Hot Indian mom and son

HI this is sten again. I have been having a whale of time fucking my 40 year old mom. Even as I type out this story I am fondling my mom’s boobs while she is busy working on my shaft giving me blow job while I am seated on the chair and she is sitting on the floor with one hand I am typing this story. We both have enjoyed fucking since the last 5 years and we have fucked in all possible positions and in all possible places. Our fucking has become more intense since the past 2 years after the demise of my father. Once as I had already mentioned we had the opportunity to add my cousin to our lovemaking to increase the pleasure in love making. After my father expired, we remodeled the house and rented out a portion of it a divorcee who had two children. Once after my fucking session with my mom, I came out clad only in lungi for some fresh air and saw light burning in our tenant’s room and got clearly see our tenant Anu breast feeding her child. I should confess I had never seen a nipple and areola as big as that in my entire life. She really had one of the most magnificent boobs I had ever seen. Moreover she was lactating which is one of the factors which stimulates me. I have always dreamt of fucking a lady while at the same time sucking her milky boobs. The child was sucking at it greedily. After this she put the child back into the cradle and she did not bother to close her dress and this giving me an unrestricted view of her milky boobs. She walked across to the drawer and pulled something which was not visible properly. She came back to her cot a lay on it. She pulled up her night gown and started playing with her clit and now I realized what she had in her hand. She was having a dildo in her hand. My shaft was again started to grow in spite of fucking about half an hour back. She was busy pushing the shaft quickly in and out of her cunt and at the same time seems to be muttering something. Her movements became fast and she was clutching the sides of the cot tightly and she marched up pushing the dildo inside. And she seemed to have cum. Then she turned towards the window and smiled at what seems to be at me. I ran into my room to find my mom in the state I had left her naked with open thighs and juicy fat cunt pointing at me while her flabby boobs with perky nipples pointing in two directions. I immediately became nude and jumped onto the cot in between her thighs and pointed my dick to her open love hole which was still moist from the previous love making. She opened her eyes and locked me in the vice like grip around my hip and started to grind me.

The scene which I had just seen had made me really horny and I started to hump her like mad. It was pleasurable sight to see her boobs jingle like wild balloons with my each stroke. She was matching stroke for stroke it looked like a tournament where each of us were trying to outdo each other. I got hold of her boobs and was riding her now like a cowboy. I wanted the fucking to be more playful and hence I started slapping her ass like a cowboy would slap the ass of horse. We were moving rhythmically and both of us climaxed together. After this I slept like a good boy sucking my mother’s boobs. Early next morning I woke up to see my mother had brought the breakfast to the bed. She was wearing her gown loosely and her boobs were visible as well as rich black pubic hair. I had stiff rod again. I came upon an idea; she had brought in bread butter and jam for breakfast. I told my mother to lie down and applied butter on her nipple and jam onto her cunt and started licking the butter off her boobs and jam off her cunt. She was enjoying this thoroughly and moaning “Fuck me sten, fuck u mother fucker.” I had long since known that my mom was a nymphomaniac and was willing to have sex anytime and anyplace. Now I took the butter and applied to her ass and she got scarred since it was the first time we were going to try ass fucking. I applied some amount of butter to my dick and positioned it to the entrance of my mom’s asshole and she started crying out in pain initially which later on turned in to screams of pleasure and it was painful for me in the beginning but a pleasurable experience. I came in here and we wiped out the excess jam and butter onto a plate and were smearing on the bread when the door bell rang. We immediately scrambled to get our night dresses and my mom went to open the door. I wore my night dress and took the plate and went to see who was at the main door. Surprise it was our tenant Anu who had dropped by to give the rent to my mother. I was standing next to the door and over heard there conversation. My mom was asking her the reason for her divorce and she was explaining that after an accident about two months back to her husband, the doctor had advised him that he had become impotent and this had in fact brought out a sadistic attitude of his and he used to torture her ending in a divorce.

I could see that she was eyeing the boobs of my mother which was now peeking out of her gown. My mom seemed to understand her intentions and leaned on her a bit. I was happy as I was expecting a les show now. My mom was going slowly she came out of the room and I put the plate with bread smeared with our juices, jam and butter in her hand. She took it inside and gave it to Anu, poor unsuspecting girl started to eat the same. She made a face at the taste and my mother covered it by saying that it was homemade butter and hence bitter. She advised her poor some milk on it. Anu did not understand in the beginning and my mother pulled the zipped of her gown down and pulled out one huge boob and squeezed it to squirt some milk on to the bread. She was becoming hot and pulled my mom and started to kiss passionately. I was seeing all this from the window and Anu’s back was facing me. By now both there dresses were on the floor. And they were petting excessively and fingering each other. This was too much for me. I jumped into the scene and became nude and ran into the room. This made Anu to jump up in fright. My mother soothed her by saying everything is fine. I stood behind Anu while she was sucking my mom’s fat cunt off. I positioned my shaft to her cunt and was rubbing her clit with my glans. She had closed her eyes and was munching on my mom’s cunt. She got hold of my dick and pushed it into her cunt. I started to hump her while she was coordinating her movement in sucking off my mom.

My mom was shouting “Fuck that slut my son! Give her what she desires” “You bitch Anu how are you feeling? Look at my sons fat Lund. You greedy whore. Hit him back with your cunt” “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” My mom was Cumming in Anu’s mouth and then she shifted position and came next to me and placed her fingers around my dick as it was pumping Anu’s firm cunt and the pleasure has to be experienced rather than explained. She bent and stood next to Anu with her fat old ass pointing at me. I pulled my dick out off Anu and pushed it up my mom’s ass. Anu now stood up and started kissing me passionately while I was fucking my mom’s ass. She put her boob in to my mouth and I greedily sucked up the milk which tasted very nice. I literally dragged both of them to the dinner table and Anu now sat on the table with her leg wide open and fingering her clit. I pushed my dick up her cunt while I lifted her boobs and started to feed on it. Both of us were near climax and I bit her nipple and she gave out a scream which was mixture of both pain and pleasure as we climaxed and fell. She started to cry after this and explained that she needed this session to bring back pep and energy. After this I married Anu and all three of us have no complaints in sharing each other bodies openly but only in the eyes of society we are son wife and mother, but u and I know the truth. Please forgive me since my pregnant mom is fingering my shaft while my now pregnant wife is sleeping on the cot. I am shortly going to be a brother/ father of two babies… send feedback to [email protected]

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