Cheating mom

Yes, i do believe my mom is sexy. Very sexy for a 45 yr old. Shes 5’6 to 5’7, light skinned with long black hair that touches a little past her neck. She is fat, but still has a little bit of a figure. She has big somewhat saggy breasts with light brown nipples and a nice fat ass that you’d just love to grab if you saw. Sometimes when i’m horny, i would go and spy on her. I’d peep through the door when she got home from work changing her clothes or just before she’d get ready to take a bath. With that being said, the best way to see my mom naked/horny was getting her drunk. That’s right, when my mom gets drunk she turns a little crazy, she can’t really handle it. Then again, it depends on how much she drinks as well. Best part is, she doesn’t remember half the stuff she does. My dad knows this, and i know he does. Sometimes my dad would force her to drink. By force, i mean he will insist on her drinking over and over. Usually she gives in and does drink, once she has had one, she’ll go for another and another. Sometimes she doesn’t feel like it and will say no, not today and gets frustrated if my dad continues, so he usually stops. When she does drink though, those night (and yes, i do know most people wouldn’t do this but,) i would slowly go and listen behind their closed bedroom door. I would hear my mom getting fucked. That really used to turn me on, still does.

So how does my mom cheat? She cheats with my uncle or you could also say her uncle. And boy, does she cheat. He is my mom’s dad’s second cousin. He is 15 yrs older then my mom at 60 years old. He is divorced since 5 years, tall around 6’0, very light skinned, curly short blackish-gray hair, with a beer belly. He is in good shape and pretty handsome for a 60 year old. It all started 5 years back, when he had gotten divorced with his wife. My family started to talk to my uncle little by little. My mom started to more then anyone else though, she felt sorry for him since the divorce happened. One thing led to another, he helped us a lot and we helped him a lot, and now we are very close, i will go so far as to say he is somewhat apart of the family. However, my dad started to note little things, and so did my brother and i. She would be on the phone with him, talking to him like he was her husband and whatnot. My dad fought with my mom a couple of times about it, he was a little jealous. But surely enough, my dad said no more talking to him on the phone. However that didn’t stop her, she got a secret cell phone plan and started to talk to him through that. It was a plan through my uncle, as she didn’t have a cell phone we knew of. I was the only one to notice this. She still, to this day talks to him everyday on that phone. I of course could not say anything to my brother or dad so i keep it to myself. Small things also happened, for example, christmas hugs would be longer and tighter then anyone elses, kisses on the cheek would take longer and more meaningful, and this would only be done when my dad wasn’t paying attention.

This leads to the big party we have for my dad’s 49th birthday. Since it was the last birthday before the big 5-0, we had a big party. Yup, she cheats on my dad’s birthday party. Anyway, we have a pretty big basement, with one big hall, with 2 other rooms. One is a washroom, and the other a room with a tv, bar and couches. The hall is where everyone would dance and have fun when we have parties. So the party starts and as time goes on everyone starts to dance. My brother and three cousins who i usually hang around during these parties decide they’re too cool to be at our party and go to the movies to watch a new movie that was out. They offered me, but i stayed home just because there were babies, and no one to look after them but, yes, me once everyone starts to drink. At that time, everyone already did. I went upstairs and left the 2 babies in my room. Put a cartoon on and gave them some toys to play with, that usually kept them busy. I went back downstairs and things really started to heat up. The lights were dim, and a lot of people were dancing. The two i noticed the most, you guessed it, my mom and uncle. They were working up a sweat, looking at each other smiling. They slowly moved near a corner and got a little closer, my uncle was touching my mom’s hips. I couldn’t believe it, but then i soon realized why she was going with it. The song stopped, and she went to the table. My mom picked up a cup and drank what was left, she then poured some more alcohol. She was drinking…a lot! I went to find my dad, i checked the other room – my dad, his brother, my mom’s brother and another one of my uncles, all drunk, were watching tv. The next song started and everyone started dancing again. My uncle went up behind my mom and started dancing with my mom’s back against him. I was embarrassed, and looked around if anyone noticed, no one did as they were occupied themselves, and it was after all a dime lighting with a lot of them half drunk. I looked again at my mom and uncle, my uncle’s hands were touching the front of my moms hips, moving closer to her pussy area. Eventually he made it there, he rubbed her pussy a little, my mom looked uncomfortable while she put her hands on top of his, rubbed a little more, then slowly removed his hands. I was so shocked. My mom then went went upstairs, my uncle followed. I was scared, i didn’t know what they were going to do. I waited, then went upstairs after a few minutes.

They were not on the main floor, so i went upstairs to the second. On my way up i could faintly hear ‘oh. Oh’. And it sounded like my uncle. I slowly walked up, and turned to look at my parent’s bedroom. The door was almost wide open, they didn’t even bother to close it. My uncle was laying down on the tip of the bed, with his pants down to his feet. My mom, on her knees sucking his dick. My uncle had his hands reached up on her head pressing it down and up. I never thought i would see the day my mom sucking a dick. It just didn’t seem possible, only would i see that on porn movies, etc. The worst part was, directly across the room were 2 babies, their door was closed however. My mom was gagging on my uncle’s dick. She took her mouth off his dick, it was very big and he had a very big boner. My mom took off her top. She was wearing a black bra. Her tits looked so big in it. I couldn’t believe it. Was my mom that drunk? I even started to get a boner. She said ‘hey, look’ with a smile, lifting her breasts up, kind of giggling them. She then put them inbetween my uncle’s dick and pulled them up and down while licking the tip of his penis with her tounge. I couldn’t believe she still hadn’t seen me. Which made me realize, if i wanted to keep watching, i should hide a little better. So i did. It was a worser angle then the first, but it had to do. My uncle said ‘come here’ and she did. She slid on top of him. She was litterally on top. My uncle was saying something, but i couldn’t hear. I dd however make out him saying, ‘oh yes’. I heard them kissing. My uncle then was grabbing my moms butt, squeezing and rubbing it very tightly. My mom then got off. She didnt have her bra on anymore, her boobs were out and looked so nice, well from the side i could see at least. Then my uncle started to get up, i got scared and quickly moved away. I slowly peeked again, this time my mom was sitting on the bed, while my uncle stood and my mom sucked his dick. He was grabbing her breasts, playing around with them. She was gagging when it went too much. He pushed her down and unbuttoned her pants. I couldn’t believe or understand it, why would they be doing it, they could so easily be caught. He pulled her pants down and brought he panties down with it. Her hair pussy was in view now. I quickly looked away with a hot feeling in my chest. I was, for some reason, enjoying it. I didn’t look for a few seconds. I then heard ‘thump, thump, thump’ like when someone is getting fucked hard. I looked again, my mom, who was laying on the bed, had her legs pulled up by my uncle as he was fucking her while he stood near the edge of the bed. I couldn’t see the expression on my mom’s face because of the angle i was in, but i could hear faint moans from her. I watched the whole thing. They continued what they were doing for a good 3-5 minutes, my uncle would occasionly go down to kiss her or suck her breasts. He would also take his dick out and jerk it around a little bit before picking her legs up to fuck her again. Finally they stopped, but surprizingly weren’t done. They readjusted, with my mom moving up, as did my uncle. My mom was laying on her stomick from what i could tell, i think my uncle was fucking her ass, her moans got a little louder but from the sound of the moan i could tell she put her face down. At this point i could only see a little of my uncle’s ass, and both their feet. This lasted a solid 2 minutes before my uncle rolled off and laid on the bed beside her. My uncle then started to get off the bed. I hid. I then heard the door close. I slowly peeped back, to see a closed door. That was it. I checked on the babies, and went back downstairs. They came down separately a short time later as if nothing had happened. They did slowly glance and smile at each other multiple times during dinner, but that was it.

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