How I Got Fucked On A Train

My name is Arun but I like to be called Aruna because I’m feminine in my heart and to look at also.

Let me tell you about my very exciting and thoroughly satisfying experience during a long train journey. We were only 2 people in a compartment for 4. This other guy was Anand, a pleasant and well built guy. I was attracted to him but I’m a shy person and generally not able to make the first move. I was just imagining how exciting it would be if he was gay and found me attractive too.

Anand opened a bottle of whisky and we shared a few drinks and he loosened up. He came and sat next to me under the pretext of sharing snacks. He made few adult jokes and patted my thighs while laughing. His hand would linger on my thighs for much longer than necessary, giving a hint of caressing. I started feeling a flutter in my stomach.

I was too shy to respond immediately to his overtures but I did not resist his gestures. In a light-hearted fashion he told me that I was a very sweet and sexy guy. I smiled shyly and tried to feign ignorance. Things did not progress further at that stage. I could not make out whether he was just being friendly or he had other intentions. I didn’t want to make a move to let him know my inclination for him as I was scared off getting rebuked if he turned out to be a straight guy.

We had light dinner and then he took out some book and started reading it.
My eyes would occasionally drift to the growing bulge in his pants. He must be reading some adult novel. I was imagining how exciting it would be to suck his cock. I was thinking that if he was a male TOP, it could be turn out to be a very exciting journey with only 2 of us in the compartment. I had not been fucked for some time and was eager to get laid.

After sometime he said that he would be going to another nearby compartment to his friend and would return a little later. I had some plan taking shape in my fertile mind. I told him that I that I’m a very deep sleeper and it may be difficult for me to get up and open the door, so I’ll not bolt the door from inside.

After he had gone away I picked up the book to see what he was reading. I was shocked to see that it was a book of gay stories. I started reading and got really excited. I then realized that Anand should be a bi-male-top. The way he had been placing his hands on my thighs and feeling them, he had been trying to judge me. I knew then that I would get fucked by him though I was too shy to ask him directly.

There was a particular story in the book which excited me and it showed me a way of letting him know that I was willing to be his fucked by him and enjoy a lustful train journey with him. The story was about two guys living in a dormitory. They would use their glasses and shirts to indicate their keen-ness for a nightly tryst. The guy who was the BOTTOM would place his glass underneath the glass of the TOP, giving him the indication to the come on top of him that night. The TOP would in turn remove his shirt and hang his shirt on top of the BOTTOM’s shirt hanging on the peg on the wall, to confirm nightly session when others in the dormitory had slept off.
I was sure Anand would have read the story and decided to try the same way to let him know my willingness. I inverted my glass and kept Anand’s inverted glass on top of my glass on the side table. I placed his book next to the glasses. I really wanted to be mounted by him like his glass was closely mounted on my glass.

Then I removed all my clothes and crept fully nude inside the bed sheet on my lower berth and waited for Anand to return. I had switched off the lights except the dim night light. After sometime I just dozed off.

My sleep was interrupted by sound of rustling of clothes and I opened my eyes slightly in semi-darkness and saw Anand taking off his pants. He had already taken of his shirt and vest and I saw that his shirt was hanging on top my shirt on the door peg even though there were three other empty pegs. I shivered with anticipation at the thought of what would surely follow.

I was lying near the edge of the berth and my face was at the edge of the berth. I pretended to sleep but thru very slightly open eyes I could clearly see the outline of his heavy phallus in his briefs as his crotch was almost in line with my face. He slowly rubbed his brief against my face to see my reaction. I pretended to be in deep sleep. Slowly he pushed his pelvis into my face and I could feel the warmth of his cock and balls against my lips and cheeks through his brief.

He then slowly lowered his briefs around his thighs and I saw his semi-erect cock for the first time. It was pulsating like a dragon and was big even in semi-erect state. Its was throbbing and growing, giving clear indication of what was there in store for me. He brought his cock in line with my mouth and touched the tip of his cock on my slightly open lips.

I wanted to play the uncertainty game a little more so I pretended to be in deep sleep while he rubbed his cock against my lips. After sometime I pretended to be little disturbed and turned on my side and put my back towards him. In the process I shifted nearer to the compartment wall so that there would be enough place for him to lie behind me on the berth.

He was softly mumbling a sexy song and appreciating my sexy body. He whispered that my waist and hips were very sexy just like a young women’s. I knew that the way I was lying on my side my hipline must be rising high like a females and enhanced by my contrasting slender waist.

But he was also still not 100% sure of me and was approaching things cautiously. He slowly placed his knee behind me on the berth and I could feel the berth cushion getting lower behind me with his weight. He then slowly placed his hand on my hip over the bed sheet and pressed a little to see my reaction. On seeing no reaction from me he gently shook my hips and whispered “are you awake, I’m getting bored”. I continued to pretend to be in deep sleep and he quietly lay down behind me. His weight behind me tilted the berth backwards and my body rolled backwards into him. He placed his arm around my waist and gently placed his open palm on my tummy, over the bed sheet. He snuggled closer behind me and started gently caressing my waist and hips. I could feel his growing hot rod pressing against my butt and conveying its growing intention. He was now hugging me from behind and in slow rhythm he was rubbing his pelvis against my ass.

I still continued to feign deep sleep. His hand, though ever so gently, was now moving in larger arcs over my hips and waist and softly fondling my breast over the bed sheet. His pelvic gyration against my butt was also becoming more forceful and his cock was forcing itself more and more and into the cleavage of my ass cheeks through the bed sheet. But he had still not realized that I was fully naked under the bed sheet.
He moved his hand downwards to caress my thighs and his hand brushed against my semi erect penis. That must have made him think whether I was pretending to be sleeping or actually asleep. He caressed my front thighs and inserted his hand between my thighs and tried to part my thighs so that he could get his leg between my legs and shove more of his cock in between my ass cheeks. But the bed sheet was coming in the way. I continued to play the game of being in deep sleep and softly mumbled “please don’t disturb, please go and sleep on your berth and let me sleep”. He lay still for sometime but did not let go off me from behind. I pretended to snore a little so that he could again become bold and start playing with me. I was enjoying this cat and mouse game. He again started gently squeezing my waist and hips and grinding his pelvis against my ass.

After a little while he got up and I could feel the bed sheet being lifted a little and Anand entered my bed sheet. We were both fully naked and his raw flesh came in contact with my fully naked body and he froze momentarily at the discovery and then grabbed me from behind, while I shivered with excitement as his naked body engulfed me. I controlled myself quickly and again mumbled something about my deep sleep to cover up my excitement and pretended to drift back into sleep.

But my nakedness told him everything he wanted to know. He now knew that I was willing and fully ready to be fucked by him. He whispered in my ear that I should carry on enjoying my sleep and he would make it a very enjoyable night for me and I should just co-operate with him. He then became totally bold and forceful in his efforts to make me his. Without any hesitation or doubt, he was now kissing my naked back and neck. He was now my lover and I his beloved.

He encircled my waist roughly in his arms and pulled my naked ass into his hot naked lap. He forced his one leg under my lower thigh while placing his second leg on top of my upper leg and encircled my butt like an eagle clutches its prey in its claws. His cock was throbbing against my butt and whenever he thrust his pelvis forward; his cock would force open my ass cheeks and slide in between them like an anaconda on the prowl for its prey.

He pushed his left arm under my neck and pulled my head back and started kissing my cheek and ears. This excited me more and my body involuntarily shivered with excitement and I couldn’t control the slow moan that escaped my lips. I was lying on my side and could feel the heat of his full body on my entire back as he had spooned me very closely from behind. He was now kissing my cheek and sucking it into his mouth. After sometime using his arm under my head he forced my face upwards so that he could ravish my lips with his mouth. My neck was paining a little and I mumbled aaaaaaaaah to express my pain. My discomfort did not stop him and he hungrily started kissing my lips. His tongue forced open my lips and slid inside exploring my mouth and playing with my submissive tongue.
With his right arm he reached down under and started caressing the front of my thighs. I could not control myself anymore and my hips shivered and I pushed my ass backward into his pelvis. A hot sigh escaped my lips as he lifted my thigh with his hand from the front and pushed in his right leg in between my legs from behind. Now his cock was fully immersed in my ass cheeks and its length was rubbing across my asshole with his slow rhythmic thrusts. Anand was quite strong and I was so content to be at the receiving end of his lust.

Having secured a commanding position for his animated cock between my aroused ass cheeks, he moved his right arm over to my waist and started drawing circle over my flat tummy with his palm. He then moved his hand upwards and cupped my breast in his palm and caught my nipple between his fingers and started massaging and pinching it. This was taking me to even higher levels of excitement.

He whispered in my ear “sweetheart why don’t you get up now and start cooperating actively”. I mumbled “hmmm… you are not going to let me sleep without making me your wife and quenching your thirst….ok I’m awake for you and your pulsating cock that is so eager to dig a deep tunnel in my ass”. I started returning his kisses and sucked his tongues whenever he pushed it deep into my mouth and offered him my tongue for him to suck. I took my right arm behind me and held his cock in my palm and started massaging his cock and rubbing its thick bulb between my ass cheeks and on my butt hole.

Anand was quite excited by now and seeing me fully awake and cooperative he passionately conveyed his intention to move to the next stage. He pushed my right shoulder flat on the berth with one hand and with his other arm he gripped my waist and turned me flat on my stomach and he started to climbed on my back. I opened my legs apart so that he could easily bring his knees between mine. He positioned himself between my thighs and lowered his pelvis on to my ass and encircled my chest with his both arms and cupped my breasts in his hands and started playing with my nipples.
He started kissing and biting my neck, cheeks and shoulders while playing with my nipples with his fingers and humping my butt in a slow rhythmic movement, and bulldozing his dick into my ass cheeks. All his weight was on me and I was thoroughly enjoying his onslaught and cooperating with him. I was moaning very audibly and whispering “do more,,, rub more… please squeeze my boobs… please take me… I’m all yours”. Now his cock was fully erect and ready for the final conquest and my ass was twitching with excitement and was all ready to be plundered by Anand.

Just then I saw some lamp post going past our window, giving an indication of an approaching station. I got worried that the train will stop and new passenger may want to come into our compartment. I told Anand to stop and let us get dressed or we may get caught. We can continue with the session a little later. He laughed and told me not worry as he has already paid some money to the Conductor to ensure that the vacant berths in our compartment are not allotted to anyone. Anand told me to relax and be assured of a nice long undisturbed fuck session or sessions till he is not fully satisfied. I was secretly happy that he had found me sensuous enough for satisfying his carnal desires and he had already planned to make me his playmate during the journey. Outwardly I said “Wow, what confidence you have in your abilities”.

Anand stretched his arm and pulled down the window shutter so that no one could see us from outside. He also pulled out lubricating cream and condom packet from his bag. He then lifted my hips and brought me into dog (oops bitch) position. I reached back between my legs and played with his balls while he place his cock on my butt and put on a condom on his 7″ long tool that would be shortly buried in me to the hilt. He told me to open my ass cheeks with my hands which I readily did and he liberally applied lubricant on my ass. He spread the lubricating cream on my asshole with his finger and tried to push in his finger into my asshole. Instinctively my asshole muscle tightened and pushed out his finger. Anand said “it seems I’ll have to seduce the princess slowly and with love… it is still not ready to let me in”. I replied “you seem quite experienced from the way you have secured me….I’m sure you will find a way into my love hole… but please be gentle, I have not been fucked for quite some time and I’m quite tight and your cock is feeling so big”.

Anand said “ok sweetheart let me entice your princess with love but you also tell it to open up a bit for its master so that we can both enjoy.. “. I shook my head in agreement. Anand started playing with my ass cheeks and gently massaging my love hole. He would move his palm all over my butt, slide his finger into my ass cheeks and over my butt hole and kneed my ass and again massage my ass hole with his finger. I was excited and I started whimpering and moaning indicating my willingness to go further. I wilfully relaxed my ass and my love hole was no longer out rightly reject the pressure of his finger

Anand again applied lubricant to his index finger and quickly and firmly pushed it into my asshole and this time his finger slipped in. Anand pushed in more lubricant into my asshole while slowly moving his finger slightly in and out. My asshole was becoming more receptive to his finger and he was able rotate his finger inside. He kept moving his finger gently in circular motion and a little in-out till my asshole relaxed more and more and it started opening up. Now it was no longer squeezing his finger and trying to push it out. Sensing my looseness, Anand firmly and quickly pushed in his second finger along with his index finger. He seemed to be quite experienced in breaking in newcomers and less experienced Bottoms. He kept moving them first in circular motion and then in-and-out deeply, but never pulling them out fully. After a sometime he withdrew his fingers completely and again pushed them back in deep, before my ass had time to react. I pushed back my hips to take in the entire length of his two fingers into my asshole and my butt was pressed firmly into his palm. Anand said “that’s like a good wife…cooperate like this and we will have great fun..”.

I said “My lord, I’m all yours for the full journey and you can take as much enjoyment you want, for as long as you want and whichever way you like”. Anand replied “sweetheart after I have fucked you once, your ass will be mine not only for the journey but later on also whenever I want”. I said “My lord and my lover, I’ll be too happy to serve your long cock whenever you need me, just take me gently through this painful first time, as I have never had a 7” cock earlier and yours is also quite thick and rigid”

His cock seemed to be encouraged by my submissive words and was now hissing like a cobra. Under his expert ministrations my ass became quite relaxed and my asshole was ready for bigger things. Anand took position behind me, ready to mount me and stamp his conquest on my waiting ass. He slapped my butt cheeks with his dick a couple times and then placed his cock tip on my eager asshole. He applied more lubricant on his dick and on my asshole.

Anand asked me to spread my ass cheeks fully with my hands and raise my butt higher so that he can get a proper angle for entry of his dick into my love hole. I did as told and lowered my shoulders on the berth and bent my waist while raising my butt to give Anand a better angle.

He then circled my waist with his arms and pulled my butt into his lap while pushing forward with his pelvis. I relaxed my ass and the head of his penis pushed on my asshole and opened it and with a popping sound his bulb was inside me and I felt a jab of pain at his entry and cried out and tried to move forward to escape his onslaught. But he was firmly holding my hips in his strong arms and there was no escape for me.
In my excitement I had failed to notice that his fully excited cock had become very long and thick. I requested him to let me go and try after sometimes as it was paining quite a lot. He kissed my shoulder and said the initial pain is always there but his big dick will also finally give me unforgettable pleasure. So I should not mind a bit of pain so that we both will be able to fully enjoy this train journey.

Anand put all his weight on me, bit my shoulder and again pushed his hips forward. His monster cock head entered deeper and was about 2 inches into my love hole. I again whimpered with pain and Anand said “sweetheart it’s a just a little more time and effort… relax your ass muscles and the pain will subside shortly and the pleasure will begin”. I cried and told him “I didn’t know you are such a heartless lover …I wouldn’t have got trapped if I had known your cock grows so thick and long when it is excited. Please be nice with me as I have offered myself willingly to you, but my asshole is quite tight”.

Anand laughed and said “my love I saw you peeking at my crotch and you fell for my cock and I guessed you may be wanting to get fucked by me. That is why I left that gay sex book to give you an indication. You swallowed the bait. That is why you took off all your clothes and were waiting for me. Your ass is so sexy that I want to fuck you real hard and fast but I’ll try and be patient as much as possible”. I whispered “Thanks for understanding and I’m all yours”.

Anand started kissing my cheeks and neck and playing with my nipples to excite and relax me. I turned my head back so that he could kiss me deeply on my lips and help in forgetting the pain in my ass. He took my lips in his lips and started sucking them and inserted his tongue deep into my mouth and played with my tongue. His hands would move along my side and grasp and squeeze my waist and then to my butt and play with my ass cheeks and then again move up to my nipples and play with them.
My pain subsided quickly and I started getting excited again. I reached back with my hands and clutched his hips and messaged the side of his thighs. This was an indication to Anand that I was OK now and he could proceed further and penetrate me more. Anand kissed my neck and firmed his grip on my hips and I told him “please go slow for sometime”.
Anand said ok and slowly but firmly thrust in more of his cock into me. His cock opened up my rectum and entered about 4 inches. I could feel more pain and also a flutter of excitement in my stomach. He again stopped a little and kissed my back and moved his tongue over my back and shoulder bones and on the back of my neck. He held my neck in his jaws like a lion catches the lionesses during mating. I reached back with my hand between my open legs and started fondling his balls giving him a sign of approval as well as encouragement. Anand said “Now you are asking for trouble….how can I hold back if you excite me like this”. I said “My love I also want you to enter me fully and fuck me roughly and with all your strength but please apply some more lubricant on your dick so that it is easier on me”.

Anand obliged and applied some more lubricant on his pole and then firmly encircled my waist with his arms and thrust his throbbing cock into my ass with one forceful movement. With his powerful thrust I was pushed flat into the birth and I was lying on my stomach. I gasped for breath and almost shouted because of the sudden-ness of his thrust and the pain. But Anand anticipated this and had closed my mouth with his hand so that my scream became muffled and did not go out of the room, which may have drawn attention of other passengers in the bogey. His cock was almost fully in and I could feel my asshole fully stretched and my rectum filled with his throbbing monster and feel the tip of his cock in my belly. The pain subsided quickly and excitement mounted as Anand expertly played with my body and soon I started groaning with pleasure. He used his knees to open my legs wider and with a grunt pushed in the root of his cock into my ass. All his weight was on me and his balls were embedded in my ass cheeks.

I was breathing heavily with excitement and he kissed my cheeks and started biting my lips and his hands were playing with my nipples. I surrendered myself to him and started enjoying the fuck as the pain had completely turned into pleasure. My ass quivered under his expert manipulation of my body, giving him the signal that I was enjoying and fully ready for hard fuck. Anand said “my sweetheart bitch now I’m going to start the Express Train service….get ready for a real hard fuck… “. I sexily taunted him “you will talk only or do it and show me the stars…”.

In response to my taunt Anand withdrew his cock almost fully and thrust it back deeply into my ass in one go and said “now I will fuck the daylights out of you and show you…. Don’t cry that it is paining and your ass is about to tear off…. Today night I will turn you from a princess into queen mother… “.

Anand started humping me with slow long and deep strokes and rhythmic movement of his hips while his hands were savoring the curves of my body and his lips were sucking and biting my juicy lips. Sometimes he would nearly withdraw his long cock and with a grunt he would plunge it back deep into my eager asshole. I would try and raise my ass to meet his thrust and groan with pleasure when his thick and long cock would re-enter the depths of my insides and open the length of my rectum. As his cock would penetrate my ass, his cock head would tease my insides and his shaft would stretch my colon and rectum wide, and as he withdrew his cock my colon and rectum would collapse back and I would ready myself for the next wave of excitement. He had a long stamina and continued fucking me in slow rhythm for about 20 minutes. I was completely his and his lusty groans were giving me a lot of excitement and satisfaction that I was exciting him so much.

Then he shifted into higher gear and increased his tempo. However he was not able to get proper rhythm and full penetration because I was flat on the berth on my tummy. He told me to lift my hips so that he could place in a pillow under my hips and raise them and fuck me harder. I lifted my hips and he pushed a pillow under me and I reached down with my hand and adjusted it so that my ass would be available to him at a proper angle. He kissed me in appreciation and said “love you are really cooperative and I like your eagerness to get fucked and give me pleasure”. I shook my butt to show agreement.

Anand held my hips and started fucking me with long fast strokes. His pelvis would lift completely off my ass as his cock withdrew and then he would thrust forward with a grunt and thrust his cock deep into my ass, making me moan with pleasure. His thighs would slap against the back of my thighs and make a thump-thump sound and his balls would bang against into my wide open ass cleavage, giving me intense satisfaction that comes with a great fuck.

It was evident that Anand was enjoying fully and he was lost in his own lust. He was engrossed in fucking me and his excitement was quite visible. He wanted to fully satisfy himself as if there will be no tomorrow. His thrusts were pushing me forward and my head was slowly banging against the wall of the compartment. He gripped my waist and pulled me back away from the wall so that I don’t get hurt. He again started thrusting and again I was pushed forward against the wall.

Anand squatted on his knees and pushed he knees under my tummy and then lifted up me from my waist. He pulled me into his lap in a sitting position on my knees with my legs folded backwards and spread on both side of his folded legs. I was now sitting in his lap with his cock embedded in my ass. He asked me to lift and lower my hips and fuck his cock with my ass. This was a new position for me but with a little practice and with Anand guiding my hip I got the rhythm right. I would lift my hips making his cock slide out and then push my ass down into his welcoming lap, making his cock slide back into my ass. The penetration was not very deep but it was enjoyable as I was doing the work and getting fucked in the process and Anand was relaxing and enjoying. Sometimes I would move my butt in a circular motion on his cock and he would groan in appreciation.

Men sometimes like to be pampered and lie back but not for long. They like to take charge and be the active TOOLS and see their partner/wife/bitch submit to their whims and enjoyment.

Finally, Anand also again laid me back on the berth with a pillow under my stomach and started fucking me with short and hard and fast strokes. I could feel the throbbing of his cock deep inside my tummy and felt that he could be reaching his last stageand shortly release his seeds that would uselessly spill into the condom. I wanted to feel his hot seed inside me and whispered to him “My fucker I want to feel your hot and potent seeds deep in my ass. I have got my self tested recently and I’m free from any disease. If you have also got yourself tested recently and have not had sex with anybody after that, then I don’t mind if you remove the condom. Why do you want to waste you sperm in the condom. If you want you can remove the condom and fuck me bareback. In fact I would really love to feel your naked cock in me and get my ass filled by your sperm”.”

He quickly replied that he also gets tested regularly and hasn’t had sex in few months. He asked if its ok with me then he would like me to become his long term faithful partner. I readily agreed to be his only. Anand then withdrew his cock from my ass and asked me to remove the condom from his cock. I eagerly did that with my hands, while he smiled, and I gave him a deep passionate face-to-face kiss, then bent over on my fours like a bitch and offered my ass to his now naked cock.

He bent over me and kissed my cheeks and sucked my lips and re-applied lubricant to his cock and on my asshole and held my hips very possessively, as if I was his newly married wife. I loved the feel of bareback bulb of his cock opening my ass cleavage and its raw feel on my asshole and let out an excited moan. Anand was also very excited to fuck bareback and his cock seemed to be growing even bigger and harder with excitement.

Anand again mounted me pushed in his cock with a thrust and 4 inches of his cock entered my love hole with his first thrust. I groaned with excitement and told him “I love you and I love your cock and the way it opens up my insides. oooooh fuck me harder pleeeeeeeeese”.

Anand gave another solid thrust with his cock and it opened my willing ass and entered my love hole fully to the hilt. I could feel his thick long cock opening up my rectum and going in deep into my tummy and its thick bulb feeling like it had entered my stomach. Anand put his hand on both sides of me, lowered his hairy chest onto my back, pressing me into the seat cushion. The weight of his hips was fully on my butt and pushing my pelvis into the pillow under me. He had me fully impaled on his cock.
His cock was now moving like a tightly fitting piston inside me, its long quick strokes filling me up with satisfaction. Sometimes I would bounce back my butt in rhythm to meet his forward plunging cock. I was happy that I was exciting him so much and I was enjoying being at the receiving end of his lust. That feeling of giving myself to him and being taken by him, was total.

He was fucking me with total abandon and his grunts were getting louder with every thrust. I beseeched him to be less vocal as someone outside may hear. He said “my bitch, the train is making so much racket that no one can hear anything” and with that he gave a very strong thrust pushing his cock even deeper into my love hole, and let out an even louder grunt of satisfaction. His rhythm became faster and his strokes became deeper while I whimpered and moaned in submission and excitement.
He was at the height of his excitement and his hands and mouth were ravaging my body while his cock was pulverizing my ass. I reached back with both hands and placed them on the side of his thighs. My fingers were kneading his muscular thighs and coaxing him to fuck me harder. All through I had started mumbling things like “please fuck me harder… oh fuck harder…push your balls into my ass… I’m a slave of your cock…rob my love hole…rob my sex.. rob my everything.. keep me impaled on your cock 24×7… fuck me in front of the world… fuck my pride to bits and hang it on your cock…”. His strong thighs, his strong arms, his muscular tummy and his monstrous cock inside my whimpering ass had really inflamed my passion.

After about 10 minutes I could feel Anand peaking out and I braced myself for his final assault on me. He was trying to push his cock deeper and deeper so that he would release his seeds into my deepest part. It was a primal male response to ensure that his bitch is fully impregnated by him. And then with the final plunge and a muted grunt of victory I could feel his cock explode inside me as his hot and virile seeds burst out of his penis and deep into my ass. I could feel the warmth spread inside me as I could feel his balls expand and contract, pressed into my butt cleavages, as they pumped in more of his semen into my eager love hole. His shaft kept throbbing in my rectum as it spewed the last of his manliness into me and his thrusts subsided to a slow grinding motion and then his hips became still, having ejaculated all his manliness into my willing love hole.

We both were fully spent and lay breathing heavily for sometime in the same position with his full weight resting on me. His cock, having completed its conquest of my ass, started slowly becoming flaccid and some of his warm seeds leaked out of my love hole and onto my thighs and the bed sheet.

Anand rolled over onto his side and pulled me into his warm embrace. We lay on our sides with Anand holding me closely from behind and chatted for a little while. Anand said that he would like fuck me every day. I shyly asked him “Anand! Are you proposing to me”. He laughed and said yes. I whispered shyly to him that I would also like to get fucked by him daily. He smiled and said that means I have accepted his proposal. I turned back my head and gave a deep kiss in agreement.

Eventually we drifted off to sleep. The marks on the bed sheet would serve as a confirmation that I had been royally fucked by Anand and all this was not a dream.

Love to all from the bottom of my heart/ass ……….. Don’t forget to send me your response.

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