Fucked Yogita Aunt At Calcutta

Hi readers, this is Rohan and my email and from kolkata. This incident has happened a long back. So I am narrating the same and we have a group of 3 friends. One of them was Pratik and he had lost his father due to an accident a few years back.

His mother’s name was Yogita and at that time she must be around 38 or40 years of age after death of Pratik’s father, we used to go to his home so often just in case, Yogita aunty need any help.

So, one day, after coming from my college, I had my food and went to Pratik’s home. Pratik opened the door and took me in. We then went to his room and were talking to each other. All of a sudden, Pratik’s mobile rang up and it was his girl friend on the other line.

Pratik talked to her and after finishing up the call, told me that he will have to go urgently to his girl friend’s house as her mother is not feeling well. Yogita aunty was well aware of Pratik’s affair and she like his girl friend also.

He told me to wait in his house since Yogita aunty was to go out and gaswalla was expected to come there with the new gas cylinder. I told him that I will stay back, since I do not have any work.

Pratik then after talking to Yogita aunty, left home after some time, I needed to go to loo and went towards the toilet and I opened the door and was literally dumb shocked. Yogita aunty was seating on the commode and lifted her nighty up and with the closed eyes.

She was masturbating rigorously by putting her fingers inside her pussy. Yogita aunty was so engrossed in her masturbating that she even doesn’t realize that I am in the house and looking at her.

I immediately left from there and went to Pratik’s room. I was so hot by looking at the scene a few moments ago that it was very difficult for me to control my emotions. My rookie was hard and tall standing in my pants.

After some time, I regained my senses and I was totally shocked with what I saw a few minutes back. However, I could do nothing about it as I even can’t think of advancing further since she was mother of my best friend after some time, door bell rang and the gasman came up with cylinder.

I gave him empty cylinder and took the new cylinder from him and put it in kitchen. I also paid the gasman and he went off and I came back again in Pratik’s room.

Still my body was shaking with the scene after some time, Yogita aunty was calling me by my name and I thought that she must have completed her masturbation and then went to her room but Yogita aunty was not there.

I then went to kitchen to check her up but she was not there as well again I heard a voice of Yogita aunty and she was again calling me. This time, I took the direction of voice and she was calling me from toilet.

I then went near the toilet and called Yogita aunty. She told me to open the door of toilet. My heart was beating vibrantly. However, still I felt that she must have completed her masturbation and may not be feeling well and that’s why.

She was calling me but when I opened the door, again I got shocked. Yogita aunty has completed her masturbation and her love juices were flowing out of her pussy. She was still naked below with her nighty folded up.

She called me inside. My heart was by now beating so fast that I felt that it will come out of my chest. I went inside the toilet and Yogita aunty told me to close the door and I close the door and stood in front of her.

She immediately took hold of my pant and removed it in a flash. She also removed my undi as well and both fell at my feet and I was now naked below with my rookie standing tall.


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