Mom And Son Abbas 4

Then abbas asked –“mom dad while fucking you sucks your breasts. does he also drinks your milk.”

Mom said –“obviously yes. While suckin boobs, he drinks my milk too.”

Abbas asked –“when I was an infant, did dad drank your milk.”

Mom said –“yes. That time he drank the milk more than he drinks now. Because he liked it very when he drank my milk for the first time.”

Abbas said –“but mom why did you allow dad to drink the milk that was produced to feed me.”

Mom said –“what can I say him that don’t drink your sons milk.”

Abbas said –“mom you may have said that you will fell short of milk to feed me.”

Mom said –“I have said that. But your dad asked me to breastfeed you just sometimes when you were 6 months, and give you powder milk sometimes. And after you were 18 months old dad asked me to stop breastfeeding you and give you powder milk all the time.”

Abbas said –“but woman produce breats milk till the child is two and half or three years old. So why did you stop breastfeeding me so early.”

Mom said –“your dad drank all the milk I produced after you were 18 months old. Every night while you drank the milk from bottle, your dad used to make me topless and drinks my milk, even if we were not having sex.”

While talking all this abbas was squeezing his mom butts and she was stroking his cock. Then abbas slowly took his hands to his moms waist and then her stomach and finally towards her boobs and started to squeeze her boobs and pinch her nipples.

Mom asked –“ouchhhhh abbas, what are you doing. Why are you pinching my nipples.”

Abbas said –“dad drank away all the milk that was produced to feed me. And you produce the milk now also and dad drinks some milk that you produce now when you have sex.”

Mom said –“yes. So what you want to do.”

Abbas said by squeezing her boobs–“dad is not here tonight and the baby is also slept. So you still have more milk in your big melons.”

Mom said –“yes. So what.”

Abbas said –“I want all the milk back that dad took away from me. I want to drink your milk. I want you to breastfeed me.”

Mom said –“but this milk is for your sister.”

Abbas said –“I don’t want to take away the sis milk. I am just asking you to feed me with that milk that dad will drink.”

Mom asked –“so you wasn’t to revenge your dad for he drank your part of milk.”

Abbas said –“yes mom, definitely.”

Mom said –“ok, you can have my milk now. Suck my breast. But don’t bit my nipples.”

Saying this sara holded her left breast and took it near her sons face and put the nipple in his mouth. Abbas opened his mouth wide and took almost the whole breast in his mouth. While sucking one boob, he was squeezing and pinching her other boob with one of his hand and the other hand was caressing her butts. Both of them got too close. She was still stroking his cock as he was drinking her milk. After drinking some milk abbas left the breast from his mouth and was looking to his mom.

Mom asked –“what happened abbas. Why you stopped sucking. Don’t you like the taste of my breastmilk.”

Abbas said –“no mom, your milk tastes very good. You know it is different and better from the cows milk. Its very sweet.”

Mom said –“I don’t know. I drank the breastmilk from my mom when I was infant. You men are very lucky. You can drink the breast milk when you are adult too.”

Abbas asked –“why mom, cant you drink your own milk.”

Mom said –“not a bad idea. I can drink my own milk”

Abbas said –“ok mom, I will suck out the milk from your breast and then you can drink.”

Mom said –“ok, after sucking out you spit the milk in glass and then I will drink from glass.”

Abbas said –“no need of glass mom. I will spit directly into your mouth from my mouth.”

Mom said –“ok, you can directly transfer my milk from your mouth to mine.”

They both were laying side by side on bed. Abbas was sucking out milk from her moms breast and his hands were caressing her butts. As he filled his mouth with her milk, he left her nipple and moved his lips towards her. She opened her mouth and abbas put his lips on his moms lips. They both locked their lips and he spit all the milk from his mouth to hers. After completely transferring milk, they dint part their lips, they continued. He was kissing his mom passionately. They both then put their tongues in others mouth. after sometime she pushed him back.

Abbas said –“what happened mom?”

Mom said –“I liked the taste. I want some more. Again suck out the milk and put it into my mouth.”

Abbas said smiling –“okay mom. I too love touching your lips.”

They both continued this for 5 minutes. Both of them were lying side by side. Both were enjoying the situation. After sometime while abbas was smooching his mom, she put both her hands on his butts and pulled him closer to herself. He moved on top his mom, while smooching her. And both their nude bodies began to rub each other from lips to toe. He left his mom lips and again sucked out milk and again kissed her. After sometime they stopped drinking milk and just were smooching each other. He got up and she spread her legs and asked him to come between her legs. He put his hands under her waist and got in between her legs. She pulled him towards her and put her arms around him. And they continued kissing passionately. After sometime she pushed him back and got up.

Abbas asked –“what happened mom.”

Mom said –“nothing.”

Abbas said –“then why you stopped me. Are you not enjoying this.”

Mom said –“I am enjoying this very much..”

Abbas said –“then why you stopped”

Mom said –“you already ejaculated a lot of sperms. Are you now able to cum once again.”

Abbas said –“yes mom. I can come more 2-3 times now. But why.”

Mom said –“I want you to cum inside me and fill my vagina with your sperms. I want to feel the hotness of your sperms.”

Abbas said –“mom you really wanted to get fucked by me. You really want me to insert my cock into your pussy.”

Mom said –“yes. Now I cant stop myself from having that beautiful cock in me.”

Saying this mom lye back on bed and spread her legs wide open and invited her to get in. he moved forward and went between her legs. She closed her legs around his back and pulled him forward. She caught hold of his cock and put it in the entrance of her hole and asked him to push it inside. He pushed it once and then she asked him to take it out slowly and then she asked him to continue to move in and out of the hole. They fucked like this for some time and after some time they changed their position and then he was down and she got on top of him and she was riding his cock. After sometime he said mom that he may come soon. So again they got back to their previous position as she wanted to see her own son banging him on her top.

As he was fucking her, the whole bed was shaking and she was moving in rhythm to his fucking. Her boobs were moving loosly. Finally he came inside his mom. They both got exhausted and were tired. They were still laying on each other.

Abbas then asked his mom –“will you now also allow me to see you while bathing or changing dress mom, so that I can masturbate seeing you.”

Mom said –“now you will not masturbate while seeing me bathing or changing dress or while getting fucked by your dad .”

Abbas said –“but mom you only told me that you will allow me.”

Mom said –“yes, I will allow you, but you don’t need to masturbate. You can fuck me whenever you want but in absence of your dad.”

Abbas said –“mom you are really too good.”

Saying this, they both kissed each other and after some time they slept in each others arm. For the whole night they slept like that only without clothes.

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