Finally Banged My Maami

Hey there readers this is “Ayobitches” writing my first story in which I made up a plan which I had never thought I would do , which was to trap my maami into fucking her.

The story goes on how I used to look at my maami and drool over her assets.Beginning with my maami, she is short about 5 feet 3 and has the most gorgeous face I have ever seen. Her boobs are not that big but enough for a guy,I mean any guy can fall for those lovely titties and she has a slim waist and finally the most important asset I used to drool over,her ass which was like those bubble butts cute and soft as a baby’s skin.I could look at it for hours if I got the chance to.I could guess her assets were something like 34-28-36.She was 29 years old and had 2 daughters and her husband my mama was earning abroad and used to come once in 2 years.Aysha my maami (name changed) for personal purposes.

I started observing aysha when I was in 10th.Before that, she used to wear dresses which fully covered her body and did not even show an inch of flesh and people just used to look at her cute face and had no intention of sex towards her.She was a newly married bride and shy around the house so she was fully dressed but as 2 years passed by she got used to the living in mamas house and slowly her decent dressing changed into something which made people get the intention to fuck her wherever they saw her.She used to wear a t-shirt and skinny denims or leggings which showed her assets to their full potential.My mamas house was a half a kilometer away and I used to go there whenever I got the chance to.

In my maami’s home, only her daughters and my grandma used to live and I was very happy about the fact that her husband was abroad and I could easily get the chance to look at her whenever I wanted and no one suspected me.I used to almost everyday at ayshas home and search for her first and after opening the door I used to look at her bubble butt sway as she went to her room.

I used to stare at her boobs,her thighs,her ass and the urge to fuck her increased in me day by day and I could not wait to fuck her and I started thinking of different methods on how to blackmail her into having sex with me.

Aysha never had any sexual attraction towards me or thought that I was plotting something evil which would change her life.I finally came up with a plan of blackmailing her after thinking for the whole night.I used all the money I had saved and bought camera like the one in banks but
Smaller,more like a spy camera and I placed it in the bathroom where she used to shower.The windows were a little high and no one could guess there was a camera unless they knew.Her house was two storeys and there were two rooms above, one which was directly in the bathroom so I decided to sit there with my laptop and I connected the wires along the pipelines and into the room above.It was Sunday and she usually used to bath in the afternoon and I took the chance to go in the afternoon to my luck she entered the bathroom after 20 minutes of my arrival.I was waiting for her to get in and rushed to the room above the bathroom and turned on the camera.I could see her clearly in the bathroom as soon as I saw her take her clothes off my dick got hard and I started stroking my dick.Aysha had worn a floral black nighty and as soon as she removed it I saw her bra and panties which were black too.I guess she liked the colour black.She removed her bra first and her boobs sprang free.Her nipples were light brown and her boobs were milky in colour.She then removed her panties and revealed her heaven which I was longing to see and fuck the shit out of.She had little pubic hair and her cute ass bounced as she turned.

She got into the tub and started doing shampoo on her jet black hair.After she finished she started soaping her body.I was stroking my dick roughly in excitement as I saw her putting soap on her naked body but the next thing I saw made my dick go beyond my regular erection and made me cum on the spot.Aysha had gotten out of the tub and was pressing her boobs and her nipples and fingering her pussy.She was fingering roughly as if she was craving for a cock,any cock she would get her hand on.After fingering herself for 15 minutes she started squirting liquid from her pussy.I was shocked that she was a squirter on top of being a hottie.She went in the tub again and rested there for 10 minutes as she was exhausted from the vigorous fingering.I was grinning with excitement and could not control myself as I was recording the whole thing and I had finally succeeded in getting a chance to fuck her.I went down to the hall with my laptop as if nothing had ever happened.And saw maami come out of her room after some time.She smiled at me and I smiled back but my smile had something evil intention hidden inside it.I took the chance and slowly crept outside the house to the bathroom and took out my spy cam and came back.I started thinking of a way on how to approach her and show her the video and I was afraid that she would look at me in a different way that I did not care all I wanted was her ass,her boobs her navel, her thighs, her cute face and those lips to suck on, her entire body.

I went back home thinking I would come back the next day as my mom had called me.I masturbated three times that night and my energy had been drained and I did not sleep the whole night thinking about her.The next day I rushed to her home after school and greeted her as she opened the door.My dick started becoming hard.Aysha had worn a white t-shirt and black leggings and I could lightly see her red bra inside her tee.She turned back on her way to her room and my dick was at full length at that time.Her ass was perfectly stuck to the legging and I could see the bubble shape of her ass.I thought I had pre cummed on seeing it sway like doing a professional catwalk.I entered after her and followed her.My granny was in the neighbor’s house so I had a full chance to talk to her about the video.She did not see me follow her in the room but as soon as she turned I was standing behind her and she got startled and asked me what I wanted.I turned and closed the doors she got a scared expression on her face and asked me again.I turned and told her to answer my questions frankly.She asked me again about what had happened to me.I told her that I used to look at her body whenever I got the chance to and masturbate thinking about her and told her my inner feelings which I had kept for so long that I wanted to fuck her.Her eyes bulged out of her sockets on hearing this and she gave me a hard slap on my cheek immediately she took her phone and dialed my father’s number.I was shocked by her actions and I snatched the phone away.She pushed me and tried to run.I thought I would never get to fuck her if I let her leave so I put my plan into action.

I held her hand from behind and pushed her on the bed and told her to listen to what I was saying I took out my phone and started playing the video.She was in a shocked state on my behavior and was almost in tears.I showed her the video.My hands were shaking hard as it had taken all my courage to tell her I wanted to fuck her.She came close to the phone and was frozen on seeing herself in the video, something she never imagined would happen I told her I removed her video as I loved her (in a lusty way) and could not help myself.She was frozen till the video ended and she tried to snatch my phone but I was quick and she started crying after that.She said that she had never thought I would do such a thing and she had a good intention towards me.I took my courage and told her that all I wanted was her body and I did not care about intentions and everything.

I told her to do as I say from now onwards otherwise, this video would be posted everywhere in that area and also in the family group.On hearing me say this she begged me to delete it and leave her alone.
I was not in the mood to hear such things.I warned her one last time and told her to do as I said.She nodded lightly but that was enough for me.I went near her and told her strip.She hesitantly went to a side and started stripping.I took out my phone and starting recording.I told her to dance and turn around while stripping and she started stripping.I had a hard time keeping my cock in my pants and it was begging to get free aysha started stripping slowly first she removed her t-shirt slowly while dancing.I was massaging my cock on my pants and could not hold my urge and got up and went near aysha.She had removed her t-shirt and was about to remove her bra I caught her by her neck and pushed her on the bed.I kept my phone in a proper position in the corner and went back to aysha.

I held her face and started kissing her lips forcefully as if I was about to die in an hour and I had to fulfill my last wish. I bit her lips and a moan came out of her mouth.I could not control myself and gripped her bra in my hand and pulled it and ripped it apart.I started pressing her boobs hard and putting my tongue deep in her mouth.I pinched her nipples and they became erect.I took my tongue out and licked on her cheeks her eyelids and every part of her face.Aysha started pushing me back but I was strong for her and put my weight on her body.Tears came from her eyes in defeat I started kissing her neck and bit her earlobes.There was a sound of pleasure coming from aysha which made me do more rough things to her.After licking her neck I came down to her boobs and started pinching them hard and started pressing and licking all over her boobs she cried in pain and I could see there was a feeling of pleasure too after that I came down to her navel.I licked it lightly and slowly circled my tongue on her navel her milky body rose up in pleasure and she tried to hide the pleasure she was getting from me.After licking her navel I went on to the part which I was dreaming of doing for a long time.

She knew I was going for her pussy next to her most prized possession so she tried to hide it but I was strong enough for her and parted her legs and dug my face in her pussy.I smelled her pussy first.It was a little damp but enough for me to get aroused more and more I started licking her first and then putting my tongue deep inside her pussy hole I started eating her pussy and she was on cloud nine and pressed my head on her pussy.She told me she never had her pussy sucked before and it was the best feeling in the world.I was startled by her answer and felt happy that she had surrendered herself to me, in fact, she was begging me to eat her pussy.I licked her pussy up and down in full speed and started rubbing my finger on it.She was moaning very loudly and telling me to finger her first I put my finger in her mouth and told her to suck it after that slowly I put it in her pussy and started fingering her.She was feeling relaxed and turned on I could not resist her moans and started fingering her roughly. Her moans grew louder as I increased my pace and she started arching her body up within no time she too started rubbing on her pussy roughly and as soon as I removed my fingers she screamed and her squirt juice flew out of her pussy.I got turned on by this and started licking her pussy again I cleaned her squirt juice and was groping on her boobs at the same time.She was exhausted and there was a smile on her face which made me the almost cry in happiness, a feeling that I would get to fuck her whenever I wanted and she was all mine.

I laid on the bed and removed my shirt and told her to come on top of me we started kissing and slowly she moved down from my neck to my chest my stomach and she stopped before my pants.I told her to remove my pants slowly and she did so and suddenly my cock got free and came out.She was stunned at the size.Actually, my cock was just 7 inches long but she told me her husband was fat and did not have a big dick and it was only 4 inches long.I had a grin on my face on hearing that because I knew her pussy would be tight enough for me and I would give her the best fuck of her life she started stroking my cock slowly and increased pace I laid back and enjoyed watching her stroke my dick she started pressing my balls and stroking my dick roughly then I caught hold of her face and started to push my dick in her mouth all my dick entered her mouth and she started choking immediately she pushed me but I held her mouth and started fucking her face I was on cloud nine and did not let go of her face she started to gag and poured her saliva all over my dick I let go of her face and she was gasping for air then I let her suck my dick slowly and told her to look me in the eye it was the best feeling I could ever have she took my balls and cupped them sucked them like a lollipop.

I felt my cum rush to my cock then she started sucking my cock like a baby I could not control myself and after looking at her cute baby face I groped her hair put her head against the bed and mouth fucked her at full speed.It was like I was fucking her pussy she started gagging but I kept going and within minutes of fucking her mouth, I shot my cum all in her mouth she could not breathe properly and swallowed my cum I lay on the bed for a minute she got up and started stroking my cock again.

I was ready to fuck her now.We got into 69 positions and started licking each other.Within no time my cock was.Hard again.I got up and held her by the waist and turned her and threw her on the bed.I told her to get into doggy style and pressed her head on the bed and took a cloth and tied her hands behind her back her ass was facing towards me and I started hitting her hard she moaned in pain I slapped her like 20 times and started fingering her roughly there was a cry of pleasure in her voice I was at the final moment of my dream come true which was entering her pussy and her ass I kept my cock at her pussy lips and slowly pushed it in it was a tight hole because it was not used to a 7 inch cock I pushed my way in hard. Aysha cried in pain and tried to stop me but I was so turned on I could not imagine the feeling in words I did not care about her pain I started fucking aysha at full speed within seconds. She tried to push me away but I caught her hair from behind and fucked her hard. It was like riding a horse in the movies where a guy holds the rope and I were holding aysha’s hair like a rope and riding her pussy.

I fucked her in that position for 5 minutes continuously. Then I held her thighs and told her to hold my neck and carried her to the mirror with my cock in her pussy then I watched her getting fucked by me in the mirror it was the most awesome moments of my life.Then I threw her on the bed and made her come to me like a dog and made her sniff my cock and then suck it I kissed her cute face again and fucked her in missionary position she was screaming the whole time and slowly her screams turned into soft moans and she was enjoying it more than I did
I was fucking her like it was the end of the world and I was about to cum.After a minute I could feel her getting tighter and realized that she was about to cum too.I told her I will come in her pussy and she agreed and told me she was about to cum too.I started fucking at maximum speed each thrust I put was getting me closer to my climax. She started moaning loudly and cried in pleasure as her pussy walls contracted and she cummed on my cock.I was at my peak too and my balls started to contract and I cummed a heavy load inside her pussy and we fell on the bed.My cum was oozing out from her pussy onto the bed u told her to lick it and she got into a doggy position and started licking it clean.Her ass was faced towards me and I was looking at her light brown coloured asshole twink in and out.It was cute and slowly my cock started rising up for the third round and it was very eager and energetic to fuck aysha till she screamed.

I caught her thighs from the back and pulled her ass towards my face I spit on her asshole and started rubbing her asshole with my finger.I was not an ass eater like other guys but I wanted to ty it I smelled her asshole a little bit and there was a kinky smell so I decided to put Nutella on her asshole.I told her to go get it from the refrigerator naked. She refused at first but then my granny was still not back so she rushed to the fridge took out the bottle and came back I enjoyed her walking naked in the house and slapped her ass hard a few times.I took some Nutella in my mouth and some I put it on her asshole and started licking her asshole.There was a mixed smell but it was not bad.Aysha started shaking her ass in pleasure and pressed my head into her asshole I licked her asshole for 4-5 minutes and started fingering her ass.She let out a low moan and started breathing heavily I inserted two then three fingers and fingered her roughly.She was in pain and told me to stop and said she could not do anal sex as she had heard it was very painful and she was scared to do it.

I did not listen to what she was saying I turned her around and put some Nutella in her asshole and rubbed it and put some on my cock and made her suck it and then pushed it inside her ass hard. She was in doggy position and almost did a standing position by the pain but I held her.There were tears in her eyes but I did not let her go and fucked her slowly and increased pace as she started feeling my cock inside her ass her pain turned into a feeling she said was better than pussy fucking.I was getting more hornier after stretching her asshole and I started ramming her like a machine I cummed hard in her ass in 5 minutes and lay on the bed exhausted ayesha was exhausted and she fell beside me and started laughing and said she never had this intense sex and her husband could never satisfy her like this.I felt happy on hearing that.Ayesha told me she would want me to fuck her almost everyday and that she was craving for a cock like this her whole life and used to hide her urge and desires by masturbating. I spanked her ass hard and got up and said I was the one who dreamt about fucking you and I would never miss the chance to fuck you.

So guys its “Ayobitches” signing out.Hope you like the story.Wanted to complete everything in one story and sorry if you get bored I’m not a good writer.Email me on [email protected] and women who want to get in touch and have some fun with me in Mangalore can mail me.So bye adios sayonara.

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