Tailor Measured Boobs

Hi everybody, my nickname is sweety.I am 27 years old.I live with my husband and his younger sister and parents.We recently moved to delhi. Its difficult to find a room for rent in a decent neighbourhood. I wanted to stitch some blouse as because of pregnancy my boob size increased and the blouse was tight.

There was no shop nearby.I asked others and they told the nearest is inside a lonely lane..When i went there a thin dark man was sitting reading Hindi newspaper and two boys were cutting clothes..I told them ‘i want to make two new blouse’.He looked at me and said come after nine o clock ,i will be free at that time’ i asked’night time is not right’.He told nothing to worry madam right now i am very busy,if you want to stitch here after nine is the only option.

Then two women came to him and he took took their measurement decently. I got angry ‘what is this”. He told “you are so beautiful,i want to measure you properly when nobody would be here”.What!! Are you crazy?.No seriously you are so fair,beautiful, i haven’t seen any women like you for a long time in this neighborhood” come in the night and we will have fun. I left ,i could hear others scolding him.’what did you do, what if she never comes here’. She will come here trust me.

After that i decided to go somewhere else but i did not know the roads and my husband was abusy man. This tailor was greedy for sex.Nobody could say i was pregnant as externally nothing appeared.Everyday whenever i used to go to the market.Two times i met them ‘they said madam,please come and visit us,you wont be disappointed”.I didn’t tell my husband about this. In front of our house a taxi driver used to live in a small room.He always tried to talk to me staring at my breasts.

He used to pass comments about my body.’what nice pair of breasts you have madam,your husband is a lucky man,please give me some milk from your boobs.Once when nobody was in the street during evening time, i was coming home he even touched my buttocks and pinched my bum. I smiled back ,then with angry eyes and slapped him. ‘dont do that’ . He laughed. I went home.He knew i was enjoying internally. I must control myself.

I went to the tailor shop. They closed the doors. He brought a measuring tape and told me to lift my arms.’i can see your blouse is tight.You have to open your blouse otherwise i cant take measurement. I dropped my aanchal and took off my blouse and put it on the table. I was wearing a white bra. He told me your bra is also tight,i stopped him look bra is not tight i purchased new bra for me so this wont happen i am not going to take off my bra for your satisfaction, now measure my size properly.I could see disappointment in his eye. He measured my breasts arms. And touched my breasts and nipples. Others wanted to measure me and they took my measurement touching me .

I put on my blouse and came out.Before i could reach home i met the driver. He is 20 years old. He stopped me and asked me to come to his home. I told him if my husband sees me visiting you home he would get angry. Then he said okay i know an under construction flat nearby lets go there and chat.’why should i go with you’ .’madam lets have some fun,dont you get bored.He held my arm. I was wearing sleeveless blouse.He massaged them. His touch of rough hand made me shiver. He saw my response and held my hand and took me to the lonely house. We went to the sixth floor.There was a khatia with gaddi. I asked whose is this.There were some liquor bottles also.

He told me he brought this here today from his room,in case i dont go to his home as his home is exactly opposite to mine.I sat on the khatia and it made sound,i felt going inside. Then he started to drink and offered me a glass. I took one sip and threw it away.’you are having fun with a rich housewife’ you dog.He then sat next to me and rubbed my thighs. I looked at him and he reached my stomach and navel. He got confidence and dropped my pallu. In semi dark room he looked at my bust. He pressed my breasts and kissed me. I opened my blouse buttons and then i took off my bra. He grabbed my chuchis and sucked my nipples.At that time i heard some noise and saw those tailors behind. I immediately covered myself with my saree.


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