Hi readers this mi true story that how i turned as a “wife” to mi own “fil”. About mi family my fil got married to my mil @ the age of 15 child marriage itself and mil was 17 2yrs elder to him bcos of there family problem and mi husd was born to them by next yr. And i got married to my husband @ the age of 28 mine was love marrg marrd a chirstan guy and mi parents not acpected our marrg and v moved to our in laws resi and on one strange day mi husband(mr alex drunk person), mil and grandparents were died in car accident and mi fil take care of me from that day to till date.abut me name mrs malathi alex(widow), age 28,eye chatting personality, white in color, well good shaped body, got enough flesh my body whenever it need to enjoy, mi fig is 38-26-40, height of 6″in tall, weight of 70kgs, post grad in education, mi special feature is black magnetic eye’s(wearing spex) and mi long thick black and silkly hair which completely covers mi butts, (i look like old south indian actress lakshmi), work’s as school teacher and earn’s good, i’m from trgulu iyer family.

Abut mi fil name mr paul (widower), age 40, well built gym body, semi white in color, height of 5.5″in tall, weight of 60kgs, post grad in education, his special feature is smiling face, lovely voice and black thick soft hair, he work’s in banking sector and he also earn’s good (he look like and military officer) he really look’s very hand some.

This incident happen on the yr-2004 after death of all in chenni the above age consists of that yr.after the dead of mi mil and my husband my fil got transfer to chennaii from ap and also v sold all our old property and brought a new 2br flat in chnni and since v r new to chnni v don’t know any one in the flat and city too. After landing in chnni i found a teacher job for me for mi mind relax and also i got a baby through mi x.husband it was an 3mnths old baby i normally carry mi baby to school itself. It was a saturday it was off for both me & mi fil mi fil gets early normally and sitting in sofa by watching tv in hall and i came out from mi room and went into kitchen and offered tea for mi fil and went for bath and few mins i came out and ask mi fil to take a bath and get ready to temple and i came out from mi room by wearing pink sari and same color blouse(i got only 5sari’s 2in white and 3in pink for off use)bcos i’m widow and mi fil came from his room in jean and t-shirt that time i was in hall and i was surprised to see mi fil that he was looking like a male of 25 that44 and i look’s like women of 35 (little fat), (normally when v both went out side means people will think that v r husband and wife not dil and fil) and v went to temple and then v had our lunch in a hotel and v r back to our resi by 10pm in night by that time it was raining and v enter our resi and mi fil went into his room and i went into my room to place the baby on the bed and i came out and enter into mi fil’s room that time mi fil was changing his clothes he was wearing only underwear in his body by see in his well built gym body i got stun for few seconds and i ask weather he need any dinner and he say no and i went to mi room for sleep by saying goodnight to him now the time was 11pm i was feeding milk to mi baby and after that i laid on bed but i was sleepless for ling time bcos mi fil’s semi nude body disturb me lot mi body got too hot and i went to bath room and poured and bucket of water on mi body and then only l got into deep sleep.from that onwards mi intension toward mi fil was changed i looked him for sex bcos i lost mi husband in young age and whenever i was free in school i always think abut mi fil and his body and i told this to mi friend in school and she into this web site to me and gave some guts to seduced mi fil.

And on friday mi friend gave me an good idea to seduced mi fil and she said after that mi fil will be mines always, so i follow that idea i went out my resi by 10pm on that day and mi fil ask me why late and i told him that i was not feeling well and i went into mi room for sleep and not the time was 12am i i im waiting for the time i went to mi fil’s room and knock the door and mi fil open the door and ask what i told him little hesitate that i can’t able to feed milk to mi baby he ask why and i replied bcos i got dry milk in mi breast so i can’t and by this way i feed milk to baby means baby will get fever and he ask weather he needs to take me hospital? And i say no the time was 1am and no need of hospital i itself know the treatment but……. Mi fil ask what then why r u letting go for the treatment and i say for that i need ur help fil he ask what help? I ask him to come to mi room v enter our room and i placed mi baby in baby bed and i told mi fil that fil i want u to put mouth on mi breast for unfreeze the milk mi fil got angry and shouted me 1st but later i convinced him and made sat on bed and i was standing in front of him by bunded mi long hair mi fil put’s his head down and now i took mi pallu (loose end of the sari) and strip’s it down and unhook mi blouse button and ask mi fil to unhook mi bra’s hook by showing mi back to his front and mi fil slowly and nerveously unhook mi bra and truns mi front side to him he wears only night pant and no clothes on his top and now i was nude in top and wearing only panties, petticoat and sari that also till hip only and i pushed mi fil’s head to mi breast and ask him to suck it 1st he squeezed mi boobs and later he put is mouth on it for 30mins and took of his mouth by that time i was waving his soft hair by mi hands and he ask me it’s enough i also say ok it enough(but in mind it is not enough) i laugh on him and he too then he went into his room and i wear mi blouse and bra and laid on the bed for sleep after 1hour suddenly i thought that weather mi fil was in sleep? So i went slowly to his room and open the door it was not locked and i enter his room without knowing him there i was shocked to see mi fil he was in bed fully naked and masturbating by holding his 9” thick cock i was not in mi control by seeing i was seeing that for nearly 30mins i bite’s mi lips and pressing mi boobs hardly too and after 30mins mi fil’s penis out the cum on his belly and he went into bathroom for wash and i return to mi room with lot of happy for the whole night and got into the sleep after that incident mi intension toward mi fil was fully change and i really fall’n love with him not for sex more than that and also i use to show mi breast to cleavage whenever i feed’s milk to baby, mi hip, mi ass and all part of my body as possible as to him and i use to go by him in bike by holding his hip tightly so that mi breast crushes by hitting his back and l also noticed that mi fil also changed little bit.month’s passed i got changes to tell mi wish to mi fil it was sunday morning 11am mi fil was reading np i went near him after ending with all mi kitchen work and start’s to speak.

Me : i want to tell u some thing first listen to mi side and then reply but no shout r beat he said ok and i says that fil i was fallen love with u for that past 3mnths i want to have sexual life with u not only that but to marry u too i must be a good wife to u, good mother for our childrens and i’ll will satisfy all ur need in the place of ur wife bcos i never had any good life with mi husband that baby also an accident on first night and for 2times and also i assure u that i’ll fulfill the place of ur wife mi mil.

Fil : hearing this from mi side mi fil got angry and said to me that it is sin ur mi dil and i’m ur fil like ur father so pls don’t say this hear after and he also said tht he’ll find a guy to satisfy me and mi sexual life also he is 44 and i’m 28 so he can’t satisfy me in sex so be a good one.

Me : later i convinced him by saying that her after i don’t want to marry any man but u and also i don’t him to marry (r) have affair with any women also, and also if he reject’s mi appeal, me and mi baby will died by saying this i went out with baby for shopping (to give time for think) and when i back to resi dad laughed to me after 2hurs mute and said that he accept my love proposal but he needs one day time for my marriage proposal and i hugged him and try to kiss in his lips but fil restrics and i kissed him on his forehead by joy and he ask me to wait till the marrg for sexual life and he went into his room and i went to mi room and had a happy sleep and monday passed on tuesday mi fil said that he accept mi marrg proposal also with laugh and also he hugs me and kissed on mi cheeks and i said that hear aftr i don’t want to wear this colorless sari but color sari so i want him to take me to shopping as the marrg accepptance and i buy (5color sari for me litegreen,red,blue,orange and yellow and also one nighty black color and shalwarkameeze-white bottam and pink top),new brown pattu sari for me and new dothies for him some jewllery,kumkum,and new mangalyam(i said him the marrg shid b in our iyer style) and v r back to our resi bi 10pm and v find that good day for our marrg fortunately by wednesday next day itself and i told mi fil that we’ll had our marrg in our resi itself in pooja room and then to temple he agreed that and v went to sleep and by next day morg we awake up early turn fresh i was in mi new brown pattu sari wearing all jewelry(earring, nosering,bangales,legring,chains on neck) and made mi long hair in bridal style and flowers on it and mi fil came out of his room in his new dothies and shirt and by seeing me he say’s that i was looking like angle in that way, then we entr into our pooja room the goodtimes came i ask mi fil to tie the mangalyam and he tied and placed kumkum on mi fore head and kissed on it and i took blessing from him and from god too and went to temple also withour baby and back to resi by 9pm and mi fil made arrangement for our firstnight and by 10pm i gave a bit of sleeping meden to mi bay and placed in baby bed.

Then i enter my fil’s room (first night room) mi fil was sitting on the bed and i went nr him and stands of and place the milk glass on table which was in mi hand and v laughed and v start to kiss by standing v have a passionate kiss for 20mins and our tongue explore saliva and v got mad to have sex but i ask mi fil to apply hair oil to mi long hair for make him hot and mi fil start to apply by that itself he got hot and said that he want to fuck me by all and he kissed mi long hair from top to butts and i remove all fil’s wear and now he was nude and i ask mi fil to remove all mi wear he took mi pallu (loose end of the sari) and removed mi sari fully and kissed mi hips and put his tongue in mi navel button i use to hold his head and closed mi eyes by making up mi head,he now unhooks mi blouse button and squeezed mi boobs with his 2 hands and laughed to me and took mi boobs and make a bite with blouse,he remove’s mi petticoat and touches mi shining legs and kissed mi ties to bottom of legs,; he unhook’s mi bra button and touches mi nipples and say’s that it was too soft and sucks mi white mangoes and i said to mi fil tht i was so lucky to show mi boobs to my own fil by feeling shy,; now he remove’s mi panties also and make me fully naked and v both ate each other body by eyes for some mins and mi fil dressed me by his saliva from top to bottom without missing any part of mi body and remove mi spex and kissed on mi eyes also too,

Now the time was 11pm and mi fil ask to stand and he kneel down in front of me by facing mi cunt to his face and put his finger into mi cunt and later now he put his tongue into mi cunt and start to taste mi cunt juicy and i was waving his hair and moaning with laugh and after 30mins he takes his tongue and kissed on my lips and said to that i was too sexy.now the time was 12am midnight mi fil ask me laid on bed and he laid on me and open mi legs and inset his 9″thick cock into mi cunt it was little bit tight and i was moaning and now he was fully inserted it into me and starts to jrek first slowly and later by fast he is moving front and back by fast and i starts to moaning and after by 30mins mi fil’s cock out is cum into mi cunt and took of his cock outside and mi fil placed his head on mi left shoulder and hugs me tightly and me too and after 30mins now the time was 1am this time mi fil ask me to laid back side by showing mi back to his front i laid as he told by leaving mi long hair in bed for flowing mi fil kissed on mi back head and smelled mi long hair and open mi legs and inset his cock into mi cunt and laid on mi back by holding 2shoulders tightly and starts to jerk by moving front and back fastly and i starts again to moaning and after 30mins mi fil’s cock out his cum into mi cunt and he took of his cock from mi cunt and laid on back for some mins and kissed on mi neck and after 30mins.now the time was 2am i ask mi fil that i want to give him a blowjob he replied yes with face of happy and mi fil sat on the sofa which was in our bedroom and i sat by right side of him and mi fil hold’s mi right side to hold mi long hair by his right hand and left hand in sofa’s end and now i took mi fil’s 9″thick cock in mi right hand and start’s to give a good blowjob to mi fil i shake his cock fast mi fil’s sound mi name malathi mi dear with hot breath and i kissed on his lips and after 30mins his cock out his cum and i ask mi fil to stand and i 1st smell mi fil’s cum and taste his cum by mi tongue and after i took mi fil’s 9″thick cock fully in mi mouth and drunk his cock juicy and mi fil waves my long hair laughed on me then v both sat on the sofa for 30mins and after 30mins.now the time was 3am this i ask mi fil that i want to fuck him so i ask him to laid on the bed by showing his front side to me and i sat on his cock by getting into mi cunt, putting mi long hair in front right side which also touches mi fil’s belly and i placed mi hands on mi fil’s chest and starts to jerk by up and down fastly and also i jump when mi fil hold mi hip i was moaning and mi fil also like haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa malathiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mi sexy bitch and after 30mins mi fil’s cock out his cum into mi cunt and it was great of and spelt on mi dad’s left side and kiss on his lips and after 30mins.now the time was 4am i ask mi fil to masturbate in front of me and mi fil start’s to masturbate in front of me he sounds i was watching by sitting on sofa and aftr 30mins mi fil’s cock out the cum and i was so happy to see that and i hugged and kissed in mi fil’s lips and mi make me to sat on bed and cum on mi face, head, breast, stomach, ties etc and went into bathroom to wash his waist and he came out and i went ito the bathroom and came out and v both stands near window for some mins by hugging and after 30mins.

Now the time was 5am early morning this tim mi fil ask me that he want to fuck me in standing position so he ask me to stand in front of mirror but i said to him that i was so tried but he request me and i stand and he ask me to hold the end of the mirror by bending to show mi back to his front and now he inset his cock into mi cunt by hold mi hip by his hand and mi long hair was touching the floor and he starts to jrek by moving front and back fastly by saying “i love u mi dear malathi” and i was moaning and not so fast dad make it slow i can’t with both joy and cry on tears in mi eyes and aftr 30mins mi fil’s cock out his cum into mi cunt v both were still in tht style suddenly mi baby starts to cry for milk and mi fil took out his cock and i unbend and went and took baby ffom baby bed and i sat on the bed but i was so tried so mi fil helps me by sitting back of me and ask me to place mi head on mi fil’s left shoulder and put mi long hair in front by left side by releasing hot and heavenly breath and i put mi baby on mi lap by his leg in right side and face in left side to feed milk and mi fil placed hi face on mi right side shoulder and say’s in mi ear hair “i love u mi dear malathi” and also to watch ur face expression only i want to fuck u in satandin style so i ask u to stand in front of mirror by making saliva on mi hair and ear and i replied him too and after 30mins.now the time was 6am i finished feeding baby and went to the bathroom to wash mi waist and came ou by having towel on mi waist and mi fil went into bathroom and he came out and stand’s under the fan, i was wearing towel on mi waist and combing mi long hair by sitting in front of the mirror and then mi fil went and laid on the bed and i went near and start’s to kiss him from bottom to top (legs, ties, cock, stomach, navel button, chest a bite also, neck, shoulder,chin, cheeks,nose eyes, lips, forhead and also made salivas on his ear’s also) and i split by rightside of him by putting mi long thick hair in front left side which flow’s on mi fil’s chest also and starts to talk.

Me : i ahd some conditions hear after don’t call me call malathi call me petly mallu and i’ll call u mama (having rights to marry the girl is call ‘mama’ in our relgion),

Fil : ok mallu.

Me : u should make me pregnant for once bcos v already got one baby so one more is enough,

Fil : ok dear.

Me : u should take me for honeymoon to overseas by tomorrow evening itself,

Fil : ok dear.

Me : v don’t want to wear any dress in sat. Till our baby’s 1’st birth day,

Fil : ok mallu.

Me : u should take me and our babies out by sat. And sun. Regularly, u should come by 6pm everyday to resi.

Fil : ok dear and u never allow mi mind to think mi x-wife (ur mil) while fuck and ur husband mi son have missed a good life to have with u but i think it all for good and for me too.

Me : me too not to think abut mi x-husband while fuck and also i think that ur old and u’ll not able to fuck me more than 2times but ur amazing that u have fucked me for 5times by 30mins rest “i love u paul draling”.

Next day morning i got up by 1pm and standing in kitchen to prepare coffee for mi new husband (fil) nude by putting mi long thick hair on mi right front side and mi fil came and hug me behind and says good morning mallu by kissing on mi cheeks and.

Me ; good morning mama kissing too

Fil ; weather the baby his still sleeping?

Me ‘ yes, and i ask him to take bath and get start to honeymoon,

Fil ; ok, but u also take bath with me

Me ; ok.

And v both enter into the bathroom and mi dad fuck me by standing position in the bathroom and i took his cock in mi mouth gave hima good mouthjob aftr a hour v came out and well dressed and me, mi fil and our baby went to usa for honeymoon ‘ i told mi fil that v r so lucky to have our honeymoon with our baby he laughed v were there for one week v both enjoyed all 69position of sex and v r back to chnni after a week and v start our routine life and last yr our son ( named alex) crossed in 1st age v both invite all his friend, all of them was suprise to see mi fil and they all said that he got beautiful wife and also looking young too and one of his frind and his wife said to us to go for one more baby.now i was 30 and mi fil was 42 he made me pregnant and now i was 6months and now i look like a fat woman bcos mi belly looks like that and each and every day in night mi fil use to kiss mi belly and say’s that he was lucky to have wife like me and i replied him too and also i told him that his semen is taking shape in mi woman and it was in 4mnths dew and this tim v were looking for a female baby.and i also change mi name from “mrs malathialex to mrs malathipaul”.

Mi mail id “[email protected]” for ‘feedbacks’.

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