Fucked Mother in law

Hi! I am Harish from Thane. 28 years. Married for 4 years. Have 1 child. My sex life with my wife is simply not fantastic. We have been having sex whenever we want to. She is 22. She has good structure. So I wanted to have sex with some one elder to me and with massive structure. This is a big story. Please read it and definitely all of you will enjoy it. my thoughts went to my mother-in-law who is 40years old. Still had wonderful structure. Her bra size was 34D and had huuuggge buttocks. I loved matured ladies with big breasts and buttocks.

My mother-in-law came to stay in our house for 2 weeks to attend to the annual music programmes that are very popular in Thane. One day I had to go with her for one of the programmes as my wife was sick. As we were sitting next to each other in that cramped hall our hands and bodies were constantly touching each others and I felt myself getting aroused. When we were having snacks her handkerchief fell down and I bent down, took it and gave it to her.

As she was sitting to my right, when I gave her handkerchief my hand accidentally touched her left breast and immediately my penis got erected. I said sorry. But she simply smiled. I could not concentrate on the music as the feeling of touching her breast started coming to my mind again and again. I excused myself, went to toilet and masturbated thinking fucking my mother-in-law. I came back to my seat after 10 minutes. My mother-in-law gave me another sexy smile and asked me whether I am relieved. I said yes.

After the programme when we were returning in the car she asked how it was. I asked her what. She replied everything. I gave her a puzzled look. She said she could guess everything that happened. I again asked what. She gave me another sexy smile and said you touched my breast, got aroused, went to toilet to masturbate. I was stunned. She told me put leave for office tomorrow. Let’s enjoy the day. I did exactly what she told the next day. I told my wife that I am having headache and feeling feverish and taking leave. My children went to their school by 8.15 am and my wife left for her work around 9 am. While my children will be back by 5pm after school and tuitions, my wife will come back by 6pm. After they left I went upstairs to my mother-in-law’s room. She was lying in her bed as if just waiting for me.

I went and slept besides her. Kissed her on the forehead and then on the lips. She gave back the kisses with a thirst feeling. We embraced each other. I slowly removed her saree, petticoat and blouse. She was wearing a black bra and blue panty. She was looking awesome in that two piece outfit. I started kissing and licking her each part with lust. She reciprocated by removing my t-shirt, dhothi and she went one step further by removing my underwear. Because of frequent and longer usage my penis gets to 8 inches length when fully erect and 6 inches in circumference. She was stunned to see my fully erect penis and immediately squeezed it with her hand. She took my penis in to her mouth after pushing the Foreskin back and started sucking it. It went on for nearly 15 minutes.

I exploded my semen in to her mouth and she drank every drop of it. i then pulled her to the corner of the cot, removed her bra and panty. I started sucking her pussy. It was already wet and when asked she said she already got orgasm twice. Her cunt tasted wonderful and I sucked her cunt by spreading her legs softly first then violently. She reached climax after 10 minutes and I drank her juice fully. then after 5 minutes rest we again started the foreplay. My penis got aroused again. I went on her top and inserted my penis inside her cunt and started fucking my mother-in-law. She shouted little bit in pain but enjoyed every moment of my stroking. I started slowly and increased my speed. I fucked her for nearly 10 minutes and both of us got orgasm at the same time. then she helped me by sucking and stroking my penis.

I got erection again. This time I turned her around and entered her cunt from behind like doggy style. As both of us were tired, I did the fucking act very slowly for 15 minutes. Then next 5 minutes I fucked her very hard. When I was fucking from behind my hands squeezed her breasts from behind. She shouted in pain but asked me to continue to do both violently as she enjoyed it very much and this enjoyment she was getting after one year. Both of us got orgasm once again together.

Now after 10 minutes of rest (we were embracing each other naked and doing petting so that our show can go on) we started sucking each others. That is we were engaged in 69 position. First I was on top of her and this went for 10 minutes. Then she came top on me. Again it went for 10 minutes. But both did not orgasm. But were extremely excited. She made me lie down and came top on me like malayali style. She was fucking me from top. She was jumping up and down. It was great feeling and I enjoyed it like anything. While she was jumping and fucking me I was squeezing her breasts with both my hands. This went on for nearly 20 minutes. Finally both got orgasm with my mother-in-law screaming in joy.

She lied down and asked me to fuck violently with my fingers which I did. First I inserted 2 fingers. Then 3 and after some time four fingers except the big finger. I don’t know how many strokes I did. She got orgasm after orgasm. Juice from her cunt was simply flowing like a small stream. I could drink only some. Half of the bed spread on the cot was wet with my mother-in-law’s cunt juices. This action went for nearly 20 minutes. finally I fucked her again in the usual position for 15 minutes.

This time her cunt was little tight and I had to insert my big penis with some force. She liked it very much. When we decided to take rest the time was 1 pm. We slept for a while. We got up around 2.30 pm and started having sex in almost all positions till 5 pm and in fact I simply tied a towel around me while my mother-in-law went to toilet once the calling bell rang at 5pm indicating the arrival of my kids from school. It was a great day and great experience. Since that day till she left for her home me and my mother-in-law had sex on two more days

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