Hello my name is Shahid from Rawalpindi Pakistan this is a true story of my life my age is 31 now and have a nice dick of 6 ½ inches very nice dick. Four years back I lived in a compartment due to my job in a private firm, in my neighbors many families lived but I am taking about a very nice and rich family next door to me. Every one knew them family of Mr. Bhatti they are four family members Mr.Bhatti aged 57 doing job in Saudia Arabia his wife Shama aged 37 years 40 DD 36 38 I called her aunty their son Haseeb aged 17 years and their daughter Laila aged 16 years her boob size was 34 very nice and firmed like her mother she also take hijab. Aunty’s family lived here due to their children education. From the very first day in my compartment I realize that some thing is wrong in that family but I was doing my own work and not interfering in their any matter. One day one of my office friend Saleem told me that he have found a cell number of a woman who is supplying girls so he requested me that please give me your compartment for one day and night but I refused because their people in my neighbors are very gentle and I don’t want to take any risk but i’ll share you.In Friday evening we called that woman and fix the time of Saturday and Sunday and told her that we’ll be two persons he demand her that we want young teen aged girl BUT, I was interested in aged and married women. When he disconnected the call I requested him about my interest but he was not agreed after long conversation he agreed that next time we’ll do it as my interest. Saleem arranged a flat of his friend for this. In Saturday morning Saleem picked me from my compartment and we reached our destination and waiting for that woman’s call, at 9 in the morning on saleem’s cell they fixed the place where from he picked that girl. Saleem had motorcycle that’s why he gone alone and I was waiting. After one hour both of them came back. Naturally I am very shy person so when they entered the flat I was in other room when I saw the girl with Saleem entered the flat I was shocked that was laila, both of them sat in other room after some time Saleem came to me and said come and meet her but I refused because I don’t want to tell him that I know her I lied at that time that I am not interested in this girl so I want to go saleem said ok as you wish but please take some entertainment with us I again refused. I know he was happy because I have already gave him my share money and didn’t want it back and now Saleem and Laila should enjoy alone so saleem went I was ready to go home but suddenly something came into my mind and I was ready to watch their game so I showed them that I have gone but in next room I am watching them and ready to record their game in my cell.

I saw that saleem is very exited to do everything but laila is behaving like a professional whore and acting like she didn’t want to do any hurry but as the time passed both of them start kissing saleem is very much animal saleem he tore her cloths and start biting her she is screaming and I saw that she was enjoying saleem apparted her legs at that time first time I saw laila wow she is so much sexy at that time her qameez has tored by saleem and now she is only in shalwar and braw saleem did her completely necked I saw saleem was showing wildness in him he was biting her on her pussy lips and I saw that laila was much happy and saying hahhhh hahhh ohhh ohhh please put some thing in me I want your dick if you didn’t have anything then arrange any horse ahhh ahhh plz madder chod tum youn he chatay raho gay ya dalo gay when I listen these type of language my dick was like hard pole and I thought that after some time it should burst saleem was undoing her cloths and I saw that he was starting his 5 ½ inch dick in her pussy when put it in he was pumping slowly and laila was enjoying and I was masturbating laila want more she said saleem tumhara friend kahan hay usay bulao akayh who mayri gand mayn dalay after 20 minits I realsed my cum on the wall and after that I started making movie of them I have Shorted them my cell cam only 20 minits. I saw that in first saleem did all this and took one hour time when he was shooting his cum in the mouth of laila I shoot this last and go away from their heaven.Now I was thinking about Mr. Bhatti’s family differently I was thinking about Mrs. Bhatti (Shama) she is a stunning woman she have gave me very clue or chances but at that time I never noticed but now I was thinking more like a neighbor and waiting for a good chance every time I was eyeing on them. One day at 9 pm I came from my friend’s party I saw that Aunty shama’s door was open I thought a while and entered in their compartment I saw all of they were watching TV and forgot to lock the main door I hide myself in store room where I was seeing all of them. As every one know that in winter season 9 pm look like midnight so I know that no one will come to meet them.After one and half hour laila got up said good night and went to sleep she gave the kiss on her mother’s and brother’s lips. After she left aunty’s son Haseeb got up and bring a bottle of visky with two glasses and both of them mother and son was taking their drink. I rushed to my compartment quietly and bring my handy cam to make their video. They were talking and laughing in low voice but I could here them clearly. He moved his hands to his mom’s hair and unclipped them they just fell till mid back of his mom. He started rolling his fingers in them on head and kissed on his mom’s neck and keep on each side for seconds. Now his mom was moving her face accordingly and she grabbed his face near ears and planted a kiss on his lips. He started smooching on her lips and entered his tongue in his mom replied same. They were kissing like romantic movies. I was also becoming hard on forgetting all the sins they were committing. Now after 5 minuts he became really wild and started to kiss everywhere on face. And came lower to her neck then to her neckline right where the first hook of blouse was mom said “ ohhhhhhhh kya kar rahe ho?”. She wore loose gown with low cut bust just to show her goodies to him and make him lust for her. She never missed an opportunity to touch and fondle the kid and even kissed him in motherly (?) Love. Shama undressed, throwing her gown off her body and then undressing her son too. Now he switched to right breast and smooched it for a minute mom was moving her fingers on his head and closing her eyes, she must be feeling sensational.

Then he moved up and kissed on her lips once again and said “ Oh MOM tum kitni mithee ho.” And now he started unhooking her bra he undid all the hooks of bra and to my surprise his mom voluntarily raised her hands up to help him remove the bra. Oh god did that feel something to me what I saw was never before experience. More exciting that the two boobs in white sexy bra those were half naked and had good amount of flesh. I closed in the camera shot to those and I could see the out line of her erect nipples and god they were hard. Now he buried his face into the cleavage of two breasts and the pressing each one and sucking another moving his fingers all over her back. His mom shama kept her eyes closed and kept on holding his head. And there were occasional moans from her as he bite the nipples He again went back to her lips and kissed then he raised his mom’s arms and pushed his nose into the armpit of his mom as if he was smelling musk. His mom was so excited. She said “oohhhhhhh I love you, I love you Haseeb mere raja meri jaaan.” He said: “ me too mayri randi me too, I love you so much.” After coming to her eye level and kissing her again softly. Now he had hands on buttocks and mouth on nipples he graabed her on buttock cheeks and pulled she moaned now he vigoursly moved her palms on those back cheeks and now he started to get her red panties up along her skin slowly slowly. First I saw his mom’s knees from back side her beautiful legs were in site from back and she was topless already. Then came in site her thighs now I was really feeling hot and tasty. He now took his Hands inside the panties from back as soon as he touched just below her ass Shama trembled and I too looking at those nice white panties got almost faint. But I was eager to see all this as this was a real romantic seen going on before me which I never thought. Then Haseeb grabbed the flesh of buttocks in his fists and and pulling her body, then suddenly he get off and removed his shirt and baniyan then he hugged his mom with both hands on her shoulders. Shama’s shining hard breasts were pressed against his chest he kissed her on forhead and said : “I love you MOM, tum jasy randi mujhy zindagi may shaed kabhi na milay tu papa say divorce keon naheen lay lateen mayn tum say shadi ker lon ga ab tumhare bina nahin raha jata. Main tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakta hun, hum dodno bohat enjoy kerayn gay mujhy grup sex ka bhi shok hay or tumhayn kisi say chudwatay hoeay bhi daykhna chahta hon. His mom said with a soft kiss “ I love you too bayta, phichle 10 saalon se to tumharay dad ne mujh par dhyan dena hi band kar diya hai, ek aurat ko sachcha pyar chahiye jo mujhe tum se mila hai.” Isi leay tu mayn nay tumhayn laila say door keya hay or us ko dosray merdon k pass bhayjti hon ta kayh wo tum say door rahay “bolo mujhe yun hi pyar karte rahoge na” ? He said: “ marte dum tak darling per mom mujhy laila say sex ka both maza aya hay wo tum say ziyada randi ban k chudwati hay per jaysay tum khush” and a long kiss on lips.Then he got his pants off and he was in his underwear now his Mom shiverd moaned and close dher eyes and move her palmes over his. This seen was classic. Now he inserted his finger in side her penties and in side he rolled his fingers all over as was evident from the outline of movement of those white panties. Now probably he inserted his finger inside her cunt now mom grabbed her head with her hand and and moaned bit loudly “ohhhhh Haseeb meri jaan” I was so hot seeing a hand moving inside his mom’s panties with her boobs and whole legs were so sexy. He again pressed his chest on her breasts and kiseed again now he moved down and took her panties down with a flow of motion his mom immdiatly took her palms on her shaved pussy first time I saw any pussy in real though I had seen on internet many times. But looking at this was a sensational experience. He moved down and started kissing passionately there, mom gasped and moaned. He continued I could see her pink lips. Then he stood up and put her hand on his hard erected cock over his underwear mom just grabbed it and kissed him on lips. She moved down and took his underwear down and out.Now his mom was holding his prick nand moving up and down the with fist. He was pressing her boobs and chewing nipples.

Then he took her to bed and laid her on back and he got on top. They kissed passionately and then he took hold of the tool and put on the entrance of his mom’s pussy.He put the cock on her pussy and started to move down and after few efforts he was fully in now his mom put her legs around his waist though she cried a bit while he was entering later on she was fine and her hands on his back. He started to move in and out slowly, his mom moved her hips upward in rithm. My god they both were calling each others name and his mom” ohhhhhh jaanuuuuuuu” He: “ohhhh my love shama. This was the seen of life time for me I could not believe my traditional simple nice graceful mom having sex with her son.Now they continued for more than 10 minutes and then his mom cried “ohhhhhh main chhhooot rahinnn hunnnn and suddenly she fell limp and stopped moving her hips meanwhile he continued to move up and down and after 5 minutes his thrust became very strong almost unmerciful he was moaning loudly Ahhhhh Oaaaaaaa below him his mom also started to cry again “phir se our zor se umeshhh” And then suddenly he came and felt on her his head was on her breasts. She also came and they both started caressing each other and kissing.

They talk romantically for next 15 minutes and then he again became erect and started again to throb into her pussy.After five minutes he rolled over and laid down and his mom got on top sat on the cock and started move up and down her boobs were pressed by his hands she came within 4 -5 minutes and after 2 minutes started again. Then they both came felt apart. Kissed and talked. And then he said “ Mom mayn koshish ker raha hon k shahid bhai kisi terha say mayray sath mill ker tumhayn choday per abhi tak wo kisi bat per he naheen aya”Shama “ bayta koshish tu mayn bhi ker rahi hon per who …Per khayr aik din zaror aeay ga keon k mayn nay us ko apnay boobs tu both dekhaeay hayn mayn mayhsos kerti hon k us ka LUND khara tu ho geya tha.When I listened I was shoked that as me she is also willing to do what I want. As you know I am a shy person so how can I ask her myself. Anyways I now got back to my compartment as they both went to take bath together. I recorded 1.5 hour of sex scene of my mom. I also masturbate and came twice and went back outside house.I and haseeb are good friends in a way we talk on all subjects including beautiful actresses movies and even we go out to movies together. Now I am thinking differently and making planes.

One day I got opportunity I was at home due to my one week leave from office I was working on my PC and copying all movies then my door bell rang I opened the door and saw that laila was standing there she ask me some computer printing papers I told her that go and take it from my computer table she went in the mean while I have locked the door because I know that her mom’s film was running on my PC when I entered my computer room I saw laila was standing there quite and still, I told her that I also made her film with my friend and show her she was very confused and start begin to delete all these and mouth shut, I told her that in one condition if she help me in my efforts she agreed to do everything after that I told her that I want to make love with your mom please arrange it today she agreed and went. In the evening aunti shama came in my place and sit and weeping that she is doing all this with her son she told me all that one day she saw that her children were making love with each other she was away from sex long years because of her husband away she say her son’s cock and want him badly she told me that after that she arrange the things to away my son from my daughter in regards she is sending her daughter on phone calls and she involved himself to her son.After listing her all stories I said to her that let them play with each other because your son likes her sis more then you she said yes you are rite but if you’ll become my hidden husband i’ll never interfere their acts, when she was saying these her daughter enter in and hug her happily and ran away (both of us know why).Now I was sure how the evening would turn out, all my thoughts about how good looking she was, and said’you must never tell anybody….’ ‘Don’t worry. I won’t.’ Those were my last words for a while as she kissed me. Now I have to tell you, I love the look of aunty shama’s wearing bright red lipstick and as her face came closer to mine , our lips finally meeting I thought to myself how utterly perfect her mouth was.My lips parted as she slid her tongue into my mouth, sucking mine hungily into hers. I felt her hands rubbing up and down my cock through my pants. She broke off the kiss to say ‘Let’s get these clothes out of the way.’

Naked we resumed our kissing and I thought that was pretty good, but she took it up a notch when she sunk to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Just the thought of it and I was spurting in her mouth in only seconds. ‘That will never do shahid. If I’m going to fuck you (oh my God Yes was all I could think) you have to hold off a bit.’ She took my 6 ½ cock in her mouth again and started sucking it gently, licking up and down the shaft between taking it deep in her mouth. I was hard again in no time. She wrapped Her hand around the shaft and pumped it , just like I did myself at night, and just Like I when I did, I was cum again in only another minute. ‘Now we have the two easy ones out of the way we can get down to some serious action.’ I had never imagined hearing her talking like that but there it was. Again she sucked me hard but now she told me lick her pussy. My attention turned from my own pleasure to hers.She had shaved. Smooth as could be she was now wet and her cunt was slightly swollen. ‘Eat me , Shahid. Let me lay down and then get your mouth on me.’ I didn’t need to be told twice. Her juices were all over my chin. She thrust her cunt against my mouth and I thrust my tongue into her, alternately licking her pussy and sucking on her clit.I was hard as a steel rod when she told me to put in her. We changed positions , she on her hands and knees and me behind her with my cock leading the way. ‘Do it. Now. Hard.’And I did. My first feel of a woman’s breast, my first blowjob and now my first fuck. And with mom. She backed up against my cock as it slid into her , all in one thrust. I started pumping into her, she started meeting me thrust for thrust. Moans and groans from her gave way to the most foul things coming from her mouth.’Fuck me Fuck me hard. Drive your cock into my cunt. You love my cunt don’t you? Fuck me.’ More that I take in, but a constant stream of her telling me how she loved my cock, how she had wanted to fuck me for months, more about how good it felt having a big dick in her cunt. And then one last groan growing to a scream as she came at the same time I pumped my third load into for the evening.We lay their for some time and ready for our next session whole night I fucked her in her all wholes and filled her by my sperms after that she shifted in my compartment only for the night ya we do it many times in the day also she becomes like she is my real wife and do what ever I said 4 years we do that and after that they shifted to Karachi because Mr Bhatti came home for ever and started his business in Karachi I never for get her because her body was perfect and I fucked her in sari in pant shirts in high heals and ya we did sex when her children also doing sex in same room and in same bed and our two dicks was fucking that bitches that was very nice but it should be another story mail me and send me the comments [email protected]

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