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I am 20 years young, dynamic, smart, strong guy. I live in the garden city of India. As every body knows about these massage parlors. I am going to narrate a true story which happened to me just a week back in a beautiful massage parlor. As u get classifieds in news papers under medical section u can see this. One day called up to the no referring to the no given in the add and enquired about the address the cost of the massage and etc. went the next day and pressed the door bell and a young lady came and opened the door with a smile she welcomed and told me to sit in a sexy voice .She asked me where do I stay and told me ok u have come from so far place as I told I Bangalore this is a near place and she offered me water or coffee so I told her no its ok. Here the real story begins. She asked me what types of massage do u like to have so I asked her what r the types so she told me that they r two types 1.thai massage and 2.normal massage. Then she told me normal massage will cost 1000Rs and Thai massage will cost 2000Rs. I asked her what the difference is so she told me sorry sir once u makes the payment only the female will be telling u inside the room. So I asked her if she makes less I can go Thai massage its self.

She then thought for a minute and told me 1800is the last price. I told sorry it is too costly so I told if it for 1500 I am ready to go .she called up some one and told ok fine. I made the payment. She called some girls around 7 girls came and stood in line so I was seeing who to select .and her comes another girl (aunt) and joins the line she was sexy ,fare, and I could see a dimple on her right cheek so I told I will take her. The other girls went in. the female whom I selected she was wearing sari and aged around 25to27years. I was taken to a room where there was a table and I was asked to change and given a small towel to wrap around. I started to change and removed my underwear and was about to wrap the towel the female comes in and ask do I want oil, powder, or lotion. I told lotion she really gave a sexy smile seeing my master and went away. I was waiting like tensed what would happen. The female came in and looks the door .she turns towards me and smiles at me and tells me lie down on the table and turn backside. She puts some lotion on my back and starts massaging so I was feeling good. I turned towards her and told her that I have taken Thai massage. She smiled and tells that she knows that and will do a bit later. After finishing my back she goes to my thighs put some lotion and starts massaging and coming near my bums she press my bums and ask how is the massage so I told ya ok then she asked me r u not enjoying .she by mistake while massaging puts her hand in between the thighs and touches my master so for that she asks sorry I told no its ok. After she finishes both the thighs she told that now she will be starting Thai massage so I was tensed like what would be Thai massage so I was waiting for the female she then came the toilet half nude guys believe me she was dam sexy babe with perfect curves . I was shocked seeing her and then I saw down her in only underwear and was also wrapping a towel the same size of mine.

She was really a beauty babe and not seen any babe of her age like this. She came near me and saw mw starring at her mountains so she came near me and asked what r u looking for I was speechless so she touched my cheeks and asked me shall I start Thai or will u bee staring at the mountains .I nodded my head as I small kid she kissed me and went she put lot of lotion again on my back and applied some on her and came on the table and started rubbing her boooobs on my back guy my master was out of control and was waiting to come out . After finishing back she went down and removed the not of the towel so I was completely nude beside a women. She then started massaging my bums and was feeling good and was tooooooooooo horny she then spread my bums and put her boobs in between that and was pressing .she then put one hand inside and caught hold of my organ guys believe me this is first time a female touching my master. she started tickling my organ I was laughing she then slept on me and asked me r u enjoying now at least so I told enjoying a lot and want some more. She again kissed me .she told me turn front so I was searching for the towel she told me its ok any way I will remove it afterwards so I turned to front side and my master was ready for any thing. She saw that 6” fat cock and was shocked.

She then put lotion on me and started massaging to nipple to nipple so I was felling in the seventh heaven so I asked her pls can u remove your underwear she said no so I requested to her for about 5 minutes and she agreed with one condition that I needed to tip her so I asked her how much so she told me not less that 300 so I agreed. she got down and was searching some thing in her wallet so I asked her what she came and bought a condom and told for safety because we both we nude .and with in no time she removed with in a second so I saw it and what a clean shaved pussy. so I asked her I want to eat her pussy so she told just wait for a minute she went to toilet and came back I asked her why what happened she told nothing I had been to was my pussy. So I told her to lie down on the bed so she knew and slept to the corner of the bed and spread her lovely legs so I started licking her from her toe and slowly was coming down she started to moan aaaahhhhh pls do not stop and at last came to beautiful place and my dream place so took my fingers and slightly spread the lips the pussy lips and started to lick and she started to moan aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Pls do not stop and she was closing her eyes and was enjoying the pleasure .so I thought of finger fucking her and put my finger inside her she got up and told no pls stop so I told don’t worry I wont hurt u sleep and stay cam and I started to finger fucking her and she was enjoying a lot ant 1 finger became 2 and 2 finger became 3. So she was enjoying a lot and suddenly I stopped and put my penis which had condom already and need not to fear so she got dought and saw and gave a sexy smile and told to continue and I was in full josh as this was the first time and started to bang her she told slowly and I could not control and about 5 minutes I was ready to cum and took out and pulled out the condom and sprayed the cum all over her stomach and on her boobs.

She then smooched me for 5 minutes not leaving for second also. So we cleaned the room and went to take bath. There also we smooched and she gave a sexy blow jog and made me cum inside her mouth and took bath together and crossed dress each other and she was smiling. So I took out my wallet and gave 500RS she was happy and kissed on my booth chicks and pressed my organ. So came out of the pleasure room and saw the co owner was waiting and she saw me and smiled and asked me sir did u come to know what Thai massage is. I told came to more than Thai and enjoyed a lot. Any females wanting safe massage and safe sex can mail me at [email protected] and pls give me Ur contact number so I can call u and girls of any age are welcome with pleasure and sure and promise secrecy is assured form my side and hope even from your side.

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