I Fucked My Mom With The Help Of My Wife

Hello friend, i am very weak in English so, sorry for this. I am telling you to my real life experience. I am the only son of parent. My name is Bishal Roy. I live in Kolkata. I am 26 year old. My father’s name is Bipul Roy. My mother’s name is Mina Roy. I got married last year. My wife’s name is Sima Roy.

After my marriage dad expired within 2 months. I am a govt. Service holder. We are 3 in family me, mom and wife Sima. Sima is now 19 years, my mom age 46 now. My wife figure is 34-32-36. Mom figure is 40-38-42. During puja vacation we go Digha for 4 days holiday. I booked a hotel near the beach in new Digha. We reached Digha at 11.30 am and had tiffin. We then went to beach and had a bath for an hour and came back to our room. After lunch we sleep. Mom said take two room but wife Sima not agree she said no need mom one room is enough. So we take one room. We talk and sleep. At the evenings we go to beach spend 3 hours at beach. Come back room at 9 pm. Wife told me want to drink. I said mom here you forget. In the meantime mom said what are you talking, my wife said mom we want to drink but your son hesitate for you. Mom said no problem you may bring we drink tighter.

Its unbelievable mom told this. Then i purchased vodka and some fruits and bhujia. We enter the room and call waiter for water and glass. Call him for dinner. After a few minutes waiter bring dinner and water. We close the door and change dress. We sat near tea table. Mom also sits near us. I wear only Bermuda, Sima only tape and panty and mom wear share. Sima also make peg. Sima makes 3 pegs for us. Mom take glass as usual and we cheers and drink, mom has no hesitation. I am fully silent. Sima and mom are talking. Sima asked mom you drink before today. Mom said two time only with you father-in law. After second peg mom said i told you book two rooms but you book one room during vacation you have no privacy. My wife said “mom no problem”. Mom said but at this age how you control. Wife said mom you son always kill me for this i told him book one room. Mom herring this she is laughing. Sima asked mom how you spent night after dad expires. Mom said in this age no problem. Mom is talking with Sima frankly.

Sima makes another peg and time is then 11.30 pm. We are now fully tens for drink. After 3rd peg it’s make me headache. But i am not disclosing it to mom and Sima. Sima said mom your son now fully drug and has no speech in his mouth.

Mom said now close this i am also fully drug and want to go bed. Sima said wait mom not yet finish another two peg is remaining. Mom said no my dear daughter i am unable to drink more. Sima makes another peg and we drink. After drink Sima asked mom you really no problem after father died. Mom said yes but what i do i have no way. Sima asked mom dad was good in bed? Mom said yes. Sima asked who is active in bed you or dad. Mom said he is active more than me. Sima then said like father like son, your son also active in bed, sometimes he make me weak, i am unable fulfill his desire mom. Sima asked mom what was the size of dad. Mom said near 8 inch. I hear their conversation. Sima said your son same size. It hurt me mom. Mom is laughing. Sima asked mom how you fill now. Mom said fine my dear daughter. Sima asked mom if dad is now here what you do. Mom no responds. I took Sima,s hand kiss on her lips. Mom is watching us.

I press boob hug her. Sima said mom in front of us you forget. Mom said no problem he is my son and it is legal. I understand mom fully arose. I took Sima and go to bed from chair. My cock fully erect and i unzip Sima’s top and press her boob. Sima said mom please help me you son kill me. I unzip my Bermuda and my erect cock come out and it stand at 90 degree. Sima said no not now after mom sleep. I said no I’m unable to wait more. Sima again said mom please helps me. Mom said what i do. You stop you son. I am trying to unzip Sima’s panty. Sima now ran and hides behind mom’s back. Sima said mom please helps me he will kill me tonight. Mom said waits Bishal. I said no mom after 4 pegs i am unable control mom. Sima said i am unable to do now. Sima said mom please stop him. I am trying to catch Sima but mom in front me. During this i touch mom and mom share down from her shoulder and her big boob seen with blouse cover. Mom tries to hide Sima. Then i hold mom and kiss her lips. Sima said yes you fuck mom. Mom said no it is impossible. Sima said why mom if your son fuck you i have no problem, please mom help me mom.


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