High Flying Air Hostess – Part I

Sitting in my brand new BMW-X6, I was enjoying the beauty of the Sharjah cornice in the evening. My mind was traveling backwards through last two years, when I decided to transform my life from a staff nurse working 12 hours a day for making an earning of just US$ 680 a month to a high flying Air Hostess earning an average of US$ 28,000/- a month.

I am Reena, an Indian House wife from a village side of Kerala in south India. Even though I am a mother of 4 year old boy and I am 29 years old I maintain my good looks and physique, which is an essential part of my career and all working women’s career. I and my husband Manoj (Mano) came to Dubai three years ago looking for better career that earn us some quick bucks so that we could pay off our debts.

Mano is a lawyer by profession and I am holding a bachelors degree in Nursing. Ours was a love marriage against the liking of Mano’s parents. We both studied in Manipal in Karnataka and after our studies Mano was practicing as a lawyer and I was working as a tutor in a Nursing college. I am from a lower middle class family, youngest among the three sisters; my mother struggled a lot to up bring us after death of my father. My mother didn’t have money to pay any dowry to Mano’s parents who was counting on him for huge money being the only son. Hence, Mano’s parents were not agreeing for our marriage. But Mano stood for me and finally we got married 5 years before when I was 24. Exactly after one year we had a Baby boy. Since it was our initial years of job, expenses on marriage, pregnancy etc and no support from family, we had a huge debt nearly 4 lakhs Indian Rupees. Consequently we decided to go to Dubai for finding a job.

Mano’s first cousin Thampi (Thampichayan) is in Dubai. He is in Dubai since past 20 years. He is working for a MNC. Thampichayan has one daughter studying in Bangalore for MBBS and Gracy Ammamma (Thampichayan’s wife) is also with the daughter in Bangalore. Thampichayan is about 40 years and staying alone in his flat. He is a bit advance thinking guy, an extra decent person and a firm supporter of Mano. He arranged visit visas for us to Dubai. We left our child, who was then just 1 year, with my mother and flew to Dubai. Thampichayan arranged everything for our stay in Dubai with him in his house. It was a huge house with 3 bed rooms etc in a posh area in Jumeirah.

We were on 3 months visit visa. Days passed on very quickly. I got a job as a staff nurse in a private nursing clinic in Deira, Dubai. In order for me to continue my job, I had to pass an exam conducted by the Health Ministry within 2 months. The clinic agreed to sponsor me for the exam but with a condition that I will work for them for a period of not less than two years or else I will compensate them with an amount equivalent to US$ 1500. I signed the contract. My working hours was 12 hours. I had to do 12 hours either morning or night shifts. It was a small clinic with just 20 beds and altogether 50 staff in all shifts. My salary was US$ 680/- per month plus single accommodation in a sharing room with other staff. Mano tried his best but couldn’t get a job. Thampichayan tried through all his contacts but couldn’t take hold of one. Hence he decided to go back and take care of the child. I will work for 2 years in Dubai. Once a portion of the debts are settled, I will go back to India. This was the plan.

Mano left Dubai. I moved to the accommodation provided by my hospital. We were two staff in one room. My roommate Pinky was a girl from Philippines. The days were dull, tiring and boring. I couldn’t cope up without Mano and it was the first time after our marriage I am staying alone. Within few days I understood that Pinky was having some side business, some boyfriends business etc making some side bucks. When at room she always talks to different males over phone and chat over internet etc. Any way I didn’t interfered in her dealings. She was very good and kind to me.

I preferred night duty so that I will sleep in the morning and the days pass by. I wanted to get rid of home sickness. I worked from 7 pm to 7 am. Daytime after breakfast I slept till evening and thus I killed the days. I was off on Fri, Sat & Sunday. During my week end as per Mano’s instruction, Thampichayam come to my hostel and took me to his house. It was a relief for me. He took me around Dubai and Other places. We shopped. We went to the neighboring emirate to buy alcohol for him. I cook food for him and store in the fridge for the whole week. I take some food to the hostel. Thampichayan also introduced me to liquor. He told me alcohol is the only thing in this part of the world which gives you peace, entertainment and relaxation. The three days in his home I tried Beer, Breezer, Wine, Vodka etc. on a very low quantity.

When I am alone at my room, I again feel loneliness and depressed. I had no option than working until our dues are been settled back in India. Six months past like that and I managed to send around Rupees 75,000 home. Mano called me every day and during weekends when I was in Thampichayan’s house, we talked long hours over internet. The only entertainment I had was going to Thampichayan’s house. Sometimes his friends come home. We play cards, cook food, drink etc.. etc.. But when I go out with Thampichayan, always I am having unhappy and dejected feeling, for the life I am having compared to people surrounding me, leading an elegant, classy and stylish life. Particularly while going to restaurants, church, shopping mall etc. This planted the seed in my mind to make money.

Thampichayan was having enough money. He is earning not less than US$ 7000/- per month. His family was with him until last year. Now he is leading a bachelor life. I like his personality, attitude and behavior. He respects me and vice versa. We talk a lot on all topics while we are together. Once I asked how he is managing without Gracy Ammamma. He said as a joke “I am enjoying my bachelor life”. I asked how? He said now I have no restrictions, I can drink anything any time, go with friends, go to pub or night club etc… Thus the topic of night club came in and I said I never saw you going to pub and night clubs. He said he goes during week days. I asked why we can’t go one week end to some night clubs or discos. He said its all pickup joints and very rarely family comes. I asked, so you go for pickups? He replied noooo but just for some tap and fun…He agreed to take me there and one weekend I went with him.

It was a shady place with little lights. The lights were only on the dance floor and the bar counter. Rest all the places were dark and the males and females were on a mixture of compromising positions in the room. Being a week end, it was crowded. One cannot move inside without bodily contact. We moved near the bar counter. Thampichayan was walking in the front and I accompanied him. I was wearing a jeans and a t-shirt. While moving, I could feel hands on my thighs and my body. I just ignored them. We got two chairs near the bar counter. I felt Thampichayan was a know person at the club. Many were waving him from the room including the bar tender. Some of ladies came and hug him. Mostly were Russians, Chinese or Filipino. None other than me was an Indian. So I became an attraction in the crowd. He ordered for whiskey and a wine for me. He said we will meet after 1 hour in the same place and I am free to go anywhere in the hall, drink anything and do anything. He disappeared in the crowd. I sat in the same place watching the happenings in the hall. Some were dancing on the floor. Some were cuddling the ladies, some were gobbling the ladies, and some ladies were sitting on the lap of the males. It was full of actions. There was a rigid ambience of sex in the hall. I could see Thampichayan on the far corner with some ladies. He was not even bothered of me. Seeing me alone, guys started advancing to me. I was shocked the kind of queries from the guys. Direct to the point, ‘how much a night’, ‘how many can I accommodate’, ‘Do I have a place’ etc. Some guys openly placed their hands on my thighs while asking the question and the others squeeze me to their body. I just avoided them all by saying “I am done for tonight”, which was instructed by Thampichayan to avoid any disturbances. Any way I enjoyed the evening. I had two tequila shots. After an hour Tampichayan came. We stayed there until little while and went back home. While driving, I mentioned him about the happenings with me and the guy’s proceedings etc. He asked whether I enjoyed, of that I said I remembered of my college days. I further asked why he didn’t pick up any good ladies and is it because I was with him? He said he is not of that type and he don’t go for prostitutes other than some paddling etc. I further asked him how you then meet the natures call on sex for that he said as a normal bachelor, which I understood. Thereafter once in a while, very rarely, we used to hop into different pubs and night clubs.

About 8 months passed. The desire to make money developed in my mind. But I didn’t know the way out. This topic quiet often came to our discussion between me and Thampichayan. One week end while in Thampichayan’s house, he got a call from his old friend Dr. Ali. Thampichayan invited him for dinner. Dr. Ali, an Iraqi, is a senior person about in his mid fifties. He is working as an HR consultant in a firm in Dubai. Thampichayan introduced me to Dr. Ali as his sister. Thampichayan said I am looking for a change in my career and asked to advice on the profession which matches my qualification. Hearing my qualification, offhand, Dr. Ali suggested me to try in the Hotel or Airlines Industry. In a joking manner he asked how much money I need to make. For that I answered ‘a lot’. He laughed and said “if there is a strong desire, I can. Further, he said to give him my CV so that he can prepare a new one matching the current market. Upon reaching my hostel room on the next day, I send my CV to Dr. Ali via email.

A week later, I received an updated CV in my email, prepared by Dr. Ali. It was a professional one and was very impressive. He put a note in the mail that the cost of the CV was priceless and should I have to make lots of money, I should concentrate on the Airline Industry. From that day onwards, I made it as a hobby of sending my CV to all advertisements related to the Hotel Industry. I was getting some cold calls as I didn’t have much experience. The salary offer was not more than US$ 1350. I didn’t want to move for a small offer. I was looking for a big change not less than US$2000 so that I could sponsor Mano and my son. I tried for next 4 months. Nothing came on my way. It was 1 year past and I have not seen mano and my son for one year. I couldn’t hold more. Mano calls me every day and I always wanted to see them. He comforts me to hold on for another year so that I can go back for ever.

Mean while, one fine morning, I received a mail from Dr. Ali. He asked me whether if I am still looking for a job and if interested in the Airline Industry to call a number which he mentioned as the Vice President HR of Emirates Airlines. I sensed a relief and a break through. I immediately called Mr. David Brown of Emirates Airlines and referred Dr. Ali. Mr. Brown asked me to meet him on the next day with my CV and recent photos.

I reached Mr. Brown’s office near the Airport around 10 am. I was wearing a midi and a low cut blouse. It had given me an executive look. The secretary of Mr. Brown escorted me to his office. Mr. Brown was a young British guy in his late thirties. He looked me from head to the toe. I felt like his eyes were piercing my body. He welcomed me and invited me to sit on the couch on the corner of his room. He sat in front of me. He was sitting in position that I should be very careful in moving my legs. He could very well see my bare legs. I was very cautious and I kept my legs very close and tight so that he should not see more than my legs. He had a casual chat with me. Within five minutes I get rid of the fear in my mind of an interview. He was very free. He even told me address him as David instead of Mr. Brown. Then he explained me about the vacancy as an Airhostess. The advantages, disadvantages, packages etc. He asked me whether I am comfortable with that. I said yes. I was in the ecstasy of joy. He then asked me to show him my CV and other certificates. I handed him the entire file which was well prepared.

While going through the files I saw his eyebrows rising and there was astonishment on his face. He said “so you are 27 now”. I replied “yes”. He said “I thought early 20’s and not more than 23”. I didn’t say anything. I was maintaining my body well. Controlled food, exercise etc. and a stranger would always judge my age in the same range and nobody believe that I am a mother of a two year boy. After going through my files, he returned back to me. With an apology he informed me that as per the policies of the UAE commercial airline companies, they don’t newly recruit cabin crew’s if past 25 years age. It was a shock to me. I knew all my dreams are about to foil. I couldn’t control and tears were running from my eyes. I was in the heights of hope which perished in few minutes. David was trying to console me. He came and sat close to me and patted on my back. I bend over his shoulder. I gained some control, placed myself straight. He consoled me. He asked me to be fresh. I went to the washroom washed my eyes, had a touchup of my makeup and came back to David’s room.

He asked me to sit, offered me tea and asked me why I was so upset and why so particular about this job. I explained him about my objective, my desperate need in being with my family, Dr. Ali’s advice and all that. David appreciated my decision to change profession, selection of profession etc. But he added I could even try in the fashion or modeling Industry. I said I am not interested into that because it draws lot of public attention and requires often clubs, partying and so on. He agreed to that and to add on he enquired whether I don’t at all like partying & clubbing. I said “I like it but not that often and the major factor is I am not interested for public attention as I was coming from a village in India and would always want to go back in 2 to 3 years after making some money”. We became very friendly and discussed many topics including life in Dubai, Visits to pubs, nightclubs and all with Thampichayan. David said that he liked my frankness, attitude and desire on achieving a goal etc. David told me that he shall keep my CV and try his best to help me. I thanked him and left the office. On my way to the elevator, I called Dr. Ali and informed him on the interview with. Dr. Ali told me not to be disappointed, he shall call David Brown and tell him to keep trying even in other Airlines too.

While I was waiting for a cab to go back to my hostel room from David’s office, I received a call from David asking whether I am still nearby his office and if so I can go back to him again. I said I am down stairs of his building waiting for a cab and shall come up right away. For that he thought a while and said he shall come down and drop me to my hostel as he was on way to Terminal 2 office. I waited down in front of the building, in less than 5 minutes; David came on his white Mercedes Benz and asked me to get in. I sat in the front seat next to him. The seat of the car was very low and the mini was barely covering my thighs. I had to frequently place a hand on the skirt and pull it down so that my thighs remained covered. I noticed David passing quick look on my thighs. There was about 5 minutes silence in the car. I was listening to music and he driving through the stiff traffic. The temperature outside was about 45C. But since the car was having dark glass, it was comfortable inside. I thought can I ever in my life buy a car like this? No, Never. I was again worried for what David call me back? He is not telling anything. Is that just for a ride or something else? I broke the silence by telling “You shouldn’t have bothered yourself in this traffic and I would have been gone in a taxi”. He said, “How I could let a beautiful girl go in hot sun” and winked at me. I feel embarrassed on hearing that but just laughed. He asked me what my plans today and what I am going to do the rest of the afternoon. I said “nothing, no duty today; so after lunch a quick nap and evening usual exercises, shower, chat in internet for a while, talk to husband, dinner and sleep”. Again he asked “so no activity between Dinner and sleep?”. I feel ashamed on the question and I understood the meaning. I overlooked that and said “after dinner I pray before sleep”. We both laughed. Then David told me he needs to talk to me a litter while about a possible job opportunity for me if I decide carefully. I understood the seriousness of the topic from his tone. He asked me whether it is possible to join him for lunch today. I was bit worried on going with him alone, but I said okay.

He drove the car to Burj Al Arab, a famous 5 star hotel in Dubai. It’s an Icon of Dubai. Majority of the Dubai residents including me until that day was only able to look that from far outside and I got the honor to enter today. His secretary had already booked a table for us. We sat on the corner of the restaurant where you watch Dubai from the middle of the sea. It was a great experience. When the waiter came, David ordered us both wine without even checking with me. While sipping the wine, he gave me a job proposal, and my timely wise decision had taken me here today to earn US$ 28,000/- a month.

David started the topic with apologies. He said if I don’t like the job proposal, I should not be feeling upset or insulted. He told he will not talk about the proposal until I promise him that the talk will just remain between us and we will continue as friends; even I don’t like the proposal. I was bit nervous to hear the introduction but I promised upon god and we put our hands together as promise. He said he was carefully studying me during this two hours spend with him on an HR perspective. He assessed me as caring, bold, aggressive and dedicated. He said I am beautiful and I have a crush towards classy life style. He appreciated my way of thinking on making wealth unnoticed and confidentially. My eagerness to do something provided the confidentiality is maintained. I was really surprised to hear his reading on me and I felt more admiration on him. Now I understood how he has reached this position in such an early age.

David told me that while working for Emirates, he is still HR advisor for some of private Aircraft owners and passenger charter airlines. One of the private charter companies whom he provides consultancy service is from Switzerland. “Titan Air” has about 30 Aircrafts meant only for high net worth individuals and about 300 employees including captain, crew, marketing, administration and ground staff. Now, considering the demand from Middle East, “Titan Air” had expanded their operations to Dubai. They have 5 Aircrafts and 50 staff in Dubai. Their administration office is in “Galleria Hyatt”. They are looking for an Indian Airhostess. All their clients are from Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and UAE. All are wealthy sheikhs or business men only for private travel. All their cabin crews are either from Lebanon, Morocco, South Africa and China. They don’t have a single staff from India and the clients sometimes ask for Indian Staff. Titan air has entrusted David to recruit an Indian Airhostess for them and David was planning to go to Bangalore soon.

He said, he can offer this job to me if I agree. They are looking for middle aged Indian lady with minimum 5 years experience in the airline industry. The age could be up to 35 years. Since I am very young than the desired age, He said he can suggest my name even without experience. He further told me that the job is well paid comparing to the commercial airline industry and the minimum working days are just 10 a month to get the basic salary of US$ 16,000/-, which itself is three times than a commercial airlines and there are plenty of openings to make the salary double, if I want. I was stunned on hearing the figures which is about 6 times more than I aimed at. I was drinking the wine and David asked the bearer to fill in again. I said “I don’t need” for that he didn’t listen and the water filled my glass again. I said in total laughter that “I cannot believe that”. “Why should they pay this much when there are plenty of people available to work even much lesser than this”? David said, these all are distinguished private flights meant for business and pleasure travel and that’s why the price tag Titan aviation put to the clients are not affordable other than to a multi billionaire and Titan is only looking for business from such high net worth people. Most of the female cabin staff is house wives or divorcees or single mothers. The staff has even the right to choose to fly or decline on basis of the details provided to them by the company well in advance. But the only restriction is to meet the 10 days/ month. Still I couldn’t believe my ears and didn’t understand the reason why David apologized and had a detailed scary introduction at the beginning.

I had lots of queries and all keeping in mind I asked him “for such an amazing fortune, why should I not agree and why you apologized for telling this to me?” David said “well until now I have only told you the bright side of the job. As all jobs, this too have a negative side, if you decide to think so. That’s why I said in the beginning, to decide carefully because, in this job, the negative side is on basis of one’s mental position and thinking.” I asked David to break the ice and don’t put me in such a curious situation. David said, since the clients charter the flight for tourism or business, their service requiring would be quiet strange too. Hence, the company has designed the aircraft services in such a way that a traveler gets distinct services in air as in a gentlemen’s club. The cabin crew members should strip their clothes while in air. As part of uniform, the female members should bare their top and be topless and could wear just their panty during the flying hours other than landing and takeoff. The cabin crew has options to get paid on an additional basis if they strip fully or for a lap dance or real shows or for escorting the client etc. Those are not mandatory services and are purely based on the willingness of the staff. The company protects the staff from all kinds of physical assault or insult from the client. They make sure that the client will not touch a staff without their willingness or permission and that’s why they get very qualified and reputed staff and client. Most of the staff is college professors or school teachers or executives or bored housewives, who take up this job on a part time basis to make money. I was really shaken listening each word from David’s mouth. I was sure that I am not going to take this opportunity. What would I say to Mano? What would I say to Thampichayan and other people who know me? I was bit disappointed and it started showing on my face. David said I can see dissatisfaction on your face and now you understood the reason for my apologies. He said any way; if you don’t like it just ignore the proposal and think I have not even proposed something. I shall keep looking for any future opportunities. We took food from the buffet area and came back to our table. Then we were talking on many subjects. He asked me in details about Mano, how he is and is he a sociable guy or a conservative. I said he a very social guy and advance thinking and all that. I told him about how we met and married etc. He told me he would love to see him once he is here. I said that’s the problem that he cannot move away from home at this point in time because his Mom is sick and cannot leave our Child alone.

While eating I become conscious on David peeping through my low cut top. While moving towards the plate, it was easy for him to see a glance of my projecting breasts through the cut. I didn’t mind him seeing it and I secretly enjoyed perceiving his excitement. Again he came back to the topic of the new job proposal. He said Indian women are too unadventurous and traditional. They don’t look for opportunities. The company, Titan air was looking for a progressive Indian Lady since past 6 months and they couldn’t find one. All Indian girls they received application from where unmarried ladies or students, but not from house wives or divorcees or single mothers. I asked why the company insists on this. David said, they don’t want to promote illicit activities and thereby putting their clients in a feeble situation. House wives or divorcees or single mothers would maintain the confidentiality and they don’t seek for sex and disturb the clients just to make money. Most of the clients don’t prefer to have sex with the girls and the maximum would be a lap dance or so. As per the company policy, illicit relation with the customers, including sex is not permissible. However, they go easy on this if the girl is accepting the client’s invitation. I would say, it’s a more professionally run company than even any of the Indian Airlines company who don’t give protection to their airhostess and most of them are been misused. He added, “I personally believe this as a good chance since it matches with your dream on making money in small time, classy life and confidentiality of the job nature”. “The choice is yours, provided your husband agrees, because they need the written consent from the parent or guardian or husband”. We finished our lunch and a small dessert. While in the car, he asked me to let him know by two days and asked him to handover the file including the CV as he can forward to the company and get an initial acceptance. He said if I decide to back off, he shall return the file to me. I agreed to it and handed over the file to him. I said I shall think and come back in two days. He left me at my hostel. I shook his hands and bid goodbye. He said he enjoyed the day with me and thanked me for joining the Lunch and again he appreciated my body parts through a shabby look. I smiled and went to the hostel.

I had a quick shower because I had a soaked sensation somewhere and put on my night gown. I jumped on my bead. I was thinking the whole day event…. To be continued ….

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