Bang Bang With Friend’s Family – Part III

Madhu’s story

……… Every one wished each other good night and left, leaving myself,Lata and Nagarathna on that gigantic bed. Nagarathna told Sheela to make Grandma comfortable and to see If Rajanna needed any thing. Lata was surprised.

” Why, are you not going to sleep in Rajanna’s room? What if he needs any thing in the night? ” She asked her. Nagarathna acted hurt.

” Oh, I see, you want privacy. Why don’t you say so? Let me go” She tried to free her boobs from our hands and mouths.

“No,no, no, that was not what I meant. He had a massive attack, so why didn’t you ask Sheela to sleep in his room, What will he do if he wants any thing?” Lata did not let go but clasped right tit more firmly.

Nagarathna laughed heartily.” If he wants, he will get up. He is perfectly ok,that wily old fox” she said hugging us closer.

I looked at her mischievous smile and told Lata that there was some thing they were hiding and prompted Nagarathna to come out clean. Nagarathna asked us to hold her tight and promise that we would not leave her after listening to what she had to say. We promised.

” Rajanna is Ok. He has just viral fever. He is weak but by next week he will be like an enraged bull pulverizing all pussies in sight” she told us. We were shocked.

” But why the lies about his heart attack?” I asked bewildered. But I didn’t stop pulling and pinching her left nipple.

“Wait a minute.It was Grandma’s idea, isn’t it? She wrote the script to make me have, what she feels, is a good time ” Lata told as a matter of fact, but I could sense anger bubbling . Nagarathna also noticed and took her head in both hands and planted a kiss and with her tongue forced open Lata’s teeth and resistance and expertly licked her tongue, gums and teeth. Lata’s eyes closed in ecstacy.

Nagarathna opened eyes and sent signal to me to lick Lata’s pussy. I got out of trance,crawled between Lata’s legs, parted her thighs.Nagarathana meanwhile, without breaking her kiss, moved her right hand and with middle finger started kneading Lata’s clit and squeezing Lata’s tit with left hand. Lata was slowly losing her battle against Nagarathna’s advances. She took Nagarathna’s head in both hands and was exploring her mouth with her tongue.

I started licking Lata’s pussy inner pink walls and pulling,tweaking her nipples at the same time. Without opening eyes, Lata found Nagarathna’s pussy and was fondling. Lata came very fast, squirting juice full blast into my mouth. As I got up, Nagarathna opened eyes and signalled with her hand if I was ready to bang. As answer, I rammed my dick into Lata’s wet pussy in one stroke. Nagarathna broke their kiss and moved aside and asked me to kiss Lata. I leaned over, without slowing down, planted my lips on hers and kissed. She struggled to break free as she realized she was tasting her own juices. I did not losen my grip and slowly she allowed herself to relax and lapped her juices.As she was licking my tongue, Nagarathna again tapped me on shoulder to move over and started lapping up from Lata’s mouth.

Nagarathna was an artist.She knew how to make people beg her for more.She did not straight away start sucking Lata’s juices from her mouth.First she kissed Lata on the lips, then nibbled lower lip, tantalizingly slowly licked her lips, traced contours of her mouth with tip of her tongue, teased Lata until she brought her to the brink then with suddenness that brought a gasp from Lata, forced open her lips and started licking and sucking. Those tremors I could sense in Lata’s pussy as she kept clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles and massaging my cock. I banged her pussy so violently I thought the cot would break.

Lata signalled that she wanted to ride me, so I took out my glistening cock and lay flat on my back. Nagarathna after guiding my cock in her oozing pussy, came and sat astride my face and pushed her pussy into my mouth. My view was blocked but I could sense heavy petting,kissing and licking upstairs, Lata was thrashing up and down moaning loudly. My upward thrusts matched her force and seasoned Nagarathna timed her cum to coincide with ours.

As Lata rolled over and lay flat,Nagarathna pounced like a tigress, spread Lata’s thighs and licked my cum and her juices clean from her pussy. Lata was looking with saucer sized eyes unbelievingly, as Nagarathna licked her pussy clean like a cat cleans a milk bowl and then she licked my dick clean. Finally, she got up, smiled and went to bathroom.

Lata was flabbergasted, “Have you seen it? How can she lick that awful gluey stuff” she shuddered.

I shrugged. ” I read in one of the sex advisers’ column, one husband was lamenting that he forced his reluctant wife to suck his cock and now she likes it so much, she only wants to suck, doesn’t want to bang. So may be you have to develop a taste”

Nagarathna came from bathroom, one after other we also went, cleaned ourselves. When we came out, she was lying flat with hands under head,legs parted, looking at the ceiling. We lay on either side and hugged her.

“OK .you managed to divert the topic but not to make me forget. Come out clean. What was Grandma’s plan? How my parents,brother are involved in seducing me ?” Lata asked , playing with nipple.

“When Grandma came to visit Rajanna, few days back, she had the brain wave. She knew you are very kind hearted and would never refuse a sick man’s request. She wanted to see our 3 sum . It seems you people always discuss about me before banging. So she thought she would be doing favour to all of us.

” Your Grandma is not a saint. She started all the incest thing. You were the only one who was the blacksheep.she wanted to bring you to the fold. Idea was hers. Entire planning,execution is mine. Madhu must have told you that he masturbated many times before me, so I also was burning with desire for him. Every thing went according to plan” She said proudly.

“But, how? How could you have known that I would take spare key from flower pot? I could have rung door bell?” Lata asked doubtfully.

“Think back, Your Grandma asked you not to disturb them and take key from flower pot” Nagarathna said.

“By jove, yes, she told me..” Lata exclaimed.

” There was of course tension. You preponed your visit. We had to rush . We called Basavanna from market, arranged every thing. Rajanna was the look out. He alerted when your bike was sighted,then we swung into action. Though Raju and Harish are good studs they can not bang for hours,so we had to start when you got down from bike” Nagarathna was like a proud General who won a war.

Nagarathna pushed us and got up.”OK,catch some sleep. I will also sleep in the next room”

I asked her ” Why don’t you sleep here?”

She smiled ” You know why. You both are so horny, you will keep disturbing me. Good night”

As we wished her good night, she paused at the door, hesitated and asked us ” Did you observe the mirror?”

We noticed the rectangular mirror, 6 feet by 3 feet on the wall,in which we could see entire proceedings on the bed.

“Apart from huge size, any thing special?” I asked her.

“Yes. It is a two way mirror.People in that room can see into this room. Your parents,Padma,Basavanna,brother Raju and his wife Suma were there right through our sessions. In that room, there is a table with foam mattress in front of the mirror. 4 couples can have sex, doggy style while watching from mirror. Your mom and Suma were banged by Basavanna, Raju alternately. They told your Grandma they enjoyed your show to the hilt and that it was the best.They left when you went to bathroom.Good night ” Nagatrathna smiled and left.

Lata’s face was white as a sheet. I hugged her and kissed her. She did not respond.After a long time she asked me in a whisper.

“Can you imagine what they could have seen?”

I was already imagining for quite some time. I imagined myself standing behind Basavanna and Raju as they were pounding both Ladies’ wet pussies alternately, watching as Lata shamelessly spread her thighs and opened her pussy lips into the face of Naganna and her pushing my head and licking Nagarathna’s pussy and getting her tits mauled and kissed by me as I was pounding Nagarathna and getting her pussy licked by her and finally riding my cock and kissing Nagarathna ….. yes, I was imagining……..

“Yes, I can imagine what they had seen..” I told her as my cock began to poke her between legs.

She was shocked ” Are you mad? You have already finished twice” she admonished me.

“Yes” I told her….. I didn’t have the nerve to admit that my cock was rising by the vision of my pushing Basavanna and Raju aside and slamming my cock into wet pussies of Padma and Suma….her mother and sister in law…………..


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