Having ice cream

I am Zayin a male from Chennai an industrialist now. This experience I am about to narrate happened to me when I was studying in XII at madras. She (Zareena) is my brother in laws younger sister and she is studying in the same class too but from a different school. My sister was pregnant at that time when I was studying in XII and was there in our house as doctor has suggested her to take bed rest and people from my sisters in laws house used to call her and enquire about her health sometimes it went on for months and on one day Zareena called up and asked where my sister. I asked her to wait and I called my sister and she spoke with my sister I was near to my sister trying to hear the conversation going at a particular time of conversation Zareena asked my sister why did Zayin (me) not even ask me that how are you.

My sister looked at me and asked me the same question what Zareena had asked and I put the same question to her too that why did she not ask me that how am I? Zareena said well I am sorry and for some time the conversation continued with my sister and later disconnected and I went back with my personnel work and may be after two days again Zareena called my home to speak to my sister and it was me who answered the phone call. I said hello and the same voice saying Hi I said oh yes! How are you ? And she replied with a great smile yeah I am doing good., and immediately I asked her what else she responded in dull tone saying hand over the phone to your sister. And then is when I felt I never should have asked her What else and I called for my sister. Later they continued the conversation and at timed Zareena asked about my studies to my sister and some other enquires about me to my sister and I immediately felt that she interested in me ,but my sister did not have any suspensions and after some time they finished their conversations. I waited the next day for her call but she never called and the next day again I waited but no call. I let loose my plan and was started to have my routine days and after a week she called up and I answered saying hello and the soft creamy smiling voice saying haiiiiiiiiii!

I asked her how you are. And she replied fine and asked me how am I ? I responded by saying I am doing great. I asked her it seems after a long time but she said she had called up a day before but I never picked up . Well I told her I was busy roaming with my friends. She asked me do u have lot of friends because she used to see me with lots of friends after school time. I said yes, but only boyfriends and no girl friends, she said well how are you studying and I replied by saying yes I am studying but not as studious as you? Well and I asked her and she replied she has got the 2nd rank in her class in the mid term exams. I asked her don’t you get bored always studying ,but she answered me saying I am fine and how are you sister, and so I knew so someone is next to her and she whispered to me its my mom and she continued as speaking to my sister, were me at other end started talking rubbish to her saying you are very beautiful, I love you, I will marry you, and all foolish things because she was pretending as she was speaking my sister coz her mom was next to her, this went on for might be a minute or two and finally her mom left and she immediately said will you speak whatever you feel like in this situation? I said it was just a fun and told her I cant keep hearing you whatever you spoke when your mom was there and then she said you are interesting and Responded by asking her for a date but not formally.

As I asked her shall we have an ice cream tomorrow going out but she said I am sorry and I asked her why she replied by saying a simple no and I don’t have a prepared answer for that. Well she asked me how can you call me for that, I got annoyed and said I never felt anything wrong in it, when I called you for having a ice cream only but she continued and asked me how can you be so casual , I got angry and said if I was wrong in calling you for having an ice cream I said I would prefer not talking to you. There she held her breathe she said I apologies and said she would come we went in my car. We went to have an ice cream after school hours and she called her house saying she would be late coz of tuitions and had we started having the ice cream inside the car so no one notices us and were chatting and I said you showed off so much that you made me fell depressed and she said I am sorry and said she wontedly did that, since she wanted to have a demand that is what I imagine, and later after having the ice cream we threw the Italian cups down and when turned to meet found when throwing the ice cream out she had opened just a quarter of the window and when throwing it out the Italian cream had fell on her skirt and her shoulder very near to her breast.

I took my hand kerchief out started to take away the cream out with my kerchief and there she was clean but she said it is somewhat milky and wanted water to wash the particular area out slightly so I brought one water packet what we get for one rupee and bite opened and inside the car I gave her and she poured it in her skirt and wiped it out but the cream started to disappear slowly since it was that kind of material she was wearing and then was the second on her shoulder she put some water on her shoulder too and the water oozed of her boobs with a slight effect of the cream and she was already tired after rubbing the skirt dirt out and she told me to help her with and I took the kerchief and started to rub it on her shoulder and slowly moved it down , down and further down and now I am pressing her boobs as though cleaning her dress and she further lay back and made it comfortable.

I was not sure and started to rub it even harder and then I told the place is wet and rubbed with my bare hands as saying to give heat ,so that would dry that region out and while doing so I took the total circumference and squeezed and she said it is paining and said do it slow, I started to unbutton her shirt she was staring at me to avoid that stare I took her in my mouth and now started slowly unbuttoning and removed the shirt out , she was there with her bra and her skirt now I came to the back seat and pulled her too and she lay in my thigh facing her head down now I got the opportunity to unhook her bra so she was with her skit alone now I started to play with her boobs I fondled that I had it in my mouth and after 5 minutes I unhooked her skirt pulled it down and saw her sky blue under wear, I slowly put a hand inside her under wear and slid it down and there she was fully naked in front of me. I took off my clothing and made her lie down the seat and got on top of her and tried to enter in and there I entered saying ahhhhhhh she responded by saying Zayin ohhhhhhh in I thrust and out I pulled continued for might be a eight strokes and she grew wild she started pumping in and out hand haaaaaaa and I too came along with her. Any females from Bangalore like to do sex with 18 year guy. Please mail me [email protected]

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