I am a regular reader of ISS.I felt wonder and unbelievable when i read some stories of the encounters of family members but after this incident i am realized that there is possibility of this kind of sex. If i have to tell you about my brother and his wife both r working. They live in the street where my home is located. But they live separately.

As my brother is so busy at his work he is unable to take care of her properly. Even they don’t have children. As I am the younger brother to my brother i use to sleep in their home when he take tour. I never interested in such things to fuck my babhi. Because she took care of me every time when i am in need. One day my brother went to Bangalore on a tour. He called my mother and told her to send me to their house to sleep. But i am suffering from fever Then my mother told my brother that my second brother will go to his house.

After 10 minutes my brothers wife (swetha) came to my house and enquired about my health and asked my mother to send me. And she told my mother that she will take care of me. My mother felt very happy and send me with her. We went to their house .Then she took me into their bed room and asked me to relax for some time. She brought bread and milk I had them. She gave a tablet to me and i slept. My Bhabhi is also slept in the same room on a sofa. At midnight i moaned because of cold. Then she woke up and covered with another blanket temperature is also high.

Then she laid on the bed and take my head in to her hands and kept on her thigh. After sometime i slept and she is also slept with me on the same bed. After some time she hugged me. And I did the same She is kissing me on my head and kept her hand on my dick in sleepiness. She opened my short zip and kept her hand on my dick and rubbing it I am feeling great Then She woke up and saw her hand and felt shy but she want sex. She couldn’t control and she went to my dick and kept it in her mouth oh god unbelievable she is giving an extraordinary blowjob .I have not opened my eyes Because he might have stop the blow job When it was became a rod She started Han pumping my dick she has given excellent jerks for 5 minutes and when i am about to cum she kept my dick in her mouth i have loaded her mouth with cum. She went to bath room. Then I woke up and knocked the door She opened and asked what i want? I replied i want u. She said ok but tomorrow bcoz u r weak now. Get well by tomorrow we will have fun tomorrow .Bcoz i am in live for three days. She came out and hugged me we went to bed.

The next morning I’m ok and I had bath and kept the main door locked .My babhi preparing breakfast for us then I went to her and hugged from behind. She said first have your BF Then we will see a BF. We had break fast and went in to bed room. We had bath together again i shaved her hairs. And licked her pussy in bath room. After that she gave blow job. She asked me to leave the bed room for half an hour there by she will get ready but I asked her to wear a night gown she refused and wore assari after 25 minutes she opened the door. God She is looking even sexier. And I approached her and started kissing her. She asked me about my sex experience I told this is the first time but i saw lot of porn movies. She removed my t shirt and kissed my chest and novel. I removed her sari ,blouse and petticoat one by one now she is in panty and bra she wore a new bra and panty i removed her bra and kissed her breast lustfully and bitted her nipples with my teeth she is moaning ohohohohohohoh wowowowowowowowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooo ahahahhhhhhhhh.

Then I removed her panty and kept my tongue inside the cunt and licked the pussy and i kept my fingers in to the pussy and shake for some time she moaned loudly ahahahaaha mmmmmmmmmm oohhohohohohohohh then she asked me keep your tool please do it please. Then i kept my tool and gave her real fun by fucking three times

After lunch we saw 3 bf’s and tried some angles it was painful but good experience. Thanks for your patience to read the real story i think you had fun by reading this

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