Agony Aunty – Innocence to Excellence

Hi friends, I m Rajan age 26 yrs and working as a Physiotherapist in one city of Gujarat. The story I m going to narrate is an absolute hott experience of my life that won’t get repeat ever. A bit long one but definite horney.
From the adolecence,I m much interested in Mid aged horney women in b/w 30-40 yrs of age,instead of Virgin girls. My thinking is that They r much experienced, familiar and horney during their this phase of life and can give a definite satisfaction to anyone. I was 20 yrs of age,when this incident happened.
Our has a big two storied house and I live on ground floor with my parents(I m a single child). The first floor,we wanted to give on Rent. One day a Brocker came with one couple to show them our house. Both are b/w 38-40 yrs of age but husband is ugly looking and wife is obviously beautiful. They lives in a nearby village of our city and for their children’s schooling they shifted to city for few yrs. Son is in 5th and daughter just came in 8th STD. The main point is that the husband is a Worker in a Shipping company so he comes only in 2 yrs/once. So they were searching in such house that her family can safely reside in city in husband’s absence. They liked my home and deal is done. ( Don’t get exhausted frds, there is a long story to go).
Bhabhi’s name was Vandna and she was plump butt a definite maal with approx 5’2” ht, 40 32 40 figure and whetish complexion. But noticeable point is that she was hairy on her body (I just love hairy women). Her Ass was just killer, A Big One. Her Husband must have missed her on her Trip days everytime. Boy is Rahul,11 yrs and Girl is Darshna,15 yrs.
Initially there was no bad intension of me towards her, as They r our renters and my parents re much strict so I was a studius kind guy. I was in 12 STD at that time so nothing happened, just study had gone day n night. I passes with good percentage and Got admission in Physiotherapy. Her children also passed one STD and during this time her husband also went in Ship. After my admission in Physiotherapy college, I was a bit relaxed from studies got much time to fly. During this time, I also get casual with her both Kids and There is also I got home relation with them. I was just 19 yrs of age at that time.
Now one incident happened, one day I went to their home to call Rahul to play cricket. Vandna was washing vessels in kitchen. I just went inside their home calling Rahul and during entering their room stood shocked. Darshna was sleeping on bed wearing a upper portion of Punjabi dress and not Pyjama but but but the hott thing is that she had not wore any PANTY inside. She was stark naked on bed and Her PUSSY was flying her Bushy Hairs in Fan Air. She had pulled her dress upto lower part of her chest and she was in her deep sleep. I got shocked and came out (Rahul was not at her home and Vandna didnt knew that I came). I cant concentrate on anything that day. How can it a Possible for a 16 yrs old gal to sleep naked ??? Does they habituated with this ? She doesnt care for about even brother ??
Now This became my mission to find out her Nudity reason and For this, its necessary for me to go to their home everyday. As i was casual with both the kids,It was easy to get into their home and as I got admission in doctory,they also have very respect for me so things went good according to my plan. I went many a times in their home after that but not found anything weired thing. One thing I noticed that they are a very Desi villager people who dont know the aspects of life. Not even the trends of modern life,as they r basically a Villagers.
One fine day, there was a rainy season and Rahul was in her school while Darshna was a home and casually I went to their home. A big shock was waiting for me again. This time, Vandna was in bathroom and when I reached,Darshna was sleeping in drawing room wearing nighty but as usual without PANTY stark naked below her waist. I got frizzed and Vandna came from bathroom and seeing me,asked when u came ?? I was still shocked, and seeing this she understood the reason and Said ‘Pagal Chhokri, game tya j sui jai chhe’ and hold her in arms and shifted to her bedroom. She came back and again talked with me very casually just like nothing has happened. She has not even given explanation about Darshna’s Nudity. It seem that it was a normal thing for this people. What’s the matter ??

More to come in part 2

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