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Since my husband is working in army we used to go for parties frequently. There I get lots of chance to know others. And, I was really impressed by two of his friends. They are Arvind Gupta and Mahesh Khanna. Both of them are North Indians and they have a tall, good physique. So many times I imagined that I am having sex with them. I was longing to make my dream into reality. Whenever there was a get together I used to go and speak to them voluntarily. I never missed a single chance. These two guys will also be there anticipating my arrival. Slowly, I came to know that I am in their mind. And they are also willing to have sex with me. Initially, our conversation was very decent. But slowly it went towards the romantic side. They used to crack jokes and started narrating things about my beauty.

In one of the party Arvind and Mahesh were dancing on the dance floor and my husband was very much interested in having his drink. I went to the floor and started dancing with Arvind. Arvind never expected this act of mine. He was excited and used this opportunity. He placed his hands on my waist. I was wearing sari. I loved that firm touch. He then slowly moved his left hand to by butt and gave a nice press. He slowly hugged me and I was excited. Both our bodies were rubbing each others. Then we went back home half-heartedly.

Immediately after a week we got the chance to meet each other in a party hosted by my husband’s senior officer. Mahesh and Arvind expressed their will to have sex with me. I was in great joy. I told them to flat my husband in the party by over dose of alcohol . Mahesh took that responsibility and gave more pegs to my husband. My husband was flat in the party. My husband’s senior officer asked Arvind to drop both of us in my house. Arvind agreed to do so. So Arvind and Mahesh accompanied my husband to Arvind’s car. Mahesh took my husband’s bike. We were on the way to home. It was around 11.00 p.m . Arvind smiled at me meaningfully. Arvind was driving his car and I was sitting near him. My husband was on the rear seat. Slowly, Arvind placed his hand on my thigh and lifted my sari up. He massaged my thigh and placed his hand on my pubic area. I leaned little back comfortably on the seat. He started playing on my mound with his hand. I told Arvind to stop the play in the car and continue it at home.

We reached home much to our relief. Simultaneously, Mahesh also reached my home. Both of them helped my husband to get into house. They made him to lie on the sofa in the hall. We three went to the bedroom. Mahesh hugged me tightly from the back crushing my boobs over the sari. Arvind pulled off my sari. He bent and kissed my stomach. Mahesh unhooked my blouse and removed my sari. Now, I was wearing only a bra and skirt. They made me nude and made themselves nude. They lifted me and threw me on the bed and stood near me, ready to start their attack. Arvind’s dick was around 6” length and around 2” thickness and Mahesh’s was lengthwise similar to Arvind but less thick. Arvind fell on me first and hugged me tightly and rolled on the bed from one end to other end. He cupped my breast with his hands tightly and kissed me on my neck. We got down from the bed and all of us were standing. Mahesh hugged me from the backside. I felt the hardness of his rod on my back. Arvind came to my front and started kissing me on my cheek, then slowly my lips, breast, navel and finally he went to my pubic zone. He kissed my hairy area. I used to shave frequently so that my pubic hair remained very less.

He played with his hand and opened my pussy lips with his two thumbs and started licking. In the mean time, Mahesh was playing with his hand all over my back. I felt the real thunder inside my body. Because one is giving pleasure on my back and crushing my breast, taking my nipple between the forefinger and thumb making circle on my nipples. The other person was licking my pussy. I entered the climax and released the juice in his mouth. He licked it vigorously and enjoyed it. Mahesh relaxed his hold on me and now Arvind made me lay on the edge of the bed. He placed four pillows on the bed and made me to lay on that facing the ceiling. He widened my legs and came in the gap and started rubbing his pubic hair with mine. Oh ! I felt the sense of butterfly inside me. Then he moved the foreskin of his cock backwards. I saw the tip of his cock which was shinning due to the lotion secreted by his cock. Then he inserted his cock inside my pussy by opening my pussy lips. His size was really little bit bigger than my husband’s. So I felt the tightness and only one third of his dick entered at first. He gave full thrust and entered completely inside me. I screamed because of pain. Then he started moving to and fro slowly increasing his speed gradually. I was moaning with pain and pleasure altogether. At the same time, Mahesh inserted his dick inside my mouth. I used to suck my husband’s dick. So, I started sucking his dick. I started playing with my fingers on his pubic hair zone, caressed his balls, pulled his cock from my mouth and started licking his hairy zone, balls and again started giving a good blow job to him. Meantime, Arvind was fucking me vigorously with the power of a horse. He held my hip tightly and was moving to and fro.

I lifted my legs and encircled his hip with my legs to make him go inside tighter and tighter. It seems like a hot iron rod was ripping my cunt. Both the guys released their sperm at the same time. I drank Mahesh’s sperm completely and licked his dick and balls. Even after releasing the sperm Arvind still played inside me with his dick then he took it out from me. We all relaxed for half an hour and now Mahesh was ready to fuck me. He asked me to kneel like a dog. I did so then he came closer to my butt and from my back he started playing with my hanging boobs, bite my butt and from the back he inserted his dick in my cunt by adjusting my legs to be in a comfortable position. Now, he started his to and fro movement. The real advantage of the doggy style fuck is the dick will hit the clitoris directly if the dick is good enough. Mahesh was around 6” so its quite good enough for the doggy style fuck. Whenever the dick hit the clitoris there will be the real pleasure. Whenever he moved front his dick hit my clitoris and I enjoyed the pleasure. I was moaning. His hands were playing on my boobs. I asked Arvind to come closer to me. He came and stood in front of me showing his dick to me. I started licking his belly then slowly down, his pubic hair then his dick. Placing the entire support on my left hand and I started playing my right hand on his pubic hair zone, caressed his balls and thigh. He was moaning with pleasure. Then I took his dick in my mouth and started moving my head to and fro.

Mahesh was ramping my pussy from the back. I bite Arvind’s dick, swallowed him completely till my throat, licked, moved in circle and sucked him. He really enjoyed this and told me that he had never enjoyed such a blowjob. His wife never used to do this. Arvind released his sperm in my mouth but Mahesh was still fucking me from the back. Suddenly, Mahesh turned me and made me lie on the bed as he started fucking me again. After a minute he released the sperm from his tank and filled my pussy. The first game started around 12.00 p.m and till 4.00 am the show was continued. I don’t know how many times they drilled my pussy. By Morning 5.00 am, Arvind & Mahesh left my house. I really enjoyed the group sex with those two guys. After this incident, we had sex whenever we think of that and we schedule it according to the convenience of the other. If Arvind was busy then Mahesh will satisfy me. If I get call from these two I will plan my schedule and satisfy them. We three have a good understanding of sexual relationship and it is still continuing filled with pleasure for all of us.

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