Lady Fucked At Home

Hi friends, Rinku once again with a new real story. This is my 13th story on this site. I am again thanking you for your warm welcome, love, appreciation and suggestions. So now I am taking much time to write new stories. I want to fulfill your expectations. This is the story of that time when I and my cousin went to Chennai for a test of one competition last year. There we fucked a 38 year old lady at her home. She was very beautiful and having a nice figure. Her size was 40, 32 and 38.

We don’t know her name. We fucked a strange lady. We reached Chennai morning at 8. We became freshen up at station. We have to search our center before 12 noon. Our test schedule was 12.15 to 2.15 pm. So we went to the area in which our center locates. We are in search of center. We knocked at the one door of the street. One lady opened the gate. It seems she just returned from bath and sweet aroma of flowers coming from her hair which she put on hairs.

I was stunned to see her beauty. Her boobs are big looking like big coconuts. She felt my eyes so she was hiding her boobs inside her saree. My brother is asking her about address. She took chit from hand and reading the address from paper. I was measuring her size through my eyes. It was 38, 32, and 40. I suddenly struck a plan in my mind that this lady is looking alone in home. It was 9 AM and we have 3 hours time to fuck her.

I whisper in the ear of my cousin to close the door. And I run towards that lady in kitchen. I put my hand on her mouth. She was shocked with sudden attack. Till that time my cousin also came there after closing the door. We open the saree of that lady quickly. She was now only in blouse and petticoat. We bind her hand with her saree and put some part of saree in her mouth, so that she does not make noise.

We tear her blouse and opened her bra also. She was trying to escape but in vain because to strong hands of two adult guys were holding her tightly. I started licking her bare boobs and my cousin was lifting her petticoat and rubbing her ass.

We don’t want to fuck her so we were playing with her body to make her hot and ready for sex. I was licking her boobs and my hands were running on her back and another boob. My cousin was busy in brushing on her round ass. This practice continued for 10 minutes. Now my cousin sits down and started licking her ass hole. I was putting one finger in pussy cuts. It was wet and now dripping and finger is fully wet with her liquid.

Now we noticed that she is also enjoying the session. So we freed her hands and took out her saree from her mouth. But we were wrong she ran towards her bedroom. We followed her and caught her at the gate of her bedroom. Now we don’t want to waste time so kneel her down and kept my dick on her pussy hole from back and gave a big jerk. It was half in so I started pumping in same position and my cousin was standing in front of her and inserting his dick in her mouth.Now her two holes are enjoying fuck from two adult dicks. When I gave jerk forward my cousin dick was in her mouth as well as mine dick in her pussy. We were fucking her hard and now she was also enjoying and giving support to us.

She said please come to the bedroom because I am not feeling comfortable fucking at the gate of the bedroom. We agreed and we went inside the bedroom. Now angle was changed she was lying on bed and I was fucking her in missionary style and her mouth was left placed and giving blowjob to my cousin. She was now keeping her body tight and stiff and I was feeling her love juices on my dick. Now her pussy was becoming tighter and slippery. Now I want to fuck her ass too. So I called my cousin down for fuck in the pussy.

We made her in sideways position. I took some oil from her dressing table and applied it on ass hole. Now I was placing my dick on her ass hole and my cousin was now inserting his dick on her pussy gate. I was pressing slowly because her ass was tight. I was giving light movement in ass and my cousin was running hard in her pussy. After some time I was also successful to insert my whole dick inside her ass.

Now we were fucking her in full speed. And she was moaning in joy and pain. Ohhhhhhhh.ahhhhhh…ooooooo. ahhhhhhh. Come on go deep inside my pussy and ass. Fuck hard fuck me hard like whore. I am enjoying. I never found this type of joy in my life. Come on guys, give me full joy. Fuck me hard fuck me hard. Our speed increased after hearing her words and moaning. She was reached orgasm two times till this time and her pussy was very slippery and I was also enjoying her ass fuck.

Her bedroom was noisy with three persons moaning sound and as well as fucking sound like phacha phach and gapa gap. Her open hairs and broken flowers from her beni also feeling lovely fragrance in the room. This fragrance was giving us very good pleasure. Now that lady said “hey guys I am reaching my orgasm third time, keep me in doggy style, I like that style very much. One guy fuck me from down to my pussy and one guy fuck me from back in my ass”

We responded her call and I was placed in her back and fucking her ass and my cousin was fucking in her pussy from down. She had reached her third orgasm.

We are fucking her in full speed now. I was feeling to reach my cum. I shot all my juice inside her ass and kept out my dick. My cousin came in back side and holds her stomach and started fucking in her pussy from back side in her doggy style. That time lady goes forward with every pump and coming back to receive the pump. It was looking very nice to see their fucking session.

After 10 minutes our cousin also poured all his material in her pussy and that lady also reached at fourth orgasm till this time. You all are thinking how I know that lady is reaching orgasm. After the fuck session that lady informed us about her every orgasm and when she reached and how she feels. After that we all gone to her bathroom and took a shower together. That lady gave us some light breakfast. She talked with us and informed that she enjoyed very much this fuck session and she doesn’t forget this fuck in her entire life.

At 11.45 am she informed us where our center was and sees off us at her gate. We went to the centre and gave our test and after test we again went to her home. We also thanked her for her breakfast and lovely fuck. We returned to our home town by night train.

So friends this is the story of fucking a stranger lady at her home by two brothers. Hope you readers enjoy this real story. Thanks and keep reading fucking stories. This is Rinku, write your suggestions and comments on my mail id [email protected] with love Rinku.

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