How I Got Fucked On A Train

My name is Arun but I like to be called Aruna because I’m feminine in my heart and to look at also.

Let me tell you about my very exciting and thoroughly satisfying experience during a long train journey. We were only 2 people in a compartment for 4. This other guy was Anand, a pleasant and well built guy. I was attracted to him but I’m a shy person and generally not able to make the first move. I was just imagining how exciting it would be if he was gay and found me attractive too.

Anand opened a bottle of whisky and we shared a few drinks and he loosened up. He came and sat next to me under the pretext of sharing snacks. He made few adult jokes and patted my thighs while laughing. His hand would linger on my thighs for much longer than necessary, giving a hint of caressing. I started feeling a flutter in my stomach.

I was too shy to respond immediately to his overtures but I did not resist his gestures. In a light-hearted fashion he told me that I was a very sweet and sexy guy. I smiled shyly and tried to feign ignorance. Things did not progress further at that stage. I could not make out whether he was just being friendly or he had other intentions. I didn’t want to make a move to let him know my inclination for him as I was scared off getting rebuked if he turned out to be a straight guy.

We had light dinner and then he took out some book and started reading it.
My eyes would occasionally drift to the growing bulge in his pants. He must be reading some adult novel. I was imagining how exciting it would be to suck his cock. I was thinking that if he was a male TOP, it could be turn out to be a very exciting journey with only 2 of us in the compartment. I had not been fucked for some time and was eager to get laid.

After sometime he said that he would be going to another nearby compartment to his friend and would return a little later. I had some plan taking shape in my fertile mind. I told him that I that I’m a very deep sleeper and it may be difficult for me to get up and open the door, so I’ll not bolt the door from inside.

After he had gone away I picked up the book to see what he was reading. I was shocked to see that it was a book of gay stories. I started reading and got really excited. I then realized that Anand should be a bi-male-top. The way he had been placing his hands on my thighs and feeling them, he had been trying to judge me. I knew then that I would get fucked by him though I was too shy to ask him directly.

There was a particular story in the book which excited me and it showed me a way of letting him know that I was willing to be his fucked by him and enjoy a lustful train journey with him. The story was about two guys living in a dormitory. They would use their glasses and shirts to indicate their keen-ness for a nightly tryst. The guy who was the BOTTOM would place his glass underneath the glass of the TOP, giving him the indication to the come on top of him that night. The TOP would in turn remove his shirt and hang his shirt on top of the BOTTOM’s shirt hanging on the peg on the wall, to confirm nightly session when others in the dormitory had slept off.
I was sure Anand would have read the story and decided to try the same way to let him know my willingness. I inverted my glass and kept Anand’s inverted glass on top of my glass on the side table. I placed his book next to the glasses. I really wanted to be mounted by him like his glass was closely mounted on my glass.

Then I removed all my clothes and crept fully nude inside the bed sheet on my lower berth and waited for Anand to return. I had switched off the lights except the dim night light. After sometime I just dozed off.


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