How I Got Fucked By Two Guys In The A/c Compartment

Hello friends, i wanted to share my experience with Raj and Karan, two guys i met on a train to Aurangabad. First off i want to describe myself. I am bi-sexual 18year old boy, who is 5″10 and about 150 lbs. with a 6″ dick. So as you can guess i am a very skinny guy. People say i have a body of a girl with a really nice ass. Now let’s start the story:

This story begins and ends on my 14 hour train ride from Hyderabad to Aurangabad. I am traveling for my brother’s wedding. I and my extended family are traveling in the a/c compartments. However due to some mix up and late buying of tickets, it turns out one of our seats was separated from the others. Therefore i was left by myself in the train. At first i was a little mad because i would have no one to talk to, but when i entered my compartment and located my seat my anger turned into happiness and lust. There stood two beautiful Indian boys. My dick stirred up a little just looking at their masculine bodies and handsome faces.

I sat down and introduced myself. They introduced themselves as Raj and Karan, two brothers who are going to Chennai. Raj was tall and slim but had the most wonderful smile. Karan was a little shorter but a lot broader with well-defined muscles. We started talking and talking until we got tired. So we all decided to lie down and get some sleep. But after seeing these two hotties i couldn’t get any sleep. So i tried to be discrete and watch some gay porn on my laptop when i thought they fell asleep.

But Raj was still awake and watching me. When i noticed i decided to give him a little show. I took off my pants and licked my middle finger and started fingering myself. At first i did it slowly then i started getting faster. Then i used two fingers then three fingers. This was obviously too much for Raj because as suspected Raj started growing a tent. His dick was rising and he started rubbing it and started jacking off. Then Raj got up and said “mere paas kuch bada hain tere ass me daalne ke liye.” i got up left my laptop and started kissing Raj. He was such a good kisser. While we were kissing he took off my shirt and i took off his shirt. After about 5 minutes of me sucking his tongue went lower and started biting his nipples and licking his abs and kissing his pubes. Then i got down to my knees and started rubbing his dick through his pants. Then i kissed his dick, and slowly removed his pants and undies only to reveal a magnificent and throbbing 7 inch dick. I started rubbing his dick, kissing the tip, licking the head, sucking his balls and finally i swallowed his dick whole. I let it stay there for as long as i could and when i started gagging i let his dick out. Then i started sucking his dick again bobbing up and down slurping his beast over and over again i went fast then i went slowly then i stopped, and kept on repeating this process. 15 min later he came in my mouth. I swallowed the entire thick salty creamy cum. Then Raj picked me up and threw me on the bed in front of the sleeping Karan. I raised my ass up towards him and turned around biting my lips telling him all he needed and wanted to hear. I was ready for him to use me like a randi.

Raj bent me over and started licking and fingering my ass. First he used one finger then two fingers then three. Soon my ass was lubed up for his now hard dick. Raj slowly entered the tip into my ass making me moan loudly. This woke up Karan. All Karan said was that i shouldn’t be too loud. But that he had a solution for that. Karan knew he had to shut me up from all the loud moans i was making while being fucked by Raj. So Karan decided to put his dick in my mouth. Raj seeing that i wouldn’t be making much noise got bolder. He went deeper and deeper until he was all the way inside of me. Now both brothers started fucking me, Raj in the ass, and Karan in the mouth. They fucked me and then they switched and switched for 10 minutes. Then both took their dicks in their hands and put me on my knees and stroked their hard dicks inches from my face and open and eager mouth.

They both came at once, cumming all over my face and in my mouth. Once they stopped they ordered me to lick myself clean and to clean up their dick. Once they were satisfied they noticed it was my turn to be pleased. They sat me down and got on their knees and started kissing and rubbing my dick. Each was on one side while they kissed my dick. Then each took one ball each and sucked it. Then Raj moved up to my cock and sucked it while Karan showered my balls with kisses. In just about five minutes i came so hard all over my naked body. They scooped up all cum and told me to swallow all cum. I eagerly out it in my mouth and swallowed it afterwards Raj and Karan started kissing me and telling me how wonderful it was to fuck me. After all that i did and after that we got dressed and went to sleep.

The rest of the ride went with me giving them many blowjobs until my stop came.

I hope you enjoyed this real story of mine. If i get good reviews I’ll write about my first gay experience.

What did you think of this story??


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