Birthday Party To Bachelorette Party

Hi folks. Hand shake for boys and boobs shake for girls. I’m going to narrate another fictional story. This story is how I got lucky at a party full of girls. Sounds complex, but let me explain.

My colleague invited me and a couple of my friends to her birthday party at her house. Her name was Swati. She was the most beautiful girl in our office. She was tall and slim with an eye-popping 34-26-34 figure. She had a nice accent and always smelled awesome. She was casual drinker and a smoker. She was moving freely with guys in a friendly manner. Every guy in the office would have fantasized about her. She was much closer to me since we worked together for few days on same project. But to our disappointment she was getting married next month. Swati had invited her girl friends and other female colleagues too. So we all gathered at her house for the party. Swati was wearing a mini jeans skirt which just covered half of her milky white thighs and a sexy spaghetti top which ended just above her pierced belly. She was looking ultimately sexy. She cut the cake, distributed and we all had nice time. And then we started boozing. I was talking to Swati in her balcony, and she said she was sad that her fiancé was not there with her for her birthday. I consoled her and offered her some drink and got her involved in the party mood. She was having fun and so as everybody. Music, dance, booze covered up the entire room. We all had fun. Then suddenly Swati and a group of her friends disappeared. All others were busy enjoying the party. And then they came back. I didn’t drink much and I realized them giggling at me. It was strange. So the party was about to end and Swati came to me and requested me to stay there for some more time. I agreed and all others started leaving. Everybody were so drunk and they all moved out leaving me and Swati alone at her house. I asked Swati why she wanted me to stay back. Just then, her friends who pretended to leave, came back. Those were the same girls who disappeared with Swati for some time at the party. I was puzzled.

There were 4 girls Neha, Nikita, Julie and Niharika apart from Swati. Julie was our colleague too and Swati’s college friend too. Others were college friends. Julie as I knew her, she had dated many guys and was kind of “easy-going” girl. So as I sat on the couch with a puzzled look, Julie opened the conversation. Julie said, “Look, Swati likes you very much. She thought of proposing you, but her parents have decided her marriage with another guy and she is not able to resist. But she has realized she has to move on with that guy. She is happy to marry him. But she wanted to let you know about this before marriage” I was stunned to hear this and looked at Swati. She smiled at me and nodded her head. I was feeling glad that she liked me. And then Juile continued with a naughty accent, “Now that there can’t be any relationship between you both, we have decided to have some fun with you.” I was again puzzled as I was continuously staring at Swati’s shy filled face. I asked what she was talking about. She said, “We thought we could have bachelorette party for Swati tonight.” I said, “Ok you girls have fun. Let me go” and stood up. Niharika pulled me back on the couch holding my hand, and Julie continued, “Wait! Swati is a virgin and this is her last chance to express her love to you. So please cooperate with her tonight”. This time I was shocked and again looked at Swati. Swati was shy too as she never had sex and never approached anyone for it. And with her friends around, it was awkward. It was weird for me too. Julie and Neha was cheering her up to proceed. Niharika was forcing me. Nikita yelled at Swati, “You agreed to fuck with him that time in the room when we decided for this party, and now what happened?!” I was delighted hearing all this, but I was waiting for a sign from Swati. But she was reluctant.


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