Massage Woman Of The House – Part 8

This story is part of a series:

You read that like her own house back at native Brinda made her in law’s house, now her own house also a slut house, she got family members engaged in incest.

She arranged her father in law fuck with two daughters, wife of his two brothers but she did not let her husband fuck any one of them. She arranged orgies and group sex. She herself allowed young boy Babu to suck her in presence of many including her father and brother.

But Brinda was now getting impatient and frustrated because two men who fondled her nude, saw her nude did not penetrate her yet. Now read more…

I was really frustrated, I badly wanted both my father in law and young boy Babu fuck me. Babu has started going to school. Maids said that babu’s eating preferences have changed. He has started eating more. My nanads had gone after having enjoyed with many new cocks.

Though my new lover Sumit wanted me daily under his cock I was going only twice a week to him. He has now accepted that my sexual stamina is much more than his. Other ladies in his circle has known that he is not able to climax me.

I was talking with my eldest nanad Rashmi at Mumbai regularly over the phone.

First she declined and thereafter she confessed that she also loved Sumit a lot and at some time she had decided to desert her husband and stay with him. I was very happy to hear that now her husband Vinod loves her a lot, he never gets angry or scold her and he has brought his father and mother to stay with them.

During phone talk a few days back Rashmi said,

“ though Bhabhi, I stay and dress very casually at home but he ( father in law ) is not showing any interest in me. He is still afraid. “

I had suggested,

“ you already visited many hotels before, take him to a hotel and fuck him. “

But Rashmi replied that if she fucks with father in law or any other family men it has to be in the house only.

I search through photo what Rashmi had given me. There were few xxx pics of her with my new lover Sumit in real action. I felt jealous of her. Rashmi had Babu, she already had my man Sumit, she had shown her nudity to father in law . I decided to fuck her father in law before he fucks her.

It was Tuesday. I called Sumit, thankfully he was at his office. He told me to come to his office but I told him that now I will fuck with him only at Mumbai.

“ Sumit, if you want to fuck me again, take me to Mumbai urgently and tell my father in law that this trip is for modelling assignment. “

I did not expect but he immediately responded,

“ ok, be ready tomorrow noon for trip to Mumbai…we will enjoy on our bed. How long ? “

“ minimum 10 days, after few days with you I will stay with your darling Rashmi, she is my husband’s eldest sister. “

“ I know it darling, I wondered that why you did not tell that day that you know her. “

I asked,

“ whether your friend knows you are fucking his daughter?”

“no” he replied …

“ ok…this time we both will fuck you dead. “

I hanged phone. After returning from factory father in law informed that next day I have to go to Mumbai with Sumit . We told Vikram about my modelling assignment. He did not show any interest.

But I told maids to take care of three males at house. I told them to get one more girl preferably virgin and in my absence all should fuck together in one room. I told maid,

“ get fucked by maalik / father in law in presence of my husband and train him and if he does not improve make him suck cock of both Babuji & Babu. “

Vikram slept and I came out. I saw Babu fucking one maid means other maid would be with Babuji. Maids have already seen me getting sucked and licked by Babu. Though babu had not fucked me, maids and other females were thinking that I fuck with babu every night.

I came to room of father in law. Door was closed. I knocked and soon maid opened door.

“ go, fuck with my husband.”

I said and without looking back she walked towards my room. I entered room and bolted door from inside. He was awake, maid has not completed her work. Cock was still throbbing. I disturbed them in middle of action. Light was on . I smiled and laid over him. It was over one month since I had massaged him, my father in law in hotel.

I kissed, caressed his body, I fisted maids and girls said this cock was certainly better than cock of my father also. It was thick. I pushed down between his legs and gave blow job. I sucked, licked along the length of cock, I rubbed tongue tip on tip of cock, I caressed and fondled both balls, I licked all along balls and inner thighs and thighs joints…he began to ejaculate. I let all cum fell and then I again laid over him . I pressed boobs on chest and cunt on cock…I kept rubbing boobs and cunt. Cock again started tightening & throbbing..

But still this daughter fucker did not make any effort to push me down and penetrate. He did not even hold me in his arms or legs. Time passed and he again ejaculated. I looked in his eyes. There certainly was smile and a sense of satisfaction but I was wondering that why like Babu, this man who fucked daughters, fucked wife of brothers is not fucking me.

Whether like Babu, he also thinks that like his friend Sumit he can’t fuck me for long. He had seen thrice his friend fucking me and every time saw his friend cooling down well before me.

I laid down beside him, I put legs and arm around him, turned on my side and closed eyes. I woke up and found myself sandwiched between Babu and father in law. We three were on our sides, father in law was facing me and Babu was on my back.

This boy has now turned very bold. He shared daughters with father, he shared me with my husband and now boldly he was rubbing cock on my hip in presence of father in law. Not only this, he complained,

“ Bhabhi, I went to your room I saw Vikram bhaiya sleeping with Renu so I searched and found you here. Let me suck you like every morning. “

He said, turned me flat and laid over me in 69 pose. Father in law sat up. There was clear sign of amazement in his eyes. He saw with disbelief . That morning Babu licked, sucked cunt for quite a long time. And I started feeling of sensation which I was dying to have. I pushed cock out and while squeezing boobs I began to moan loudly…

“ yes Babu, keep doing, don’t stop….finger fast, hard, faster…ahhhh, yes….yes….more..”

My body began arching, hips started going up & up and I had orgasm……

“ uffffff. Babuuuu..”

I climaxed and exactly at that time Babu began ejaculating on my chin and boobs……we both cooled down…

“ Maalik, Bhabhi is best, “

Babu moved away from my body. He got down of bed and while kissing me he added…

“maalik, I fucked your wife, your all three daughters, three maids including a virgin and also wives of your both brother but night long fuck with any one of them is nothing as compared to just fondling of this Brinda Bhabhi…..never keep me away from Bhabhi.”

I said,

‘ if I am so good then why don’t you push your cock in this cunt. “

I pulled cunt lips wide and added,

“ all said that you fucked them nicely, please fuck me…push your cock in this cunt..”

He kissed boobs, kissed cunt and began dressing up…

“ Bhabhi, I will not fuck you….”

He said again and walked out of room pulling door shut. I saw Vikram seated on chair around dining table and drinking tea. I looked at time . It was past 8.

I got down from bed and without telling a word to father in law I came out nude. I had left my clothes in my room only. I passed husband but did not talk to him. I came to my room, pissed, brushed and carrying a towel I again came out.

I sat beside husband and pulled his hand on cunt….

Maid enquired whether I need tea. I nodded and scolded them,

“ how you all had been telling that this man, my husband’s father is a great fucker. I don’t think so, I remained all night nude with this man but he did not fuck me…thanks Babu fucked in morning..other wise I would have remained hungry.

But babu replied angrily,

“ Bhabhi, why you are lying, I had not fucked you, I will never fuck you…I am very much thankful to you that you let me fondle you, you let me suck tastiest cunt, best boobs and suck my cock…but I will not fuck you. “

I threw towel on Babu and shouted,

“ this house is full of impotent. “

I caught hand of maid and said,

“ today I am going to Mumbai for 10-15 days but when I return I want a bull in this house who can fuck me day and night…that also in presence of these three impo.”

I remained nude during entire breakfast. First Babu went to school & then husband & father in law went to factory. Though I remained nude, husband saw me coming out of his father’s room still father in law did not touch me in presence of husband.

Not husband but father in law returned back early, It was only 10.45, Sumit was to come to pick me up at around 1.30. I had taken bath and wore only petticoat. He looked angry. He sat on sofa and called both maid.

Before maids could say anything he undressed them both and then got nude himself.

“ suck me “

He said loudly and there itself on sofa both maid pushed him and began licking his body and also cock.. I became happy within. This man is certainly going to fuck me before I leave for Mumbai.

I sat there on single seater. I watched remaining topless. I watched. One maid sat on floor and began licking cock whereas other maid sat in such a position that her cunt came over his mouth. I watched…

It might be around 15 minutes and cock began throbbing. I sat keeping leg crossed and hands on sofa rest. He looked at me and suddenly pushed both maids away so hard that they fell on floor. I remained quite. Moment has come.

He looked at me. Though I saw myself I could not believe, a man of 45-46 yrs of age, a businessman can act so swiftly.

With a speed of pather he jumped, lifted me and pushed me on sofa. But he did not push me straight, he positioned me in doggy pose. I knew what is coming. I held edge of bed tightly and without any warning he held my hips and ….

“ no….not….so..hard….”

He pushed hard, again and again and I had what I was waiting for. Entire cock with its length and thickness went inside cunt…

Both maid got up and came on either side of me.

Both began caressing and squeezing boobs…I was having real manly push..he was fucking his daughter in law first time but I was wondering that why he waited for so long, he came to my bedroom in night, I was nude but he could not fuck me. I was nude with him for over four hours, I was over him for so long but did not penetrate me, he watched me fucking with his friend but he did not stop.

Last night I gave blow job, rubbed his body but he still did not penetrate me. He watched Babu sucking my cunt, I gave him blow job still he kept quite .

And now I was having best fuck of my life, yes it was best fuck…I enjoyed, moaned, enjoyed…I don’t know how much time passed, I suddenly pushed him away. Swiftly I laid flat on sofa. I pushed one feet on floor quite away from sofa & lifted other leg up on backrest of sofa. Cock was drenched with cunt juice but still throbbing. I jerked cunt up and pushed hands forward.

 come Babuji, your Bahu is very hot, very hungry.. fuck this bitch… fuck me, make me your wife….ahhhh….”

And one maid pushed him on me.

“ Bhabhi, I have fucked with over 100 cocks but till date no one could fuck me and retained longer than your father in law…enjoy with him…he is only fit to be your master, your husband….”

I listened and shouted,

 come Babuji, come inside me…fuck me so much that thereafter I don’t feel like fucking with your friend Sumit or anyone else…”

I jerked cunt up again and father in law fell in my arms and cock slid into cunt…then only hard & fast push, my loud moans …I enjoyed like never before and my father in law filled my cunt…he shouted,

“ yes, Brinda, you are my wife ..I got you married with Vikram not for him but for myself….Ahd after you return back from Mumbai you will sleep with me like my wife, no one else will see you nude thereafter….”

I did not like what he said that no one else see me nude …I confronted him,

“ no Babuji, I can’t remain a one man woman, I want new man, new cocks in my cunt and mouth…you fuck me day & night but don’t stop me fucking with Babu or Sumit or men I like….”

We got separated . He stood up and looking in my eyes said in serious tone,

“ now onward you will not be nude for babu, he will never touch you. “

I could not make out whether he is jealous of that young boy or angry with him that Babu has fucked all women of his house. I did not want to spoil my mood. So I kept quite but he added,

“ Brinda, get ready fast, it is 12.45, Sumit will come. “ father inlaw reminded me.

I nodded and told maid to make situation light,

“ Renu, I was really fool to get fucked by your maalik, my God he is not a man, how one can remain tight in cunt for one & half hour ….he made me exhausted, I am hungry. “

Maid served lunch for me and Babuji but I insisted both maids also to join us. And we did not sat on chair…we sat on floor. We all were nude. Babuji has pulled me on his lap. I positioned myself in such a way that his cock remained under cunt and cock’s tip were visible to both cunts.

We chatted, fondled each other and ate. We finished lunch. I washed myself and desired to dress. Babuji watched me getting dressed. Thereafter I did some makeup. Maids wanted to dress but I told them to remain nude. I wanted Summit to see these dark coloured ladies, tribal ladies. Babuji also got dressed up.

Sumit came early. Babuji brought him inside house. Maids blushed to see him but I hugged and kissed him. I winked to maid and one maid brought drinks for him. He sat on sofa. I sat opposite to him. He drank and called both maids . Both stood very close to him, either side of him. He caressed both and said that till now he was thinking that only fair skin girls are good,

“ but now I see these two dark coloured ones are so lovely & attractive to look at, skins are so smooth, I would like to love them. “

He pulled both beside him. We watched him kissing their lips, nipples and even cunts.

I smilingly got up and pulled him away.

“ man, control yourself, we will miss our flight …on return be our guest and fuck us together with your friend. “

He opened his briefcase and gave two two bundles of 100s to each one of them. He kissed them again and we came out. Both maids came out nude & saw us off.

But all my enthusiasm, boldness vanished the moment we entered airplane. It was my first air journey. Till then I had not sat even in train. I got scary of aeroplane, passengers, smartly dressed air hostess. Sumit kept on encouraging me, made jokes to comfort me but smile could not come on my face. I became comfortable after we came out of Mumbai airport after a scary journey of 2 hours.

He took me directly to his house. I got afraid and ashamed to meet his parents and unmarried sister.

I liked his father most, he was in late 40s and looking handsome, strong & sexy. I decided to have sex with him.

They all made be very comfortable by nice talk and hospitality. 
After first round of welcome drink 
his mother said directly,

“ Brinda beti, please marry him, marry Sumit..he is spoiling himself and spoiling girls like you. “

I replied wittingly,

“ aunty, it is not fault of your son Sumit, any female who comes in contact with him, she herself likes to be exploited, spoiled. Had you not been his mother, you also would have liked to be spoiled by him. But aunty, I am married and I can’t leave my family. My family knows about me & Sumit. “

She was a glamorous lady, at her age of 45-46 she was very attractive and man of any age would have liked to fuck her. I decided to fuck her myself. I added,

“ not only Sumit, his father also looks like a woman eater and aunty you are just marvellous, marry me. “

All laughed except Sumit’ s sister.

I observed that his sister Manisha is very quite. She certainly was beautiful but she was thin and looking weak. She was 22-23 yrs of age and most probably a virgin.

That night me & Sumit had very long and satisfying sex. In morning I had no shame in facing his parents or sisters. They knew that we are having sexual relation. That day he took me to his corporate office. He got me introduced to all executives of the company and I got surprised to see that all recognised me..

“ so, she is our brand ambassador Brinda. “

He took me to their marketing dept and I felt very pleased to see my photo displayed all along the walls of that department. I saw myself in bikinis, hot pants, mini skirts, tiny tops and I blushed to see those pics.

“ madam, you are our perfect brand. “

I heard and turned to man who said. But I did not like him at all, long hairs, uncut beard, shabby dress, sandals in feet …Sumit introduced me,

“ Brinda, meet our marketing & design chief, he loved to be called Jassy…”

He boldly put his one hand across my waist, there were many in office looking at us. He said,

“ Brinda, we need to have private audition. Please accompany me to my studio. “

I thought that Sumit will rescue me but he said,

“ Brinda, you go with Mr Ghosh, he is really very good..I will pick you up in 2 hours and then we will go back home. “

I could feel Sumit is apprehensive of him, I had option to go along with Sumit but I thought of seeing what this man wants. I walked with him having his hand across my waist. I passed few ladies,

“ madam, you are very fortunate..he does not get happy easily…”

I did not understand what that lady said. We walked through hall.

“ really an very attractive lady, “

“ yes perfect piece for modelling of female dress…”

“ she is a top class maal, she is certainly a great fuck …”

I overheard and we entered into a room. It was quite spacious. There were few tables & chairs in the room. There was a bed also placed in the corner. He took out bottles from a fridge. He poured whiskey in two glass, he put two two ice cubes and then he gave one glass to me. He again put one hand across my waist and began drinking whiskey. We did not cheer . I also took few gulp.

Soon his grip on waist tightened. I got alert but did not push him away.

“ Brinda, you have a great figure, you can get openings in Bollywood . “

“ thanks “

His fingers started caressing bare skin above saari on waist. He continued,

“ few whom I introduced are already doing many films. I will introduce you to my friends in bollywood. “

Now not only one or two fingers his all fingers started caressing and pressing waist.

“ what about my modelling assignment here, am I approved. ?”

I questioned and took gulp.

“ yes, all others have approved you, only my approval is pending . “

Undoubtedly he wants my body, my cunt before he gives approval. He confirmed,

“Though I am only an employee here, but it is because of my marketing strategy, my models their products have gained so much popularity. So unless I approve a model she cannot come in public with ads of products..”

“And what I should give you to approve me, finalise is a big and easy money, I don’t want to lose it. “

I expressed my intention and he replied,

“Few girls selected for modelling here did not accept me so neither they get this assignment nor any role in films. They have ended up being a call girl. “

He pushed me on bed and stood before me. I was ready for his any action. He added,

“Brinda, if you want to work with me, we should know each other intimately . “

Telling this he pulled down Aanchal from shoulder.

Uff you have a fantastic figure, super lovely breasts, let us get intimate and you will get final contract immediately thereafter. He put his one palm on my one breast and I hit hard with my feet on his groin. He shouted with pain. He fell down on floor. Hearing his shriek few persons including ladies came in that room.

“What happened, what happened..? “ they enquired.

I kept my one feet on his cock over cloth and pressed hard,

“ bastard thinks that I am a randi, for approving me as a model this mother fucker wants to fuck me…he don’t know how rich I am, I can buy hundreds bastards like him. “

I hit him hard on his face with feet and came out of room. No one stopped me. Without meeting Sumit I came out of office, took a taxi and reached back Sumit’s home. I came in and his mother held me.

“What happened, Sumit has called many time, why you ran away without meeting him. ?”

Sumit must have known & it being my first day in Mumbai he was worried. She called back Sumit and informed that I am back home. I also talked to him and told him not to worry about me and he can come home after completing his work. He informed me that he would try to come early.

It was past one of noon. I enquired about Manisha but her mother said that she would be coming only in evening.

“What she would be doing in college for so long. Is she fucking around? “

Her mother replied,

“How I know, what you young girls do whole day. “

We had lunch and thereafter I laid down beside her on her bed. I told her about what happened back at Sumit’s office. She heard and commented,

“He that bastard Ghosh, that animal deserved this..I myself wanted to hit him but I could not dare. Bastard fucked me whole night and took my nude photo. “

I got excited to hear her and enquired whether Sumit knows it. She said that it happened some 10-11 years ago and Sumit was in college only. She said that thereafter she never visited that office again. She was flat on bed and I turned to her side. I put one thighs on her thighs and palm on her bare belly. Like me she was also in saari set. I enquired whether he was good.

“Yes Brinda, he was very good, nice, long and thick cock, lot of orals and long fuck, I climaxed all 3 times he fucked that night. “

My palm moved down on belly and she pushed it away. I asked,

“Then why you did not continue relation with him.? “

I put my palm on knot of saari.

“Because, one my husband was CEO of this factory and I did not want to be known as slut among my own employees, secondly I have other place, much better place to get cooled and also paid handsomely. “

She finished sentence and I pushed hand straightway inside and palmed her hairless cunt.

“Brinda, what are you doing, pull away your hand. “

She shouted but I ignored her. I kept squeezing cunt and asked,

“So this cunt is getting lot many cocks to feed it, still going to that place..”?

Telling this I laid over her. Hearing her shout one maid came in but she stopped at door seeing me kissing lady. My eyes met that maids eyes . I continued kissing…Sumit’s mother ( Mala) tried her best to push me away but she could not. I kept kissing her passionately and finally she surrendered .

I saw that maid has pulled door shut. Mala surrendered and I undressed her fully. Remaining seated on her waist I undressed myself. She grabbed my boobs,

Uff Brinda, you have very very lovely boobs, tight, full and big….Sumit is certainly very lucky to have a woman like you under him…”

“I don’t know, but I am certainly very very fortunate to have my body rubbing body of Sumit’s gorgeous mother. “

And thereafter I gave her nude body massage in my own style and in my way. I licked and sucked each and every pore of her body, I sucked & licked ins and out of cunt and also arse hole. I gave her boobs and cunt massage . Not only she I also climaxed, had orgasm. We both were fully exhausted.

We remained nude and she called for a maid. She came and smilingly uttered,

“Madam, it is past five, sahab ( Sumit’s father ) may come anytime…how you two …managed for over 3 hours…”

Mala replied,

“Let him come, but first bring one glass of hot milk for me . “

She looked at me and asked,

“And my master, what you want milk or something else…”

She addressed me master. Though I did not like milk, I also asked for same. Maid heard and went out. Mala said,

“No exaggeration Brinda, I visit massage parlour regularly and if I like man I fuck with him, beside we ( she & her husband ) are member of an orgy club. I fucked with many but I swear, no man ever could satisfy me like I felt with are really something special. “

I myself had orgy on few occasion still I enquired. She said that it is a very special club and only very rich people have access there. Once you become a member, lady don’t have to pay a single paisa but male members have to pay a good amount every time they visit there. Guests, only with members are also allowed. But such guests have to pay ten times more than member pays every visit. Ladies guest are also allowed on payment every visit but they come out of club taking much more than they had paid. What we receive depends on number of guests visiting that particular night but even if no guests are there any night, we are paid more than our annual membership fee every such night. “

I never heard of such club. Maid came with two glass and she again warned that sahab may come anytime so we should dress up. I had no problem and I saw Mala, she also did not bother. While drinking milk she asked,

“Brinda, this orgy club runs only on Friday & Saturday night. Will you like to visit once, you will not know how many came in and went out of your cunt. “

She dipped finger inside my cunt. I countered,

“Do you want me to go there ? Sumit will not like it. “

“Bullshit, when he can tolerate mother visiting that club, when he can send mother to government officials to get his work done, why should he bother for you.

He himself has taken his earlier girlfriend Rashmi twice to that joint. He fucked others and watched me & Rashmi getting fucked side by side. “

I made up my mind.

“Yes, I will visit once but this Friday or Saturday only..and tell me true, are you fucking with your son, Sumit. “

She replied firmly,

“No, not yet fact he has never proposed me, it looks like he is not interested in aged women like me, he wants only young chicks like you and Rashmi. I will talk and get you booked for both nights . “

She said looking into my eyes. I did not object. Words came out of my mouth,

“Aunty, will you mind if I fuck with uncle, your husband. “

She laughed aloud and said,

“Be careful, his cock is thicker than cucumber and he likes arse more…”

Means, Sumit’s father is also fond of asshole like my father ….she whispered,

“ don’t tell anyone, he fuck his son and that Ghosh was his wife for many years that’s why bastard takes so much liberty. “

“Man fucking daughter is no surprise but ass fucking own son is shocking. “

But I said,

“I don’t believe…”

We put on petticoat and bra. Both came out. First came Sumit’s father and after about half an hour Sumit came.None of father son commented seeing us wearing bra only. Manisha came home and she scolded,

“You both have a very good figure but it does not give you any right to spoil men. One is spoiling my father and other is spoiling her own son, my brother. “

Manisha was right, actually I wanted her father’s attention only.

She went inside her room. Mala told the maid to bring our saari from the bedroom. We wore that and blouse.

Sumit said that Ghosh is very angry and unless I make him happy he will not let me become model for his company.While we were talking Manisha came out. I said loudly,

“I will not fuck with anyone for getting a job done, I don’t want your modeling work, find anyone else. I fuck only for fun and pleasure. “

All heard. Manisha got up from her seat and sat very close to me. She put one hand on my thighs and pressed. She said,

“Yes, didi, sex should only be for extracting and giving pleasure to each other, nothing more, nothing less.”

Undoubtedly, as I guessed she is fucking around.

It was my second night in the house. Me and Sunil fucked, exhausted each other likep the previous night.

In the morning, Sumit’s mother found me nude holding Manisha’s nude body in my arms and thighs on her / Manisha’s bed.

Read about My visit to “orgy club” in next part.

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