Father-in-law and me

Hi, I have written one story already. Believe it or not it is a true story. It’s one more happening in my life. I planned to go to my native place because vacation was announced for me and my kids. My hubby is very busy and he can’t join me. So my father in law said he will accompany me because I have to take my two kids too along with the luggage. We reached our native place (my home).

Ours is a house with ground and first floor. In the first floor one room was allotted for me and my father in law took another room. At around 8 pm the kids started sleeping. They were with their grand parents. So at around 10 pm I went to my room. My father in law left earlier. He requested me to close the door (to latch it) between the ground and first floor. As I reached my room, he said ‘flat’ (that’s how he used to call me because my breast is very small) please take bath, wear sari without any undergarments and come to my room. I can understand he needs me today. After taking bath I weared a petticoat, blouse and a sari. I knocked his room. While opening he was only in his “Jetty”. I can see the bulge inside it. He hugged me and kissed me a lot. He said baby we’ll go to the upstairs and put his arm over my butt and while squeezing he took me to the upstairs. He already placed a bed there. He hugged me (his hand was playing with my butt while he kisses in my cheeks and lips) and said baby this is one of my wish to fuck you in your house and it is going to fulfill today.

He sat in the bed by leaning on the wall. He opens his leg and asked me to sit in between his legs. My back feels his big bulge. I put both the hands on either side of his legs. He inserted his hand between my hands and started squeezing my small tits. One hand plays with tit while the other roams in my stomach. He started kissing in my cheeks and earlobes. For me it is a strange situation, top floor of my own house (where I grown up) I was under the control of my father in law while my parents and others neighbors were sleeping. Juice started flowing from my cunt. I can see how his hands play with my tits since the pallu was removed. He stretched his legs and asked me to lie down in his lap so that my head will rest on his bulge.

While lip kissing he said baby my lips wish to touch your naked tits. I started opening my blouse. As soon as I did it he lifted me a little and removed the blouse completely. He kissed my hairy arm pits while I lift my hands for removing the blouse. He started sucking my erect nipples. One hand was cupping one of my tits while his lips cover up the other tit. Juice from the cunt was flowing in my laps. While sucking my nipples he asked me to keep my legs in the inverted ‘V’ position. I did so. His hands started moving my petticoat and sari upwards and it reaches knee it came to my waist. He was playing with my laps he can find the juice in the laps too. His fingers play with the cunt and clit. I was in heaven. I can feel the pre cum in his jetty. He asked me to sit in a chair by lifting my sari an petticoat.(which he brought earlier). He asked me to stretch my legs and so the cunt wide open. I said Uncle come on lick my juicy cunt. I want your tongue deep inside my hole. By sitting in the bed he started licking the cunt and clit. I can’t control myself. After a while I released the juice in his mouth. He drank it fully. He inserted his tongue inside my cunt and drank even the last drop.

Now he removed his undergarment and sat on the chair. I sat down on the bed and started playing with his thick rod. I put it in my mouth. He said baby it was waiting for you to suck. My fingers were playing with his balls where he was fucking my mouth. After a while he cum inside the mouth. He was shouting, baby darling drink it fully, its for you. Thank you for drinking the cum of your father in law.

Once again I can feel the heat in my cunt. I started playing with his limb dick. It got erected again. Now he removed my remaining sari and petticoat. Iam stark naked in front of my father in law as he was already. He asked me to lie on the bed he also did the same near me. He started playing with my cunt and tits while his tongue was deep inside my mouth. Then he licked the whole body of mine from head to toe. He finger fucked me for a while. I was making all kind of noises at this time. I said uncle I want your organ in my hole. Hearing this he stretched my legs wide open and inserted his thick rod in my cunt. A ‘pluck’ sound was heard. He started moving up and down while I lift and received each thrust by him deep in my cunt. After increasing the phase he released his second shot of cum in my cunt. My cunt was filled with his hot juice which I didn’t clean it up till next day morning.

What did you think of this story??


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