Mama Fucked Bhanji In Front Of Her Brother

This is true experience which I want to share with all of you guy. I have a family of four include mother father my elder sister and me. This is happen when my 10th board exams were over and I and my sister Minu visited our nana’s place.

I was evidence of sexual experience at that time I was teenager and my elder sister was 18 years old. First I describe her she is good looking fair color with height of 5.6 and curve of 32 26 34. She has firm breasts after our exams we moved to our nana’s place at Jodhpur at Jodhpur my nana is living with my unmarried uncle Viju mama.

He was 24 years old and looking handsome. We visited there and as best part he took responsibilities to visit us nearby areas. We spend great time with him and I noticed that Minu and Viju mana are very closed and my viju mama always payees special attention to Minu.

One day we visited Mandor garden there I went to bring some candies when I was returning is saw that Viju mana is trying to touch her breast from side but as I am coming he removed his hand in night we all slept on roof but due to some office work my Viju mana was at downstairs after 1-2 hours later Minu got up and after confirmation she went downstairs.

I felt something specious so I also followed her without noise. Minu silently entre the room and closed the door of my Viju mamas room. So I moved to bathroom. We have a common bathroom which has a slide door to Viju mama’s room. I peeped in room and I was shocked.

My mama was lying on the bed and Minu sit near to him on the edge of the bed. I was not able to listen there talk as they speak very slow but I got idea that Viju mama was insisting for something and Minu denying it on that compensation she is moving her finger on his hair and chest then Viju mama drag Minu to on him and start massage her back.

He also kisses on her earlobes and nick. I was surprised to see that and want to interrupt but thought I must see what going on here. My mama took the turn and now Minu was under him. He was fully on her Minu is looked like enjoying and mama started kissing her lips.

She was moaning slowing mama moves his hand to her breasts and start cares of her breast form top of night dress both was hugging and kissing each other madly. I was shock to see both of them in this state. After few minutes mama try to remove her night dress.

She wore a silk pink pajama and shirt with front buttons but Minu refuse to open and said she can allow him to enjoy with clothes. My mama stands up from bed and started vcd player. That was running a blue movie that. Minu refuse to see that and want to move from the room.

So he holds up and made to sit on his lap. Now she was watching the movie on sitting his lap his hand was moving on her breasts and also between her thighs. She was watching moving with half closed eyes and enjoying the touches of Viju mama other side mama was also fully aroused and he removed his t-shirt and short.

He in only underwear and he is biting on nick and lips. He forcefully undid the buttons of her shirt and removed. She was wearing red bra in this she was look like a angle. Red roses on her breast made her sexy and hot. She hide her face in chest of my mama. He again start kiss her on his bra and cares also. She was closed eyes open lips.

Her body now moving up and down shows her internal desair. Mama was good player he noticed and took off her bra pajama and panty. She was nude and lying on his bed. He become crazy and put his mouth on her pussy. She was told made and starts grasping.

His hand was fondling her breasts and tongue was busy with her pussy and started to pull him on her mama get the sign and removed her under wear and I was shock to see his massive dick. It was around 9 inch long with 3 inch thickness and his dick head was quit big.

He make Minu to swallow it he resist but did and she swallow the dick she was unable to breath but Viju mama didn’t let her go. Her saliva was on his dick and dick was pure with her saliva then he removed and put this wet cock on her pussy which is cleaning shaved and untouched.

Minu edge of bed to sustained the thrust which about to come. Mama put his one hand on her mouth and push his dick in. she jumped back and shout with pain. Mama holds her tightly and again tries without give a chance to move further. He got succeed and his dick head shoved in her pussy.

She is in lot pain and trying to get free by snatching his hair and stocking his hand on his back. Mama a wait a minutes and again push hard his dick go further. He did same thing twice and whole dick was buried in her pussy. Now she was almost faint with pain so mama removes his hand from her mouth and moved her dick back a little from her pussy.

She get relief and want to move but mama told her to stay a while after few minutes he again stock in but this time she feel less pain. So mama start stroking her slowly after 10-15 stroke she raise her feet and start enjoying the game and seen this mama start stroking hard Minu also moving her back to get best stroke.

After few stroke both huge tightly and topped moving and after few minutes both stand up and get dress and it time move out from bathroom so I moved ant slept on roof. After few minutes Minu also came but she was not in state to walk properly in next story I will tell more about you. Please feedback me on [email protected]

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