Full Family Incest

Hi iss readers i am Krathi from andhra pradesh now let me tell about your family in my family we are 4 . My mom jyothi , my father kantha rao , my sister roja pavithra and my self now let me tell about my mom . She is 42 years of age she figure is 354244 and looks so sexy . My sister roja pavithra is is 20 years of age her figure 303539 and she is also sexy . My father is postman this all started 2 months ago when i was in the holidays at my momther’s brothers house my uncle is muscelourly built his wife is sanpandhana as i was watching tv my mom told me to go shopping i and sister went to the shopping and when we came back we saw a wonderfull site (i.e) of mom and my anut are being fucked by my uncle i and my sister were shocked they forget to shut the door and they had saw us by seeing us aunt came to my sister and told that this is a family tradition and saying this she her to the saparate room but i was unmoved then my uncle to me with his corck dripping spurm and told me to go inside that my mom is waiting for me i went inside the room my mom is naked and she told me to undrees myself i did as she said and then she had touched my corck and whearther i was nerveous and i said yes then she had run she fingers onto my corck and asked how it feels

I was schoked that it feels so good .than she had showed her pussy it was covered with uncles cum . In the mean time my came in and stood behind me and she said to watch her and she bent towards mom pussy and started licking her pussy after sometime my mom had cummed on my anutys face my came to me stared kissing me with my mom cum on her face i tasted the cum it tasted so beautifull as i was kissing my aunty my came and started sucking my corck in the mean time i heard my sis screaming i was scread my aunty told that my sis is becoming a women and my aunty had slowly showed the way to my mom pussy as i was about to enter my mom pussy my sister came with all the cum on her body then my aunty started asking her how was the feeling my sis told that she told to be fucked again and my started licking my sis pussy i started fucking my mom like a animal she is enjoying it at the of cumm she had crossed her over my body and i had cummed inside her this is only the frist part you can mail me at incest _fun4ever @yahoo.co.in

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