Confession Of Brother And Sister

Hi everyone, after a yearlong of silence, I hereby reveal our secret – my own elder sister and I are having consensual sex for over a year now. It is such a relieving experience to share my dirty secret with you all.

I have mixed feelings about my relationship with my sister sometimes it haunts me as being immoral whereas sometimes it gives me immense sexual pleasure which is incomparable it words, perhaps the thrill of breaking the social norms by ‘doing’ the ‘undoable’ and even at the thought of very fact that she is my “own sister” whom I fuck.

After browsing so much about consensual incest in the Internet, I got encouraged to share my secret. ISS is one of my favourite sites, however, I think most of the stories are fictitious but I am interested in real stories. I even like to talk/meet incestuous couples especially own brother-sister couples and would like to role-play as a big small brother to an interested incest-loving sister.

I wonder if I can be friends with bunch of sisters to vent our taboo desires. I shall try to put down exactly as it happened – collecting from my diary and from my memory. I am sorry for my way of writing as it might not exactly portray the real event, nevertheless I will do my best. Also, my story is quite long as this story is primarily for the relief of my suppression rather than a story written bearing in mind the reader. Here is the story.

We are four people in our family – father, mother, myself Amrit 25 years, 5 feet 7 inches, whitish black complexion, average body) and my sister Amisha 30 years, 5 feet 2 inches, fair complexion, slim body with breasts slightly bigger (38-24-34) in proportion to her body structure) [these are not our real names of course.

We are a middle class family from Nepal city not to reveal), father and mother both working as government employees; father being posted since last 15 years in far district some 600 kilo meters from our city. Father would come and visit us at least once every two months before I start my story.

I would like to confess that I feel quite relieved to have persuaded my sister in having sex with me. It was a very difficult task for me, and had I not been able to persuade my sister into sex, I think I would have cursed myself for having a ‘sick’ mentality and would have felt secluded from my family and the society and don’t know how would I have coped up with it.

Now to the story again and I and Amisha di have been very close since our childhood as we were raised together and studied together in our school days. We had a two-and-half story building, ground floor being given on rent to a middle aged couple for grocery shop and we lived on the first floor consisting of one drawing room, three bed rooms

One kitchen and one bathroom second floor consisted of one small room, which was used as a storeroom. Amisha di and I used to sleep in one room in single bed till I was 12 and she 18 years of age, after which we were given separate rooms. She was a bright student in school days and used to give me lessons even late night in our rooms till.

I completed high school as with other brothers sisters in other families, we at times quarrelled on petty things, threw each other’s stuffs around, cracked jokes, pranked, sometimes sobbed together on misfortunes, celebrated successes, empathized each other and consoled when our parents scolded a normal brother sister relationship.

I learned about masturbation from my friends and elder boys in school when I was about 18 years old studying in grade 8. My first experience of sex or so called puppy sex. I had so called sex and I did have erection! Ha ha with a neighbouring girl of my age while playing ‘hide and seek’ game.

We did it occasionally with our clothes on whenever we played the game – for some 4-5 months. Then she migrated far away to some other place with her parents thereafter never to be met again in grades 8, 9 and 10.


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