Mom in law’s punishment

I and my wife Nidhi are in our early 30’s and are married for the last 2 years. This happened when we went to stay in my in-laws place for a week. My mom-in-law is a teacher by profession and had spent a long time in UK before returning to India. The very next day I noticed red stripes on my wife’s hands. On asking her she said, she had just received caning from her mother. On probing further, she disclosed, that she is used to getting punished by her mom since her childhood and she too believes that though painful, punishments are therapeutic. As I started losing patience, she called in her mom who lectured me on benefits of caning and punishments in order to lead a disciplined life. She also told that the same rules will apply to me as long as I stayed there. I had heard of English discipline before and I reluctantly agreed since I didn’t want to prolong the discussion and was sure that I will not give her an opportunity to punish me during my stay. Moreover I was always very friendly with my mom-in-law so I found it hard to believe that she will ever punish me. The next day, I and Nidhi went to a friend’s house where we got delayed. Nidhi had asked me to call her mom and inform that we will be late which I conveniently chose to ignore since we were grown ups.

We reached home after 11 when I found my mom-in-law waiting at the gate. I realized my folly and told Nidhi that I forgot to call her up. Nidhi got mad at me and we entered the house arguing and blaming each other. My mom-in-law joined her and I felt like running away. I swiftly apologized as if there was any other way and hoped things would cool down. Nidhi got her share of scolding for forgetting to remind me more than once. Finally I raised my hand and said I accept all responsibility for the chaos in the house. As we all sat down and relaxed and discussed how the day had went, my mom-in-law reminded me of her rules in her house and said “You both deserve to be punished”. I expected her to give some canings on my hands and said “Mom, it was all my fault, please spare Nidhi”. “Both of you are at fault, but since Nidhi’s fault is minor I will make sure you get the major part of the punishment , fine”. Nidhi smiled sheepishly at me since she well knew I had no idea of what was to come. My mom-in-law comforted me by saying “Rajesh, I will take care of you but remember to obey me completely or else I will increase the punishments, which you will not like”. To my surprise Nidhi was more than ready to receive her part. After this my mom-in-law got started and said “both of you stand straight and hold your ears”. As we stood there holding our ears, she brought out her cane and said “Nidhi, show me your hand…” Nidhi pleaded with her “mom, please give it to me on my buttocks”. Nidhi had confessed to me once that taking canings on buttocks hurts much less than taking the cane in bare hands.

My mom-in-law relented and said, “OK, Nidhi remove your jeans and get over the center table with your bottom rose. Rajesh, you turn back and touch your nose to the wall but keep holding your ears”. After this I could hear two sharp sounds of the cane and then my mom-in-law’s command “Nidhi, now get up and stand holding your ears”. She then turned her attention to me. She pulled me by my ears and brought me to the center of the room. I saw Nidhi standing in her panties holding her ears with her top neatly folded up. My Mom-in-law then sat on the sofa and said, “Rajesh give you 4 slaps”. Finding it quite funny, I smiled and gently slapped myself 4 times. This seemed to infuriate her. She came to me and gave me couple of hard slaps to my face, and said “Rajesh, we are not having fun”. I said sorry but she continued “Remove your pants”. At this I protested “Mama please don’t do this, I will take it over my pants” and in return I got few more slaps and she threatened “I am going to increase your punishment 3 fold if you disobey”. I removed my pants and stood in my undies. My mom-in-law then neatly folded my shirt above my waist and asked me to turn back.

After that she tapped my bottom with the cane a few times telling me that she intended to hurt me and then delivered a sharp stroke. This was my first experience of the cane and I yelled out and squeezed my bottom with my hands. I started crying and “Mom I can’t take it”. I looked at Nidhi with pleading eyes who was watching all these while holding her ears. My mom-in-law was in no mood to relent. “Stop crying, I have just started, you are to receive 9 more strokes and no rubbing your bottom, else we start all over again”. Nidhi then said “Mom why don’t you give him some other punishment and reduce his caning to 5 strokes “. “OK good, so Rajesh I give you a choice, either I give you a hand spanking and give you some alternate punishments but you will be totally naked or I continue with your caning now”. I was too scared of the cane so I agreed – “Mom, I will take your hand spanking and other punishments”. My mom-in-law then sat in the middle of the sofa. “OK now takes off your undies”. Shame had gone out of my head and I readily complied. She folded back my shirt again. “Lie flat face down across my lap. Move your butt forward”. She then adjusted my buttocks and gave me ten hard slaps, five on each buttock. “Now stand back and do twenty five sit ups holding your ears”. As I started she came and stood behind me with a wooden ruler and did the counting. Each time she hit my butt with the ruler. After each sit-up I was saying aloud “I am sorry”. After I finished my sit ups, she asked me to kneel down and take deep breaths so that I can catch up my breath. At this point she excused Nidhi and declared “Nidhi’s punishment is over, but Rajesh your punishment will continue”.

While I was kneeling my mom-in-law sat before me on the sofa and lectured me how I much needed the punishment. By this time, Nidhi went to her room to change and came out in her night gown and took her place on another sofa. I was all along wondering when my punishment will end. Then came the next orders: “Rajesh become a Murga now”. I had heard of Murga punishments but didn’t know how to become one and so I stared with a blank look. Realizing my situation, she asked Nidhi to show me how to become one. Nidhi quickly obeyed and got me into position. I turned back, bent down and held my ears by bringing my hands between my legs. My mom-in-law asked me to move me feet as wide as possible and raise my buttocks upwards. My butt was turned towards my mom-in-law and I could see her from between my legs. This was quite humiliating, since I realized my entire behind was in full view. My legs soon started paining and I brought my buttocks down. As I did this, I got a sharp ear pulling. “Did I ask you to do this? Keep your butt up until I ask you to”. With great difficulty I moved my butt up. I repeated the words “I am sorry” before she finally allowed me to bring my butt down. I stayed in that position for around fifteen minutes and finally released me with a warning that “Rajesh be a good boy”. I was happy that I did not get the cane. To finish it all, my Mom-in-Law asked Nidhi to pull me by the ears to the bedroom which she was quite happy to do and we all went to sleep after that.

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