Aunty got pregnant

Hi friends ,this is rahul from – karnataka. Am an engineering student & i came to bangalore for study. We r from hyderabad & my uncle is having his own set bussiness in bangalore. So, i am staying in his house & doing my be. My uncle had no child. Though he had a very beautiful wife , my aunty, nita. I had an eye for her from the begining. She had very well shapped ,tight & firm sized two big boobs of about 38 size. Her waist was so beautifully curved. She was having long curled hairs upto her waist. Her naval was some thing cant be described , only found in heaven. Her sweet lips ( i always wanted to bite them ) , her well shapped , heavy ass , just made her sex goddess of my dream. I just wanted to do dirty, hard core sex with her, even when i was just studying in just class 10th. She was unaware that , she is my sex goddees who really made me the man. Its only beacuse of her i always wanted to have a very big & thick cock of 9 inch. So, that i can make her cry in pain when i will be banging her tight pussy with my big , fat cock. Thanks to modern science that i took proper medicine & heavy excercises , due to which i am having a tough body & a very big & fat 9.5 inch cock.

I wanted to do honeymoon nights with my aunt nita when i was just in 10th. I wanted to take her to my bed room the day when she just got married to my uncle.but i was helpless then. I was just 16 years old & she was well developed 28 years. Later when after doing my grad i decided to go for engg , she was 34 & i was 22. We had a age difference of 14 years , but i was just mad for her body. I had many girlfriends in between , but , with none of them i shared my manhood . I was determined to use my huge load in my aunt nita’s pussy first. Atlast i got my chances with her.

When i reached my uncle s home , she greeted me with a beautiful smile in her lips. Uncle came late in night. He was very happy to see me . Days went by, i bacame closer to my aunt & started to talk about raw sex & sexual positions openly, when uncle not in home. One fine evening , after getting back from college , i heard that uncle will be out of station for 10 days due to bussiness.

I found this to be the golden oppertunity. Later in the evening after having our diner , we were watching tv. Then suddenly a hot seen came in tv. I was aroused immediately. I placed my hand on nita’s boobs. She was shocked & surrendared immediately . I knew it as she was not happy with her sex life. I didn’t wasted time & immediately torned her blouse , bra . Throw her sari out of the bed , pulled her panty down & locked her sweet lips with mine. I was sucking her lips & fondling her big breast very badly. Not only that i parted her legs apart as if i am handling a whore & inserted my fingers in her clened shaved pussy. She was moaning like hell in deep pleasure. I was very happy to take her in the bed , naked . My dream came true. Now i took off my every piece of clothings & stood naked with my huge load erected very strongly in front of her mouth.

She smiled at my load size & told – u r wonderfull my dear. I replied – its all for you sweet heart. I caught hold her hair in tight grips & forced her to swallow my huge load in her sweet mouth. I pushed her face every time to suck my big fat 9 inch cock. I fucked her mouth for about 20 mins & was feeling very proud to be a man of my dream woman. I was thinking that what my uncle could not done , i did & with great power i forced her beautiful wife to be my whore & used her to satisfy my sex hunger.

After the sucking session , i pushed her to lay on the bed & jumped over her . Now this was the perfect position for the final destruction of my aunts womanhood. I caught hold her hips & pushed towards my fat pennis , put my face & lips engaged with her big breasts , biting them heard. Now, i parted her pussy lips apart & pushed my real big fat 9.5 inch cock in her tight pussy. She shouted & cried in pain, but i never show any mercy & rather pushed harder & harder inside her womanhood. She kept on crying for some mercy but i didn’t listed to her. The harder she shouted , the harder i pushed & made her cry in pain. It gave a heavenly pleasure in my body of fucking a hot woman , my aunty , my nita. After half an hour of hard fuck , i ejaculaed my a cup full of white cream semen inside her hot cunt. She seemed to be very satisfied & me too. But suddenly i turned & saw my uncle. He missed his flight & came back. He saw every thing we did. I was very terrified. I dressed my self & helped my aunt to be dressed. We came silently in front of my uncle & confessed what we did. I told – i am very sorry uncle, that i made your wife naked & fucked , in your house , in your bed only. I could not control my self. My aunty also told him – what u could not gave me all these years , your nephew gave me everything in just few hours. You wont believe the size of the dick of your nephew. Its 10 times bigger & fatter than yours. I am very very satisfied with him. Please forgive him. At last my uncle told us – my dear , i am sorry that i could not understood the feeling of my wife & you my nephew. Its quite natural for you to be attracted to my wife ,ur aunt nita as she is also not having any child. Its better to be my nephew’s semen , than an out sider to produce our child in my wife’s woomb. Can i request you to give us a child. I was readyly agreed. Then i started a long course of fucking sessions to my sex bomb aunt, nita.

At last nita produced my son after 1 year. Now he is in school, calls me brother & my uncle the father . Yet he hardly will know that his brother produced him after fucking her mother nacked for long times in front of his father.

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