A Week With My Mother In law

Hi friends and this is an incident which happened 3 years back at that time me and my family was in Canada. My MIL (Mother in Law) happened to visit us for a short vacation. Now about my MIL, she was 45 years at the time of the incident and I was 28 years at that time even though she was 45 years she just looked 35 years with average maintained body. She had 36 boobs but did not look that much even when she wore saree from the first time.

I saw her I had a lust for her and waited for a chance to get her and but she never showed any such reactions or feelings and behaved normal with me. I used to masturbate thinking of her some times. It was during Christmas and I was on a week’s vacation in Canada as my MIL arrived things went on as usual first 2 days I was with her alone at home during mornings as my wife goes to son had school on the second day after everyone left me and my MIL was alone at home after breakfast.

She was preparing for lunch he happened to chit chat with me as we were chatting she asked me why I don’t want more kids or have you people stopped family planning. I was shocked and I never expected such a question from here and even though I had a lust for her. I though this right time to seduce her and know whats in her mind. I told her that it is not my problem and that the amount of sperms I poured into your daughter would have been an ocean at this she bust in laugh and said really.

I could see something wicked in her laugh and eyes. I asked her why she was laughing and so on. She kept mum and I proceeded further. I said that her daughter was just like father as not interested in sex. To this she looked sharp into my eyes with a question as how did I know about my FIL I asked her, isn’t it true what I said. To this she just smiled. I then asked do you really have sex with your husband often or once in a while and with me much of forcing and she opened her mouth and said once in 2 or 3 months.

I acted as I was surprised, I said really? Is that all? She just nodded her head. I said that is the same with me. She looked into my eyes. I knew this is the time and proceeded further with the conversation. I just went near her as she was cutting the vegetables, facing the table and I hugged her from behind and said I would have been much happy if your daughter was like you. She pushed me aside a bit and said what are you doing and this is not right between us.

I said that I know what relationship is between us however, I just wish to make love with you with whole heart and this desire has been in me from the time I got married. She was shocked to hear this from me. She stood there with a shock as I hugged her tightly from behind and kissed her cheeks. She started to cooperate to my hug and kiss and her tone changed, she told me that still it won’t look good if someone comes to know as I am your MIL.

I said no one will know about this as it is just between us and by saying this I turned her to face me and looked into her eyes and lips with much passion and lust we slowly smooched. We knew there was plenty of time and was in no hurry. She slowly opened her mouth and crossed her tongue with mine.I could feel the heat in her mouth and body. She was burning in my hands while kissing it I unbuttoned her nightie from front and unhooked her bra from back.

I started to squeeze her boobs. They were big but were a bit hard as she rarely has sex. I took one of her boobs out and kissed her black and pointed tits. I slowly opened my mouth and licked her tits. She just made a noise ahhhhh! When I heard her moans I became mad for her and I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I came on top of her and and we again started kissing, I took of my Bermuda and was naked in front of her.

I slowly removed her nightie and her bra and her lower skirt. She was not wearing panty. She had hair near her pussy but very little. She was very shy naked in front of me as after all she is my MIL. I said its ok don’t feel shy and free your self. She hugged me and kissed me and came on top of me. She rubbed my cock up and down and kissed me. She was enjoying feeling my cock. Now it was my dream of her giving me a blowjob and for that I first started to finger her pussy it was bit wet.

She asked me what are you doing as it was new to her. I said that you will enjoy this.I rubbed her pussy walls and entered my middle finger into her pussy and started to stroke. She spread her legs and relaxed her body and started enjoying the fingering. My strokes increased the speed and she was like oh what a pleasure and was moaning ohhhhhhh yaaaa more! I just made a stop to it. I then asked her to give me a blowjob. She resisted and she said that she doesn’t feel comfortable.

I made it very clear that it is wonderful and so on at last with no heart at all she agreed and took my cock in her hand and slowly licked the tip of my cock and in the mean time I just gave a push and inserted my cock full into her mouth. She slowly started to blow. I started to feel the pleasure in the mean time I started to finger her pussy. This went on for some time and then I asked her to climb on top of me and slowly she climbed and inserted my cock into her pussy.

Wow I was in heavens enjoying the pussy of my MIL.It was bit tight but she had a perfect pussy hole. I could feel that on my cock.She slowly started to pump up and down on my cock. The tap tap sound of her pussy juice was loud in the room. I laid relaxed and enjoyed the pumps for few minutes. Then I made her to kneel down in doggy style and inserted my cock in to her pussy.

She was bit afraid but after entering and few pumpings she started to enjoy while pumping her from back my hands were squeezing her boobs and tits wow it was such a great feel as I felt I might cum, I changed the position to missionary. I inserted my cock and slowly started to pump her.We kissed and smooched each other in love and lust. The smooches were so loud and clear in the room. I took both her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her as that gave more clear entrance into her pussy.

I was on high and wanted to shoot deep into her and for 1 last time I went near her kissed her and said I really loved the time with you. You made a dream come true. She also said that she had never before enjoyed sex so much by taking time and by saying this, I increased the speed and stroked her hard, she was also reaching climax. In a minute we both came together with me shooting a whole load into her. I was like I felt my whole body was poured into her.

I removed my cock from her pussy, my cum was dripping from her pussy hole. We laid and spoke for some time and cleaned ourselves. That whole week of my vacation we enjoyed everyday. I was really a great experience with my MIL. Now we both are in our native but we make it a point to encounter atleast once in a month and I hope you enjoyed my experience. I am interested in sex and friendship with females married or unmarried with those who value friendship. So if you are from kerala and have the same mind set do mail me at [email protected]

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