First night

Hi all readers. I am a regular visitor of ISS. This is a beautiful site where we can share the experience. I am Mohith from Karnataka I like to share my experience. My close friend got married to his relative. It was his first night. My friend had problem of over drinking. My friend was not interested in his marriage. I got a call from my friend mother to come home immediately. So I went to his house.

His mother asked me to stay in his house for that day, because she had quarrel with his son. I spoke to my friend and agreed t stat in his house. That night I was watching TV. Around 10.00 PM. I switch off the TV and opened the back door and I wanted to feel the fresh air. After 15 mints I heard my friend door open. I was surprised to the girl with no sari, buttons opened in jacket showing her half covered breasts, her hair was loose, standing in front of me. She touched my hand with her legs. ( As I was sitting) A current went in my body. Slowly I touched her legs and my hands went up slowly, she pulled my hand and placed on top of her breasts. I pressed tightly and hugged her. Kiss her. It was a long kiss. I removed her jacket She pressed her body with me. She came behind me and pressed her body from top to bottom. Again and again we kept kissing. I sucked nipple first and sucked her breasts. I took both her breast and sucking her nipples. When I put my hand down it was wet. She pulled my hand and I put my fingers in her mouth. She sucked my fingers softly while I was sucking her heard nipples. She enjoyed it. I took her to the bed room. She was laying on the bed spreading her legs. I put my cock through the thick forest, as it was wet, my cock went inside. She told me to do slowly. While fucking her I kissed her and stated sucking her breasts. In the bed she came over me and pressed her breasts and moved from my cock to my face. She pressed her breasts with my face. She was moving like a fish. In the bed same thing continued. It was around 4.00 AM . she spoke to me and said that. She did not expect my friend to be so bad.

She got up from the bed at 5.00 AM . After having breakfast she left the house. After 6 months, my friend told me that she got married to another person. Now she mother of 2 children.

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