Forced Group Fuck

Hi friends am Vithu,22yrs,white,slim,slight girlish look I am a fan of ISS and now I decided to share my experience with you. I am from Thiruvalla, Kerala.This occur when am 19.even though I have some little experience in gay sex I don’t experience fucking. I was staying in hostel and as the college was going to close within 1 week I decided to go back to my home on the way I decided to watch a movie so I entered the theater. To my surprise there was only 3 guys that too very old for the que for balcony. I sat next to them in que.

Then 2 guys looking good came and sat behind me they both smile at me and we have a casual talk about the movie. They said their name as Ramesh and Tony and both were working. After entering the theatre I sat in the middle of the last row but the Ramesh and Tony also followed me and sat at both sides of me. I cursed myself thinking of talking to them as I will lose my privacy. The movie started. After the lights are off I feel a hand on my thighs it was Ramesh.

I didn’t know how to react, He is moving his hand up. Then Tony also place his hand on my thighs. Ramesh suddenly press my cock over my pants. He ask me whether i like it or not. I didn’t answer to it then Tony started to unzip my pants. I made a slight objection to that but they said that nobody will know by that time i was in a good mood and my cock was fully erect. Tony opens my pants and takes my cock outside the underwear.

He made me to bend so that he can see my ass after some inspection over my ass he said to wear the pants then he said that you have beautiful cock and ass and we need it. I didn’t answer it but gave a smile then he gave me a hard kiss at my lips it was horrible. Ramesh said that his house is free and we can go there and enjoy I am in a great mood and I agree. After the interval of the movie we leave the theatre by 45mnts travel we reached in his house in his car.

Tony guide me into the house it has a large hall. Tony take me to bed room. he said that their friends are also coming to join us so that it will be great fun. then he said to change my dress and gave me a black soft saree. am shocked by that. but he compelled me softly. and as I don’t know how to wear a saree he guide me.bra and blouse was little tight for me(I don’t know whose dress is that and am not in situation to ask that)after wearing bra,

Blouse, a small panties like underwear, petticoat and saree, he asked me to sit on the chair. He start to make up my face. he put some lipstick,. . .i don’t know what all after that he made me sat in front of a mirror am very much surprised of my look. I look like a tall slim white lady. Then he leave me there ask me to sit there itself. After some time he came back and ask to come to hall.

When I reached there where two more guys. they all are naked .then they said their name as Suresh and Ajith .Ajith was little dark and have a thick cock, Suresh is medium in color but dark cock medium in size. Ramesh’s cock was a monster thick and large. Tony also has a medium sized one. Then they commented about my appearance and I feel shy. They said that today am a slut and have to obey them or I will get punished I am little bit afraid

They ask me to lift the saree completely up and sit. I did as they said. Then they ask me to take my cock and masturbate as they compel I did. They comment about me when I masturbate which I like. and after sometime am about to cum. I think by seeing my reaction Ramesh take a glass And ask me to cum on it finally I cum fully into the glass then they ask me to wash the cock and come.

I lose my mood also as they made me to masturbate as I expect a blow job. Then I returned to the hall after cleaning and sit in middle of them as they said. Then they show me the glass that I cum and ask me to drink that I am shocked and said I don’t like it and I will not. But no use they forceful open my mouth holding my body and head steady and poured my cum in my on mouth.

When am going to spit it out they lay on my back in sofa and Suresh entered his cock in my mouth I am now notable breath then he began to fuck my mouth. I cant able to release the cum and by the fucking it reach my throat. After sometime of mouth fucking Suresh’s place was occupied by tony and all four. Then Ajith said to me that they are going to punish me hard by fucking hard as I ignored to drink the cum.

They lift me up and entered bedroom and throw me on the bed. Then Ramesh pull out my saree forcefully by that time Suresh tie my hands. Now I am lying on my back in blouse and petticoat with my hands tied. Tony come over my face and started to fuck my mouth. He fuck me deep throat. I feel like vomiting. After sometime Ajith occupied his place. He also fuck my mouth hard now I can feel hands on my stomach and navel. They started squeezing my small breast and stomach one ,

I don’t know who as i cant see because of Ajith, entered finger into my navel. then he do it hardly he is digging my navel. it was very much paining. Then someone rip-off the blouse and petticoat. that was also hard for me as Ajith was on my face. then they removed the underwear am little bit afraid. Then they change positions Suresh come over my face. On that time I can see that Tony is starting to enter his cock in my ass. Tony without any lube tries to enter into my small asshole. I struggle using my legs but they caught my legs in air so that Tony can easily enter. I feel like my ass is splitting I can’t even cry loudly as Suresh is fucking hard in my mouth.

Tony’s cock get in with a hard push he start to fuck hard my asshole was small and as its difficult to fuck with high pace he slow down he then began to push hardly down in my ass so that it will reach maximum then after some seconds he releases and push hard again it was very painful. After sometime i start to enjoy ass fucking. I started to moan. Tony fuck me hard and suddenly he stop fucking and come near my face and enter his cock in my mouth.

I know he is going to cum in my mouth. He release his full load in my mouth and immediately after releasing his cock from my mouth Ramesh entered so that cum will reach my throat. Ramesh have a huge cock. My mouth cant able to take his cock fully, but he was forcing me for that. Then one by one Suresh and Ajith fuck my ass and cum on my mouth. Finally Ramesh began to fuck my ass. He was a strong man. He entered in me hardly as nobody is on my face now I screamed loudly.

Because of my scream Tony come over my face and sat on my face. I can’t breathe then he lift his ass up and shouted at me to lick his ass I am forced to do that am now a fuck toy to them after long fucking Ramesh stopped fucking he asked Suresh to lay on back and lift his ass. Ramesh untied my hands. Ramesh started stroking and cum immediately on Suresh ass. Ramesh ask me to clean his cock with tongue. I sucked his cock and clean it nicely.

By this time I like this hard sex. I sucked his cock nicely then am asked to clean Suresh’s ass, fully covered by cum. I suck each and every drop of cum from his ass some on his ass hole too. They didn’t allow me to go home that day there are more things to happen but that I will tell on another day. Even though they force me for this I like this experience very much and am waiting for another one .Now I love to cross dress and I want to be a slave. if anyone want me [email protected] if you like my experience please reply and rate

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