Great Fun With Aunt

Hi to all this Rahul, I am staying in Bangalore with family, 21 years old doing MBA. I am 5’8 height with muscular body and I am a regular reader of ISS and I am a big fan of incest stories. This story about me and my aunt, aunt is my dad’s younger sister her name is Sujatha 40 yrs old and she stays in hubli with her husband with 2 children’s, mu uncle works in a bank as asst. manager and my aunt his housewife.

This story happened when I was 18 years at that time I am having semester vacation for 1 month so my dad told to visit my aunt’s place as I was not visited her place after my school days, so I am getting ready to visit my aunt’s place and my mom informed my aunt that Rahul is coming to your place for summer vacation. Then the next mornings I reach hubli at 7 am and rang the door bell aunt came and open the door.

She was happy to see me after a long time I visited her place she gave a sweet hug and welcomed me then me and aunt were sitting in sofa and aunt is asking abt my college and studies I said everything is going good and she asked abt my family I said everyone is fine then we started to chat then aunt went to kitchen for making food for lunch and I also helped my aunt in cooking like this I spent five days in hubli boring for me.

I am planning to come back to bang lore but my aunt said to stay for some more days because I visited her place after a long time then one day I was sleeping in room and I am not able to sleep and thinking about my girl friend I started masturbation then after some time I went to bathroom to clean myself then I come back and I heard some noise from next room where my aunt and uncle sleeping so I went there and heard some loud moans from my aunt.

I stayed some more time near that door and I started to rub my hard cock I’m felling horny to hear that noise after that I went to sleep. So next morning I wake up aunt called for lunch I went to kitchen I saw aunt wearing white transparent nighty which she looks like an angel so from that day I started to dreaming abt my aunt to fuck after that good news came from my aunt dat uncle is going to Davangere to bring my cousin’s.

I was happy to hear that I can make some plan to have fun with aunt then I dropped my uncle to bus stand then I’m so happy that I had to do something within 2 days to have fun with aunt otherwise uncle will come about my aunt she is damn sexy she looks hot in nighty and black in complexion but have an attractive figure, she is slim and have a nice navel and I love that very much, I reached home we both sat opposite to have dinner we started our dinner.

I planning to seduce her for sex then after some time I saw something saw in her lips, then I put my hand to remove that stuff, aunt shocked to see me what are you doing? I said a bit of food is in your lips and she said ok. What a feel? To touch her lovely lips, I was in heaven den we both finished dinner and aunt went to clean the vessels, I thought this is the right time to fuck her because no one in the house then I moved to kitchen she is cleaning the vessels.

I went near her and standing behind and I turned her and she was shocked to see me den she started to shout I thought this the best chance to seduce her, I started to smooch her she is resisting but I did not gave her a chance to move I am smooching hardly on her lips dis continued for 5 min, while my hands are squeezing her back then I removed my shirt and shorts.

I was in heaven to have her lips in my mouth and started to sucking her lower lips it was great movement for me and then it continues for a while, she tries to get away from me but I hold her tight in my arms then I sat her on shelf and started smooching and she opened her mouth a bit I then I inserted my tongue into her mouth our both tongue meets then she also joined the act and kissing passionately like lovers and this continued for 15 minutes.

I started to remove her nighty she tries to escape from me I hold her tight and I removed her nighty, then I started to squeezing her ass, she got horny and started to co- operate den I removed her bra wat a lovely boobs and It was too soft. I kept in mouth started to licking. Aunt closed her eyes and started moaning, then I started to suck one of her nipples and started to squeeze her boobs she started to enjoying I am continued this act for 15 minutes.

I started to biting her nipples got erected I was moaning loudly please leave me Rahul her moan sounds make me crazy then I again started kissing to her lips mean while I was pressing her boob’s it continues for 10 min after a long kiss I gripped her from ass and lifted her up and brought her on the bed then I came to her lovely part and started kissing her navel, swirl my tongue deep into her navel then she started to moan and was pressing my head for more then moved further down and between her fleshy thighs.

I licked her thighs bite them, and started to kiss and swirl my tongue to her thighs, then I removed her underwear and started to smell it was great I love that smell and amazed to see her lovely pussy cleanly shaved, then I started to lick her pussy cunts she started to moan oooahhhh her sounds make me crazy, I continued this for a while then from my hand I widened her pussy lips and started to suck from my tongue that was a great to taste my aunt’s pussy lips.

She started to cum in my mouth was quite salty but I liked it then I kept my finger in her pussy and started to in and out and one two three all my three fingers was in n our fastly. I increased the speed and aunt was moaning uhhuuu aahhahaahha. We both were in heaven suddenly she had her second orgasm I can see now aunt’s juice flowing from her pussy then I cleaned everything with my tongue then I went near her face and given my cock for the blow job.

First she refused then she agreed and took my tool in her mouth she started to suck my tool this was my first time so couldn’t control myself and cummed in her mouth she got angry and I said sorry, then she cleaned everything and again started giving blowjob. She is good dick sucker and sucked my tool for 10 minutes I moved my dick near her vagina and slowly started inserting it. It was a beautiful feeling for me and I inserted my dick slowly and finally inserted it completely in her warm pussy.

I kept my dick there for some time to feel the warmth of her pussy and she was moaning very heavily this time like aaahhh. Now I slowly started to move to and fro and was enjoying very much and slowly increased my speed aunty was moaning loudly aaahh mmhhhhhh aahhh I continued like this for more 10 minutes and now she was moaning very heavily and loudly aahhh ooohhhhhh and with loud moans and cries and I cummed in her pussy.

Then I kissed her lips tightly and closed my eyes and she hugging me tightly and responding my tight lip lock very well and we were sucking each others tongues like husband and wife then I again fucked her in doggy style that I’ll explain in my next story. So reply your comments to this mail id [email protected]

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