Me And My Step Mom

By: Sexystar123

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Hi friends I’m Guru (name changed) 6.1 feet in height guy from Chennai after reading stories in ISS. I had came forward of publishing my experience in sex, this is the real incident that occurred in my life and I must really thank ISS. I thought guilty of having sex with my step mother once but after reading the stories on ISS, now I’m really free of that guilty.

Ok let’s we move in to the story when I was at teenager actually growing up into adolescent, when my mom divorced my father and she married a another man, my sister goes with my mom and I was forced to live with my dad, due to compulsion of my grandma my father married a women (27) when he was at 38. My father went to England and he didn’t return to India.

That’s why I was living with my step mother from then. I don’t have any feelings for her till, I came into senses, having malice in her every move actually after seeing many blue films my mind got changed and become hornier. I decided to have sex with a girl to release my naughtyness but I didn’t find any. So I decided to have sex with my step mom. Even at the age of 34 she is sex bomb.

First, I did some activities to say to her that I’m ready for sex, but I didn’t get any response from her right away. One day chance comes to me when she came to my house. I shared my bed with her; I waited for her to sleep. At first I started my game with trying to touch her slowly then I throwed my hands and find out if she is really asleep or not. She was in asleep really in deep silence I take my chances again

I removed the zip of the nighty which she weared, and since it was night she didn’t wore any underwear. I touched her boobs, it was so soft then I touched her nipples and started to suck that for a while. Then i inserted my hand to her pussy which was full of hair, I silently moved my face towards her pussy, I kissed her ass, I saw some movement so I stopped everything and I slept, and I waked up late in the morning and I doesn’t know that im going to fuck my mom in the night,

All the relation went out after staying at the night, the night came she asked me to sleep with her,

I didn’t thought bad about her and I agreed to do so, I was in confusion whether to touch her or not since she is my mom. I slept in the night, but during late night I felled like someone was holding my ass. I didn’t opened my eye but I heard a voice “don’t act Guru “ it was my stepmom (Chitra) then I opened my eyes, she said come on Guru, do what u did yesterday,

I was shocked I doesn’t know what to do, she holded my cock and said “do the duty of your father. I got tensed and I first kissed her lips then hips then neck and then I licked her completely, I touched her boobs I pressed it hard, and I tore her nighty, she asked why you did it. I said now im going to tear your ass too dear, she smiled and took my ass to her mouth and she started to work on it. I went to heaven for a minute.

After her work, I started to lick her pussy it was so wet, she started to say hmm oh come on better faster I expect more from you. I inserted my cock into her pussy, I moved slowly, she shouted come you fucker fuck me hard, then I got tensed I started to work hard, I pressed her boobs very hard and then I was in full control of her, In mood I fucked her like anything, she guided me how to make us happy, while pushing my cock the sperm started to flow like a fountain, she said to me that she wants to taste it.

I started to shake my cock to her face my entire cock was in mouth, She drank all the sperm from my cock. And we took rest for 10min. And I decided that to make her scream, so I inserted my cock and I started pushing it very hard, she screamed” ya hmmm oh ha mmmm” like that then I increased my speed, sperm came like anything from my cock, she was in full scream and she shouted “im in pain stop it” but I didn’t stop I joined her mouth to my mouth to stop the scream and

I finally stopped and removed my cock and poured the sperm to her face and we both licked each other’s and we both tasted the cum. After that we both had a kiss for a while and we both slept together by me keeping her pussy in my mouth and she keeping my cock in her mouth. And at last we both fell asleep after that great fucking sessions. I think you all enjoyed this story and comments are welcomed, Thanks for reading it, And I had sex with my sister and cousin, I will write that stories soon.

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