Sex with nurses

Hello readers, how are you? I know you all are desperate for my next submission. Here it is. This time it is especially for girls and women who like my stories and for those when don’t like it. They will surely get wet and excited while reading my story. On e of a better way to read this story is to copy it to your system, get nude before reading this story. While reading this story visualize all the scenes and most importantly don’t forget to masturbate while reading. Girls can finger fuck their pussy too. So the story starts from here. Ready… go….

There was a wound on my leg’s back side in lower thigh from a long time which I ignored but suddenly one day it became painful. I decided to go to a doctor. I got ready and drove to the hospital. My number came and I entered the room. There was a lady doctor at that time. I told her all the complications I was feeling. I had some other problems too that I had some irritation in the penis area of mine and I was feeling pain in excreting. She said “You must have consulted doctor much before. But firstly show me your wound.” I said “Then you have to help me in getting to the couch.” She said “Relax! I will call a nurse, she will take you to examination room there I will see all your problems.

”And she called a nurse. That nurse came in. The doctor instructed her “Inhe andar le jao aur inke kapde utar kar table par leta do. Aur haan wo jo plastic commode hai na bahar use bhi la kar andar rakh do.” She said “Yes madam” and took me to the room. She said “Aap thoda aage ho jaiye mujhe apka kapda kholna hai.” I did so “she opened my shirt and my undergarment. Then she opened button of my jeans and said “Ab thoda upar kijiye apne aap ko.” I again did so and she snatched my jeans. Then she took off my underwear too. Now I was totally nude in front of a young woman. When she took my underwear off a little bit of urine flowed out of it.

Actually it happened because a woman’s touch was making me mad and horny. She said “Ab pehle aapko peshaab karana hoga.” She took a pot just under my penis which was wet and said “Ab thoda zor lagaiye.” I did so and a lot of urine flowed out of my penis. She was also watching all these things very carefully and was smiling. I didn’t understand that. Anyways then she took me to the examination table. Then she said “Apko ghaav kahan par hai?” I turned and showed her my wound. She looked at it very intensely and again smiled with a lusty look. I thought is she a nurse or a whore.

Then she called the doctor. She came in and the nurse whispered something in her ears. She gave a smile and it looked that they shared a joke. Then she came close to me. I was turned back; she examined my wound and said “Your Wound is too serious. You really have to have a treatment.” Then she said “You were also having some problems in your penis?” I said “yes! I feel severe pain when I go to the loo.” She grasped my penis and was watching problem. She said “Have you ever had sex with anyone?” I replied “Yes, 2 – 3 times with my girlfriend.” Then she asked nurse to bring something. She said to me “Mujhe ek test karna hoga apka. Ismein main apke penis ka skin neeche karungi jaisa condom lagane waqt karte hain. Phir apke muscle par kuchh lagaongi. Ismein thoda jalan hoga wo apko sehna hoga. Phir main apke penis ke andar ek machine daloongi aur tab pata chal jayega ki problem kahan hai.” I said “Ok” she started the procedure, put on the gloves and took my penis’ skin below.

Then she asked for the gel to the nurse. She gave it and the doctor started applying it. It was really very bad. I was shouting with pain. The nurse hold my hands tightly. For doing this she bent down towards me and her left boob accidentally (I thinks so) came on my mouth. So whenever I opened my mouth her boobs came in it. I touched her nipples with my mouth. But nobody gave attention to it.When everything was done she said to the nurse “Pehle inke ghaav ka bandage kar do aur bahar le aao kapde pehna kar.” And both of them again smiled. I was going mad to know what they are talking about. After the doctor was gone the nurse said “Peeche ghoom jaiye mujhe apke ghaav ka bandage karna hai.” I responded her. She took the medicines to start the procedure.

But when she was doing this she removed one of her hand from it and took it near my ass hole. I reacted and said “Ye kya kar rahi hain aap?” She said “Kuchh nahi.” Then she continued bandage but she was fondling my ass hole sometimes. I didn’t reacted further because I thought it would not good to blame a woman for this kind of things. When she completed it she said “Kaisa laga?” I said “What?” She just smiled and took me to the doctor. The doctor said “Look Mr. Amit your wound has become a big problem for you and the problem near the penis can also grow if not checked rightly. Both these things need only care and attention. So, my advice is that get admitted to the hospital for 15days. We will observe your wound and if it does not heal then we will operate and for this I will keep you not in general ward but you will be in a special room that is for those patients who need special care.

In that room all the nurses who are not on duty spend their time. You will be under 12 nurses all the time.” While she was explaining me all these things the nurse was again smiling naughtily. I again ignored it but was searching the meaning of the question she asked me. I said to the doctor “Ok doctor I will get admitted today in the evening. But will that relieve me from all these things.” She said “I assure you!”

I packed my baggage when I came back to home. The time was 4:45p.m and I had to get there at 7:00. So after getting ready I informed some of my friends about this. They asked me to drop me there but I told them not to worry. I reached the hospital at 7:15p.m. I got into the doctor’s room. She greeted me and called a nurse. This time another nurse. She said “Achcha suno inhe nurse wale room mein admit karna hai. Le jao aur achche se khayal rakhna, samjhi? Aur ye lo inka chart ki din bhar inka kya routine hoga.” She said “Achcha to yahi hain jinke bare mein apne bataya tha. Ji theek hai main inhe le jaati hoon.” And she took me. The room was at the end of the building. We reached there and she opened the door. Firstly let me explain the room. It was a big hall with one bed which resembles of a patient and had 4 other beds on the other side of the room.

There was a cupboard of steel and one of wood. There was a small kitchen type space too and most strangely what I saw that the bathroom was there but without any door or curtain. I saw a woman bathing there when I entered the room. That was my first sight in the room. Anyways the nurse took me in the room and said to others “Yahi hai wo. Ise rehna hai 15 din tak aur hamein iska dhyan rakhna hai.” All other nurses laughed loud. I thought that she was talking very polite outside and is using chaloo language inside. Then that nurse said to the woman who was bathing “Arey Sushma naya patient hai. Nehla do na. Achche se nehlana.” She replied “Idhar bhej do. Aisa nahlaungi ki 15din tak nehlane ki zaroorat nahi padegi.” And they laughed again. I was feeling confused and was embarrassed too. But one of them took me in bathroom and left me on a tool.

I saw that woman (Sushma) totally nude. Her wet body was making me wet too. Water was dripping from her brown nipples and her pussy was red hot, I don’t know why? Her complexion was fair so each part of her body was glowing with water on it. She came close to me and asked me “Naam kya hai?” I didn’t replied and was staring at her pussy. She noticed it and laughed “Arey dekh ye to seedhe mere chhoot ko hi ghoor raha hai. Kyo bahut hot laga na?” My concentration broke with her laugh; I got embarrassed. I thought that what she would think of me. But for my surprise she took my hands near her pussy and said “Chhoo kar dekh lo sirf ghoorne mein mazaa kahan aata hai.” I stared at her eyes in questioning mode. She said “Aise kya dekh rahe ho. Kabhi aurat ke jannat ko chhua nahi hai kya?” And with this she pulled my hands on her pussy.

I reacted but she didn’t left me. She started caressing her pussy with my hands. I was just in shock and was galloping my saliva. She took my index finger and inserted it in her pussy. Suddenly another nurse said “Arey sale sib kuchh abhor karna hai kya. Nehla kar la use. Late hai virgin hai.” Then Sushma asked “Virgin ho kya?” I said “Nahi.” Then she smiled and opened my clothes I was totally nude in front that number of woman all looking to eat me as I understood that till now. When she took all my clothes my monster came out. It was at its full length due to the foreplay she did. She screamed “Arey sib deco is baar mard aaya hai hamare beech.” I can assure that ye 5 ko aaram se sambhal lega ek baar mein. Khaas kar Sweety ko, uska chhoot itna bada jo hai. Koi mehnat nahi lagti hai kuchh bhi ghusane mein.” Everyone laughed on that joke with inspecting my penis.

Then one of them said “Ae ek baar nujhe muh marne do na ismein. Laalach aa rahi hai.” Then another one said “Achcha mar le.” With this she pounced on my lower body and in a second my penis was in her mouth. It is 8 inches but gone in her mouth like a 5 inch cock. I said “Ye aap log kya kar rahe hain. Ye koi brothel hai kya?” Then another nurse said to the one sucking my penis “Lagta hai iske saath number 1 ya 2 kaam nahi karega. Mood mein nahi hai saala. 3 se karwana padega.” She smiled while continuing the sucking. She sucked my penis with great pleasure and I cummed in her mouth twice. I just couldn’t control the pressure she was applying on my monster. She drank all of the cum. I was getting annoyed with all this. But nobody listened to me and teased my body too. When she was done everyone left me to bath. Sushma gave me a sexy bath. She explored every part of my body with her finger. She finger fucked my ass too. She gave me a hand job while applying soap on my penis. Then after the bath she rinsed my body and took me to the bed.

She removed my towel. By that time I became a bit free here. So I asked “Koi mujhe batayega ye yahan ho kya raha hai?” Then one of them said “Ye tumhara welcome hai, wo kya hai na ye jo room hai wo un patients ke liye hai jinhe special care chahiye but humne is room ko enjoyment room banaya hai. Jo bhi patient yahan aata hai aur hamein pasand aa jata hai to use hum apna sex toy bana lete hain. Matlab jo man karta hai uske body ke saath wo karte hain.Then I said “ Agar main bhi jana chaahoon to?” Again reply came “To ja sakte ho par soch lo har variety ki randi bina kisi daam ke kahin aur nahi milengi.” And they laughed again. Then I said “ Never, main kabhi tum logon ke saath ye sab nahi karunga.” Then one of them said in a suspicious manner “Achcha hum tumhare saath enjoy nahi karenge. But tumhare wound ka dressing to karwa lo.” I agreed and moved backward. I saw 3 nurses coming to me. I thought what 3 nurses would do in such a small thing.

So, they came near me, one of them sat on my left lower side, second on my right side at same position and the third one sat just above my head. The third one was Sushma who just came from bath so she was nude and her pussy was millimeters away from my mouth. I felt the aroma of her pussy but I was in no mood to have her with me. Anyways one of them started the procedure and applied something which felt cool on my thigh. When all these things were going I suddenly felt some pressure on my ass. I turned in a hurry and saw that one of the nurses had inserted her mouth in my ass hole. I tried to wake up but Sushma caught my head and my hands were under my body. So I started shouting. Then one of the nurse told Sushma “Arey chup kara na sale ko.

Koi patient sunega to kya hoga.” Sushma nodded and in a flash took herself near to me and inserted her pussy in my mouth. It went too deep on my tongue. She holds my head so I couldn’t resist even. I thought it would be nice to let them do whatever they want because I had no way to escape. So, the sucking of my ass hole and her pussy continued for 5 minutes. I didn’t get involved but the nurse who was sucking me went mad while sucking my ass. She licked the holes like there is no tomorrow. She even inserted her tongue in my hole.

My ass cheeks and hole was totally wet with her saliva. They all left me and I turned down. I was very angry and said “Main apko court tak le jaunga. You’ll have to pay for this.” Then the nurse who sucked me said “Achcha, le ja sale mard khud ko bolta hai aur rape case mein ek mujhe andar karayega. Arey itna to ladki nahi roti hai rape karne par aur tu sale bhadve sirf chaat liya to court jayega. Kya chat lene se bachcha paida ho jayega kya tere se. Kutta… kabhi aurat ko choda nahi hai kya jo itna darr raha hai. Napunsak hai kya?” I said “I am loyal to my girlfriend. Main uske alava kisi ke saath sex nahi karunga.” Then she replied “Abey itna mast lund leke ghoomta hai aur bolta hai sirf ek ladki mein ghusayega. Baaki ko bhi mauka de na apna chhoot tujhse padhwane ka.” Then I said “Never!” She said “To theek hai, teri marzi ab 15 dino tak aise hi roz rape karenge hum sab aur maa kasam ab to sale hum sab ke pait mein tera bachcha hoga. Tu dekh sale kaise tu hamare choot phadta hai.”

Then our discussion stopped but I was very disturbed. I thought where I have stuck my self. But my tension was their enjoyment. They used to keep me nude for 24 hours. Sometimes one of them come to me and just touched my penis, sometimes they suddenly start sucking it, sometimes they sat on me and inserted their boobs, vagina or ass hole in my mouth. They also made a habit that whenever any of them came from bath they didn’t rinse their body with towel but they asked me to lick their whole body and I had to do that. This continued for 2 – 3 days but the limit crossed one day. I was on my bed and as usual one of them was playing with my cock.

I was still resisting stopping her. Suddenly one of the other nurses stood and said “ Bahut din se natak dekh rahi hoon. Aaj chodu bana kar hi rahungi kutte ko. Chal Aarti, Neera, Bobby. Aaj hum 4 logon ko ise chodna padega. They all woke up and I was saying no continuously. They started opening their clothes. All of them had very nice body (As this story is especially for girls, so I would like to emphasize on my body). So all of them came closer to me, first took position under my penis other sat on my chest, third positioned her mouth on my ass, as I was sleeping on my left so both my penis and my ass was accessible. The last one was just sitting beside me touching my body.

So they didn’t waste any time and all of them attacked my body parts. First one took my penis in her mouth and started stroking it, second one buried her mouth in my ass and third one started kissing me. While sucking my penis that nurse started biting my dick. I shouted “Oh! It’s hurting” she said “Oh so sorry.” And she bit it even hard. I again shouted. Then she said “Jo kar rahi hoon karwao warna girlfriend ko chod nahi paoge.” I was feeling severe pain in my penis but I had no way other than tolerating all this. The nurse who was sucking my ass also started giving pressure in my hole. I was feeling helpless for all this. When they completed their sucking they removed their mouth and said “Ab sahi time aa gaya. Ek ek kar ke chudvate hain sale se.” They all laughed. Then one of them positioned herself near my penis. She said “Kaisa laga sucking?” I didn’t reply. Then she said “Achcha hatao, ab apne lund ko position mein lao.” I again remain unmoved.

This time her face became angry, she said “Lao to aarti waha se iron rod, bahut der se iska drama chal raha hai.” I thought what will they do atmost? Then Aarti brought that rod. That nurse ordered others “Ab sale ko pakdo kas ke. Haath hatne mat dena.” I realized that something is going wrong here so I jumped off the bed to resist. But what a handicap do without his wheel chair, another nurse caught me and took me to the bed again. She was looking a bit sad with all this. She said “Arey chodo na yaar kya punish karna itni si baat ke liye. Jaane do aur apna kaam karo jo karna hai.” But the nurse who was holding the rod said “Nahi Priya saale ka natak band karna hi padega. Har din bhagta hai jab ki ise pata hai ki ye kuchh kar nahi payega.” So with this she left me and sat beside. Then other nurses caught me tightly and one of them came to my ass.

She firstly licked it hard. Then she parted my ass cheeks and said “Ghusao andar.” Now I understood what my punishment was. They were going to insert that rod in my ass hole. I imagined it and applied all my power to get out but 10 women holding me were not easy to get free. After a second or so I felt something cold near my hole. I understood that it is the rod. Slowly I felt it inside my hole. As the rod was going in I was getting restless. I was shouting due to the pain but nobody was there to help me. Everyone was enjoying all this. I was shouting “Nahi….. Mar jaunga main… leave me… main tum logon ki har baat manunga bas ye nikal lo….. Pleeeeaseeeee……” but they continued to insert it even further. When it was in enough they started taking in and out.

That was the time when I was going to faint but one of them saw me and said “Arey yaar ab nikal lo dekh na behosh ho raha hai. Waise bhi ab ye natak nahi karega. Arey karega kahan se gaand mein se dam to nikal diya hai humne.” And they again laughed loudly. After my punishment they said “Ab to ghusayega na achche se?” I just nodded because I had no power to talk. So, one of them sat on me and positioned her pussy on my dick. Then she slowly started inserting my dick in her pussy. It was tight, I felt that. But she was enjoying that fuck. In half minute my dick was totally in her pussy. Then she started jumping to pump up. My dick was also going with her. She was moaning and was caressing her breasts while pumping her pussy up and down.

Suddenly I saw that another nurse came close to me and sat on my mouth. She said “Apna muh kholo.” Without any argument I opened and she drove her pussy in my mouth. Her juice came out suddenly in my mouth. But I was supporting her to stop any assault from her. When 3 of them had sex with me, they left me. And one of them said “Mazaa aa gaya tumse apna choot chodwa ke. Mast lund hai tera” but I was very tired and annoyed with all this. But I tolerate all these actions.

The whole day passed like that and then all of them went to sleep. They also made me sleep. I don’t know why they didn’t harass me this time. Maybe they were tired with whole day’s sex. Anyways, it was midnight when I felt some action going around me. I woke up and saw that the nurse who was supporting me was standing beside me. I got frightened and was going to shout when she covered my mouth and said “Chup raho, mujhe pata hai ki tumhe kisi par bharosa nahi hai ab lekin main yahan tumse chudwane nahi aayi hoon. Main tumhe is narak se bahar nikalne aayi hoon. Main abhi tumhe chupke se yahan se le jaaongi aur apne ghar mein tumhara ilaaj karungi.

Yahan agar tum rahe to theek hone ke bajay aur bimar ho jaoge. Ye kutiya log tumhe roz kha jayengi.” Then I said “Lekin tum bhi to inki dost ho phir meri madad kyo kar rahi ho?” She replied “Main yahan inke saath rehti hoon isiliye inka saath dena padta hai. Par main tum jaise achche insaan ko aise nahi dekh sakti isiliye main tumhe yahan se ja rahi hoon.” I was staring her with surprise. She said “Ab time waste mat karo aur chalo mere saath.” I agreed and she started packing my bag but slowly.

How we managed to escape from the hospital and we reached there or not? Was she telling truth or was she lying to take me with her? What happened when I reached her home? All these questions will be answered when you’ll (especially girls) will contact me and have some sexy chat with me. They can also send their own sexy pictures to me. Contact me on [email protected] So, reply and i’ll immediately send you the next part of my story. Bye to cool boys and a very desperate and sexy see you to hot girls and women.

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