Bhabhi devar

I was staying with my uncle when i was almost 26. My cousin’s wife was very sexy. She always seemed to be sex hungry. One night at a function at some relative’s place we all had to sleep on mattresses on ground. She was just next to me. I do not know if she did it knowingly or it was just a matter of chance. Almost at midnight i felt soft hand moving on my pyajama.I could not understand whats happening.But it continued, i could feel its some lady and suddenly i felt pressure on my Lund. I was aroused and started moving my hands on her.Then i could understand she is Asha my cousin’s wife. She is 38/28/38 and has very sexy nipples and mummas.She just ushered in my ear not to make noise but enjoy her moves. I was completely aroused. Before that i had never fucked any one. I too started moving my hands on her blouse and started pressing her mummas initially slowly and then harder and harder. She opened her blouse hooks and put one of her mummas in my mouth.

She was full of milk as she had given birth to a son just 6 weeks before.I drank her milk, but she wanted me to take her both the mummas together and suck them. I did it and in the meantime i pulled her petticoat up and started massaging her Chute. She started enjoying it and took my mouth to her chute. I was feeling on heights and sucked her hard.All the time she had been playing with my hard Lund,though we could not speak because of fear of others awakening,but did every thing possible. She took my lund in her mouth and sucked sucked and sucked hard to last and took all its outcome inside me too did the same to her. But she was not satisfied and finally came upon me and took my lund inside her chute and started making strokes till the time she again came up. In the morning when we saw each other she just blushed but after that whenever she got chance she would either make me suck her mummas or ask me to put my fingers in her chute or get fuck depending upon the situation. I still look forward if she was near to me i would have fucked her almost daily.any housewife interested may write to me

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