Good moaning mom

Oh man what a morning…A few weeks back I woke up to find mom with her tit against my mouth and I was sure she was stroking my cock through the sheet and my shorts.I was shocked and jumped and asked her what she was doing. She laughed and said it was a nice wake up call for her son and how she thought I might want to suck tit like when I was a baby. I tell you, the moment she left the room I had my cock in my hand so fast and wanked to that image. Mom”s got these really great nipples, big, dark and round. I know it”s weird but I would so love to suck them.And like I say I was sure she”d been stroking my cock too. I loved that feeling, mom”s hand stroking me nice and gently. A couple of days after that just as I was waking I felt something on my lips and I knew that it was mom”s tit again. Damn if she wasn”t feeding her nipple to me and I heard her moaning softly too. Then her hand stroked my cock through the bed clothes again.! I stirred then and she stopped, called out for me to wake up and then left. I really wished she”d finished wanking me and I wondered if she really would. It was a few more days before I woke to her nipple again. I was sure she”d done it before as I”d often wake with a real boner that needed to be jerked real hard before I got dressed. Anyway this time I took a chance and I sucked on her tit. “Oh yes” she moaned softly. So I sucked again and she moaned “yes” again I flicked my tongue across her nipples and even bit on it a bit, but I kept my eyes closed as if I was asleep.My cock was rock hard and I felt her hand against my shorts.I”d been sleeping on top of the sheet just in case she tried again. I wanted to see if she”d really stroke me. As she touched me I got harder and I felt my cock push against the opening of my shorts trying to get free. I sucked harder and she pressed against my face with her tit. Then I felt her fingers slip inside my shorts and gently slip my cock out. I sighed and she pulled back slightly but I kept my eyes closed hoping she”d carry on.

After a bit her tit was pressed back onto my mouth and I felt her take a soft grip of my cock. I started to suck again and as I did she wrapped her fingers round my throbbing dick and began to rub me up and down.The harder I sucked, the harder she gripped and her wanking got more forceful.I moved my ass upward off the bed and sort of helped her wanking me, knowing I was going to cum real soon.I felt my cock start to swell before it pumped and I pushed up and groaned ” I”m coming” or something.At that I heard her say ” and her hand came off my cock her tit was pulled from my mouth.I opened my eyes and mom was staring at me wide eyed.I just looked at her and said “Please mom, please finish me, make me cum!” as the first spurt came from my cock.Then suddenly she gripped me frantically. She leant down and took my cock into her mouth and she wanked me hard as I came my load.Jeez can mom suck cock!I came and came and she sucked and sucked, she swallowed everything I could give her.I was shaking and eventually stopped cumming. Mom licked me gently round the head of my cock. She didn”t miss a drop of my cum.Then she looked at me and said “Nice?” I just nodded, breathless.”Same time tomorrow then?” She asked and left the room calling at me to hurry or I”d be late for school now.I couldn’t wait for next morning hence next day I was already hard before she came in.I was lying on top of the bed waiting for mom, hoping for more of yesterday.When the door opened she peeked in and saw me lying there with my cock good and hard and she smiled.“Hi honey” she said “You ready for your mommy then?”My cock twitched involuntarily and she laughed saying “Yep, I guess you are”She came in and closed the door.She leant forward and kissed the top of my cock and moaned softly.I just leaned back and moaned too.The feeling of her lips on my cock was wonderful.

She sat on the bed and took my dick in her left hand, stroking me slowly. Her right hand went under her nightdress and she moaned.I knew she was stroking her pussy and I wanted to see, so I reached forward, took the hem of her nightdress and lifted it.She had her fingers stroking her cunt. It was already real wet.I reached forward and touched it. Wow, it was so hot and so moist and she groaned as I stroked my middle finger through her wetness.She gripped my cock harder too and squeezed as she stroked me up and down.I tried to lift her nightdress off but couldn’t. Mom knew what I was trying to do so she stood up and slipped it off, sitting back on the bad completely naked and closer to my hand.I immediately slipped a finger into her pussy. Boy did she moan and she came at once. What a whore mother I have, naked on my bed, my cock in her hand and my fingers up her cunt.I finger fucked her hard for a while as she wanked me, stopping every time she came, which made her buck and twitch.Suddenly she pulled away, climbed over me and before I knew it had straddled me, grabbed my cock, placed it at the entrance to her pussy and sunk down taking my entire length inside her.She was so wet I just slipped right in. And as soon as I was in she started to ride me.Fucking Christ, did she ride me.I just lay there as she pounded up and down on my cock, moaning and crying.She came and came, I could feel her cunt gripping me as she did.And then I felt my cum rising, I pushed up into her as the first spurt fired into her cunt. She screamed as she came and pressed herself down onto me as I came and came, filling her with my cum.I reached for her tit, grabbed the nipples and twisted them, pulling her onto me to take my last drops of cum. As I did she came again and again. Every time I twisted them, she came once more.Then she fell forward onto me, kissing my face over and over.She lifted herself off me and all my cum dripped out onto my stomach.Mom leaned down and licked me totally clean, savoring all my cum and her cunt juices.She looked at me, smiled and said “Thank you darling, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that”I looked at her and said “So we can do it again?”She nodded “Oh yes, whenever you want to fuck your Mom, I’ll be ready for you” My life just took a turn for the best!

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