Mom Dad Enjoying – Part I

Hi I m kunal and I am 21 years old and this is a two week old story of my mom and dad. My dad works in an ad agency in Mumbai and is 50 years old and me and my mom lives in Delhi. My mom age is 45 years,so for most of the time my dad is in Mumbai and he comes home during leave after 3-4 months .

One day I was talking to my friends that my dad is coming home today and one of my friend said “dude today your parents are going to have sex” and every body started laughing. But it got me curious. This made think of them as sexual object

That evening dad came home we had a lovely dinner and by 11 o clock we went to our room. I was on cell phone texting to my girlfriend. The lights of my room was switched off, around 11:40 mom came to see I was sleeping or not and I also acted as if i was sleeping. Then she went to her room.

After seeing this i really thought that mom dad is going to have sex. Me and my parents room share a common bathroom so I went to see what was happening through the glass on top of door. What I saw changed my image for my parents. Simply I can say



My mom was wearing a blue color bathroom robe. And my dad was in his boxers, dad said “your really beautiful” and my just smiled and put his hand on his chest. Next my dad undressed my mom and my mom was not wearing any thing under her robe. She is beautiful. Her size would be 38-32-36.She was a beauty beyond my imagination. Her tits were of perfect shape and her light brown nipples were beautiful .Even while undressing my dad was feeling my mom body in a very hot way. Touching her body-creasing her back, lightly pulling her hair. MY mom pussy was not shaved, didn’t have a lot hair and it looked really sexy. The thing I loved most was her les and thighs; they were hair less and looked real juicy and meaty.

Now my mom went to bed and sat on the bed and my dad took off his boxer and went to my mom legs and started kissing and slowly moving up her body. When he came to mom thighs he gave a small bite on it. mom”aahhh, kato mat nishan reh jata h”. After this line I was in twelfth heaven. My dad smiled and went up on mom’s body. I thought dad and me have the same love for my mom thighs. Now my dad was kissing and sucking my moms boobs very passionately. My mom was fondling my dad hair and from time to time making noise like”aahhh”

Now my dad took his dick and inserted in my mom pussy and let me tell u guys they were really wet. When my dad was putting his dick inside my mom was moving on bed like hell,My dad started stroking my mom easily and after 2 easy shot he gave her a hard short now he was on top of my mom. Dad kissed mom on her lips. Then again started giving hard shorts. Mom”oooo ahhhhh ahhhhh ooofffoo ahh”

And out of no where my mom took the charge and she went on top of dad. Dad’s dick was inside mom. Dad started pressing mom boobs feeling her body. Then dad was gently stroking her ass. My mom was moving like mad the tits were bouncing like mad. Her ass showed a different kind of motion (WOW). My mom was flat top on my dad and dad was sucking moms’ tits. My mom was moaning “aaahhh kamal (dads name) ahhaaa I love aaaahhhhhaaahh you ahhaahhaahh”. Now my mom dad were face to face and my dad said I love you too kavita (moms name) and gave a bite on moms lips.

Then my mom started kissing dad really hard and still moving her body very fast. My dad was breathing very fast but still striking mom passionately. My mom whispered again to dad she loves him this made my dad even horny he kissed mom passionately and start going down her body licking her neck and gently stroking mom. And again dad was top on mom. Dad said “I love you…..i really missed u in Mumbai….u r getting more sexy day by day” and then he started kissing mom on her lips.

Mom ” tum yaha nahi hote ho to mai b bore ho jati hu. Its been 4 months since we had sex I was getting really horny”. At hearing this dad gave a hard stroke in moms pussy .mom” aahhhh aaaahhhhh aaaahhhh ………aram se kunal might wake up”

After passionate sex of 30-40 min mom was just now lying in dads arm. Seeing this made me real horny so I masturbated. I could still her mom giggling from time to time this again made me horny. I felt that the whole house had a smell of my parent’s sex.

Next day in the morning dad went for his morning walk and I got up and was getting ready for college mom came in my room to take my cloths for washing. Now I could not see her in the way again. I was smiling at her in a very horny way even I could tell that.

Mom came near me and said “I saw u looking at us when your dad and I were enjoying through the bathroom glass”. After saying this she left the room Hearing this made me really scared. I thought dad also knew. Mom was now in kitchen I went to her and said sorry and asked that does dad know. She said “no”. She said no need to say sorry. I was sitting silently in the dining room. Mom came near me and kissed on my fore head and said its nothing to b ashamed of and that I was only curious. She took my hand and put in on waist. Mom “koi nai baby kuch nai hota………….dont worry baby I wont tell dad….ok now plz be normal……by the way why did u wanted to see your mom dad having sex”. Then I told mom about my conversation with my friends. After hearing this mom smiled and kissed on my cheeks and said to cheer up. She told me that I should get ready for college. I looked at mom and again said sorry and said “plz don’t tell papa”. She smiled and said go get ready.

As I was going to my room mom asked” how were my moves?”

And things changed

guys if you like my story please et me know then I will write the second part.

What did you think of this story??


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