so kindly excuse me for whatever the mistake had happened. She said okey, i wont call u any more untill u get back from this feelings. Then atlast as usual i kissed her, but this time she did not kiss me inturn and she cut the line.

So days passed, i did not call my mom niether she called me.. But one day she suddenly called me, i recieved the call, she just said that i love u too. I was confused with happy and sadness for her words. I asked her what mom?? She again said i love u too, i told that this is a mistake mom. She told me that even i too know that this is a mistake, but even i was not able to concentrate on anything from the day u proposed to me.. And she told me that love doesn’t mean only physical relationship but it means a lot more than that. Then something like a hidden agenda came out of me, some cheer explored out of me and i told her that i love u mom, in return she told me that she loves me too.. So like this days passed and one day i frankly told my mom that am masturbating thinking of you mom, she was quiet for sometime and asked me that r u expecting me to get physical with you?? I kept quiet for some time and told her that mom it’s not like that but i doesnt want to hide anything from my love that’s y i told u this.. She suddenly cut down the call, i called her in return and said sorry to her. She said it’s okey, but try to avoid such feeling towards me and she kissed me and even i kissed her!!

So the next day she called me, we talked for sometime. Suddenly she asked me that from how many days are u masturbating thinking about me, i said from the day u accepted my love!! She said u can continue doing that, i was embrassed to listen to her, and i asked her what mom??

She said i need u as a man to me, even i started masturbating thinking about you from yesterday!! I was excited after listening to moms words.

So the next day she called me again and we talked sometime asusual, after sometime she started talking about sex with me, infact i was quiet uncomfortable in the beggining but after some time i got comfortable..

So after two days mom suddenly called me in the evening around 9pm and asked wher r u?? I said am in my hostel room mom.. She asked me r u alone, i said yes!! She hesitantly asked me tht can we masturbate thru phone talk, i was thrilled to listen to mom’s words and gladly told okey mom.. Then i undressed myself and sat in my bed holding my penis in my one hand and the phone in my other hand. Mom told me slowly start shaking it now, i too told her that start rubbing ur clitoris mom.. Then she told me that she’s inserting her finger in the vagina, i told her that am moving my hands up and down bit fastly mom.. I started to get hot from her voice now, she was moaning softly and gently, i told her mom am almost reaching orgasm, even she told me that she’s also reaching orgasm.. Then atlast i finished first, immediately even mom finished and reached her climax.

So like this we started to do whenever we got an oppurtunity.

Days passed like this, then our intimacy level grew up we became much closer than before now..

One monday in the noon lunch break i called up mom, she recieved the call.. We talked for sometime, after that i told her that am feeling like to have sex with you mom, she too told me the same.. But she even asked me how is this possible, am here in mumbai and ur ther, how can we meet?? I told her that mom come down to town here, we can do it in my hostel room, but she asked me that what can i say if ur dad asks me?? I told her that convience him somehow and comedown mom, she said okey i’ll come on coming wednesday then.. I said okey and i cut the call.

O wednesday came, mom called me and said am in the railway station come and pick me.. I was more enthralled with her presence, i got my self ready and went to the railway.. I saw mom standing in the auto stand queue.. I asked y r u standing in the auto queue, she said that u might get delay to come, that’s y i thought of coming by an auto.. I said sorry for the delay mom, come lets go.. Then while coming in the bike she was sitting one sided wearing a beautiful sari of meroon colour.. While i was almost near the hostel room, she started touching my penis from her right hand, i was feeling good but was feeling uneasy too.. I told her that mom it may get raised if u do like that, she started laughing and took off her hand.

Then we reached to the hostel room, as soon as we entered the she closed the and told me that she was felling to tired bcoz of the journey and she need to take a bath.. I told her okey mom, go a head and guided her towards bathroom!! After completing her bath, she came out,she got dressed, we went out to have our breakfast. After roaming the city we reached back the hostel room, then our game started!!

Mom told me that she cannot control her self anymore, come on lets do it!!

I told her we can do it in the night, but she said that she’ not able to control!!

So she started undressing me and i started removing her saree.. I was only ther in my undies, so i started undressing mom by removing her blouse and her petticoat, by this time my penis was almost raised seeing my mom’s vagina.. She removed my undies and she removed her bra and undies too.. We sat on the bed, i started sucking her breasts and went down to her vagina and started giving oral sex to her.. By this time she met with an orgasm and then she started kissing all over my body, but she told me that she cannot perform oral sex on me because she’s not used to that and she’s not comfortable with that.. So after some good foreplay, i started fucking her, in the beginning i was diong it very slow and mom told me to do a bit faster so i started fucking her bit hard.. Both of us met the climax at the same time.. So we ended up having sex 3 times in that day.. Then after that i completed my studies i went mumbai, so ther mom and me continued having sex when ever dad is not at home. Replies and suggestion from married ladies are welcome at

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